Best Places to Buy a Car Battery


Have you ever gone to start your car and nothing happened? Another dead battery. Everyone dreads a dead car battery. Whether it’s directly our fault (left the car headlights on) or the battery’s lifespan is over, it’s often very inconvenient.

For emergencies such as a dead car battery, the best thing to do is to as be prepared as possible. If you’re one of those individuals who aren’t car repair-savvy and end up overspending because of it, here are the best options when looking to get a replacement, also check out Zena Racing and their information on a car battery charger as well.

  • Amazon

Amazon is the place to find almost anything you can think of, and that includes auto parts. If you happen to be an Amazon prime member, you can get your purchase within two days for no additional costs. The main benefit of ordering a battery through Amazon is that there are thousands of different battery options, at the best price for your budget. Amazon is probably one of the options to select from as long as time isn’t of the essence, meaning you’re not currently stuck on the side of the road

  • Walmart

Following a close second is Walmart. Almost everywhere you go, there’s a Walmart. Since the majority of individuals live near a Walmart, it’s a great option to go if there’s an emergency. The in-store option of going to Walmart means you’ll have someone there to assist you if you have questions. Also, if you’re at a Walmart with an automotive service center, they can install the battery for you. Walmart carries several different brands with many of them offering one up to three-year replacement warranties.

  • Membership Clubs

Membership clubs such as Sam’s Club or Costco are great places to purchase a car battery. Not only can you buy a car battery and get it installed, but you can also do other household shopping there as well. Since they are membership-required, you’ll continuously receive discounts and offers to help you save on your car service and parts purchases. You’ll get a quality battery that includes a warranty at an affordable price.

Also check out the car parts prices at Fobbattery, where you can find great resources for buying different car parts at a genuine prices.

  • Sears

Although Sears doesn’t have as many locations as they once did, if you have a Sears near you, they are a great option to replace a battery. Not only can Sears replace your battery, but they can also check your tires and give your car an oil change as well. Sears offers coupons online and through sites like Groupon. Sears has a great track record of providing excellent customer service in their automotive service center, and you can cruise the local mall while you wait.

  • Auto Parts Retailer

NAPA Auto Parts, Autozone, or O’Reilys are all specialty auto part suppliers that offer online and offline purchasing options. Specialty auto retailers are probably the best option for Zena Racing clients and other individuals who are looking for a more specialized experience. Th ecustomer service at these brick-and-mortar locations tend to be superior as their complete focus is automotive parts. Specialty auto parts retailers tend to offer great warranties and rebates with your purchase.

Image Credits: Car Battery from 13_Phunkod/Shutterstock