Best places to travel with your RV

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Deciding where to go with your RV is one of the hardest decisions to make. There are lots of places to consider in all of the states. Looking for one may seem like looking for a needle in a haystack. For sure, you can drive and park wherever you want but having your trip worthy of your time and expense is still our topmost priority. 

Good thing that you are checking out this article because here at RV Camping, we will share with some of our best picks. This website offers a wide array of choices for the best RV parks, resorts, and campgrounds. 

We won’t take too much of your time so buckle up as we take you on a digital visit to the best places to travel with your RV. 

What you need to consider in choosing the best place

Before you pick something as your choice, do you randomly choose it or assess it depending on your needs? The latter is better because it will be money and time-wise for you. Randomly picking places to travel with is quite adventurous but believe us that it will cost you too much as well. 

The things that you need to remember when picking up a place is your budget and time. These two will be the foundation of your travel decisions. 

The following are RV friendly places that are right on budget and are very accessible and manageable with your time frame.Don’t forget to pack an RV dehumidifier for your trip!

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Yellowstone National Park

If you want to venture out on a hydrothermal wonder, then this park is perfect for you. It will be impossible that you have not been to this National park before, but you are missing a lot of America if you have not. 

This park is popular for its hot waters that continue to flow even in the winter season. Another thing is that the park’s mountainous landscape makes it best for hikers and those who would like to meditate from the real world’s stress. Also, you will be amazed by the variety of animal species going around in the park. 

Zion National Park

Are you dreaming of doing a kayaking date with your special someone? Then this place is perfect for executing your romantic gesture. The park screams love because of its majestic cream, pink, and red colors evident around. The towering sandstone cliffs will amaze you as well, making your date even more serene and romantic. 

In addition to that, you can start your date by watching the sunrise at Canyon overlook. The morning here is to die for. At lunch, you can dine in at Springdale, and afterward, you can drive to Kolob Canyon for an afternoon hike. 

One thing is for sure, in Zion National Park, there will never be a dull moment once you have engaged yourself in all the physical activities

Sequoia National Park

Were you already tired of the towering skyscrapers and car honks lingering in your weekday system? If yes, then you need to award yourself a fresh reboot with nature. Sequoia National Park will welcome you with big and high trees that almost kiss the sky. 

You will also be surrounded by all the soft noises that you need to achieve a relaxing ambiance. Once you are here, close your eyes and feel the serenity of the place. After that, you are all recharged to face your usual work weekday routine. 

Unicoi Springs Campground

Is Georgia one of your places to visit? If yes, then go ahead and visit the wonderful Unicoi Springs Campground. Most of those who visit this campground consider it a “jewel of a park” because of its all-inclusive resort. Once you are inside, you won’t look for anything else. 

But this place is so generous that even though it is an all-inclusive resort, they still encourage their campers to visit nearby attractions like the Minnehaha Falls, Dick’s Creek, Martin Creek, Mud Creek, and Becky Branch Falls. If you are that adventurous hiker, this place is a haven for you. 

Even though the camp is child friendly, it appeals more to older people because they can unwind here perfectly. Once you are inside the camp, it will not feel that you are just camping; it is more of a vacation style already. 


Choosing the best place to travel can be overwhelming at some point; with all of the best places that we have compiled, we made sure that your enjoyment and adventure will be satisfied. We hope that all of you will have good and fun memories with your RV in all your travels.