Unveiling The List Of The Best 150cc Bike In India (2020 Update)

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To ride and own the best 150cc bike in India is one of the dreams for many beings here with us. One feels the rise of your adrenaline when you’re riding your own bike. As fast as the world is diving to a massive level of challenges the era has also changed since we have got the best 150cc bikes in India during the past years till now.

Above all the other types of motorcycles, today we have a much better amount of power, flexibility, and efficiency of the engines that are found in a 150cc bike. Although, some strive for brand, pace and riding a superbike for thrill and adventure. However, for a daily routine, we require a facility that does not need much maintenance but great performance.

Motorcycling has evolved year by year in our country. From date back to the year 1955 to 2020 the segment of motorcycles went through a tremendous change, especially the motorcycle market was filled with options and we have the best bike segment that came up with a wide number of options.

With the rising competition of motorbikes, the popularity of 150cc bikes is gradually increasing day by day. This makes it necessary to make them safer, more comfortable, user-friendly, ergonomic and affordable. With the availability of the best 150cc bike in India, you can expect a much better pickup, good stability over longer distances, as well as the power required especially if you’re carrying another pillion rider on your bike. That is the reason, to find the best one among them is of immense concern and quite hard.

To enquire about a few of them, you can find the list inclusive of the detailing below.

Pulsar 150 | Best 150cc Bike In India

Bajaj has come with Pulsar 150 with the new BS6 emission norms in order to compete as the bike 150 cc bike in India. The base version is priced at Rs 94,956(ex-showroom), the top end twin-disc variant is priced at Rs 98,835(ex-showroom). The Pulsar 150 BS6 is Rs 8,998 more expensive than the BS4 version. There is no change in the muscular style between the old and the new BS6 version of the bike however, the addition of cat-con is there to make it adhere to the stringent emission norms and that makes it more powerful for just at the striking price of 85000/-.

Key features:

  • Power and enhanced 13.25 Nm Torque
  • Enhanced aerodynamic tank
  • The wolf eyed headlamps
  • Patented technologies like DTS-i and ExhausTEC that provides pulsar with class leading10.3(14PS) Power
  • Maximum comfort for the rider it’s seating position, smooth suspension, seat material
  • 43cm alloy wheels resting on anti-friction brushes and a 5-step adjustable Nitrox rear shock absorber
  • 260mm ventilated front disc brake ensuring the quicker and safer braking every time


  • Maximum comfort
  • Pleasure while riding in the town, city or the highway
  • The wheelbase and the tubeless tyre adds further stability and strength
  • Favorite one for all age groups


  • Basic and obsolete design
  • Lack 6th gear

Yamaha FZ-S Fi Version 3.0 (Bes 150cc Bike)

The Yamaha FZ-S Fi Version 3.0 is powered by a 149cc air-cooled engine which produces ample power. With a Blue Core concept, it delivers a maximum 12.4 PS power @ 7,250 r/min and 13.6 N.m torque. In the series of Yamaha bikes, it has improved engine settings, making the bike even more responsive leading to quick initial pickup and delivering smooth passing and acceleration. 

There are some distinctive new add ons in this bike version 3.0, it introduces a reduced mud and dirt splatter with the lower engine fairing and a under cowl has been designed in such a way that has enhanced the sporty look of the bike. Chrome duct plating gives a nice look to the street presence of the motorcycle. Along with it, it has a shock-absorbing monocross suspension giving a better performance and a good feeling of stability during braking. The newly designed muffler protector adds advantages of mass concentration, weight reduction and shorter length making it the best 150cc bike in India. 

Although, the bike is more costly than other rides but carrying it with a great style and different look makes it an exception and the best 150 cc bike in India. 


  • a minimum ground clearance is of 165 mm
  • the capacity of the fuel tank is not very good
  • the approximate weight of the bike stands to 137 kgs inclusive of the fuel tank of the bike 
  • the bike ensures comfort
  • the 5-speed gearbox helps in knocking off a higher level of efficiency
  • it comes with a comfortable seating


  • There are disc brakes present at both the ends of the bike 
  • The negative LCD instrument cluster is a good thing
  • The bike helps you save up on the fuel charges
  • The LED lights are powerful


  • The engine lacks a punch 
  • The price range could have been more affordable 
  • The built lacks quality 

Honda CB Unicorn 150cc Bike

As per Honda’s policy, Honda takes forward its philosophy to the next level with the Unicorn that prides itself on the perfect blend of quality, comfort as well as class in the name of offering the best 150cc bike in India. It is by far the most sophisticated motorcycle in its category in looks and in robustness. It is yet another creation of the renowned Honda technology. 

Honda is a brand that has always given the best bikes under 150cc bike segment. The price and the mileage of these bikes are always a factor that increased their market value. This bike has a HET engine that delivers a great performance with low-rolling resistance tubeless tyres that will increase the fuel efficiency. 


  • this bike comes along a seat which is comfortable and user friendly
  • an person having an average height can have a comfortable ride 
  • the mileage is of  60km/l which is fairly good for any best 150cc bike in India 
  • the weight of the bike might be found as heavy by some people 


  • excellent handling of the bike in spite of being heavy 
  • the pickup is also satisfying 
  • the quantum of mileage is decent 
  • the bike possesses a decent suspension duty 
  • the system for braking is also great 
  • maintenance is overall not a big issue 


  • there is an absence of the rear disc brakes 
  • the engine fails to be liquid cooled
  • there is an absence of the anti-braking system also

Hero Xtreme Sports Bike

This is one of the best 150cc bike in India amongst competition in the automobile industry. The Hero xtreme sports is in a win-win position for quality at affordable prices.

It generates a good mileage of 55 kmph. Talking about the bike design, we’d give it ample points for its robust looks. The side panels cover up to handles covering the front. Agility is promised in this quick and grip worthy bike for at a very pocket friendly price of 80000/-.

Key features:

  • 149.2 cc air cooled and single stroke engine
  • Wolfish side lights
  • Provides a 11.64 KW power
  • Hydraulic telescopic frontal looks
  • Rectangular swing arm with adjustable gas reservoir 
  • Tall gear ratio makes it efficient for longer rides
  • As the name says Xtreme it gives extra power band for faster acceleration 


  • Good brake grip for acceleration and retardation 
  • Daily use bike


  • Low rpm makes loud noise
  • 146 kg makes it heavy as compared to other bikes of this range
  • Vibrations at high speed


Among all the bikes on the rundown, the TVS Apache RTR 160 is likely the most seasoned model yet. In any case, regarding its effectiveness and capacity, the bike is still better than many other purported top-rated best 150cc bikes in India. Additionally, when discussing its structure, the bicycle despite everything looks much more one of a kind and a la mode than its successors. 

The abbreviation RTR recommends the bike was intended to govern any street, very smoothly. Consequently, Bajaj has outfitted it with a 159.7cc air-cooled, 4-stroke motor, which is fit for producing 11.12kW of intensity and 13.03Nm of torque. 

Other than this, the Apache RTR 160 likewise includes a 5-speed box to improve the effectiveness of the engine further. Hence, along with this amazing motor, you will have the option to accomplish a top speed of 110km/h in normal conditions.


  • Tank capacity of 13 litres
  • An achievable speed of 105 km/hr
  • Tubeless tyres, however, no product standard warranty provided 
  • 5 speed gearbox, can be purchased in the petrol version 


  • The engine of the bike promises a smooth function
  • The seat of the bike is also soft and the system for suspension is also very efficient 
  • Moving with this bike in city traffic should not be a problem at all 
  • The braking system is something to look out for
  • You can choose in between one of the 5 colours available 


  • Some of the modern features which you might be looking for, are a miss in this model 
  • there is an absence of ABS in this 150cc bike in India

Yamaha YZF R15: Best 150cc Bike

Interested in that sports bike? If yes, then Yamaha YZF R15 is your answer. It’s that perfect supermodel bike that catches the eyes of everybody while on the road. Edgy expressive eyes, a muscular tank to complement it, an aerodynamic front and a pointing tail makes it that sexy beast which every individual wants to buy. It’s the next generation 150cc super sport bike that does justice to R-DNA legend. Feeling the thrill of chase for track, well this bike answers to your legitimated fast drive and comes at the price of 1.25 lakhs. 

Key features:

  • 18.6 powerhouse
  • Liquid cool calm shaft fuel engine
  • Advanced die cast aluminum (DiASi) cylinder for outstanding cooling performance
  • High performance VVA system (variable valves actuation) 
  • High power and torque
  • 6-speed transmission helps speed variation at low rpm on higher gears
  • Assist and slipper clutch to provide low stress shifting during retardation
  • 282mm front and 220mm rear disc brakes
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Delta box frame with rigidity balance
  • Powerful aluminum engine
  • Twin eye LED headlights
  • Gear shift and indicator making the rider informed with all essentials
  • Dual horns with low and high decibels
  • 140mm super wide, shock absorbing rear tire to adopt all types of pathways 
  • 20mm comfortable passenger seat


  • Fuel saving
  • Assist and slipper reduces fatigue for rider and excessive engine braking
  • Smooth and enjoyable downshifts
  • 0 -100kmph in 10.5 seconds
  • Top speed, visible taco meter and VVA indicator


  • Expensive
  • Not a daily bike

The choice to buy your ride depends on a number of factors but the most important ones to look at include post-sales service, budget, mileage, availability of spare parts, and the maintenance required. So, to ease you with the heavyweights of questions we have done some extensive research in this regard and got the exclusive list of 150cc bikes on the list that will comfort you when you are on your bike ride.


Next up is the Vespa SXL 150 as the best 150cc bike in India. The engine of this model can likewise deliver a peak torque of 10.9Nm at 5000 rpm, which can offer a high rivalry to any of the best 150cc bikes in India. 

As far as its measurements, SXL 150 accompanies a length of 1770mm, a tallness of 1140mm and, a width of 690mm. Therefore, regardless of whether your height is under 6 feet, you will have the option to ride this bike easily. 

To play out the braking obligations, the bike includes a mix of circle and drum brakes. The circle brake at the front with a size of 200mm, while the drum brake has been put at the back and is estimated at 140mm. 

The eco-friendliness of the bike is likewise fairly superb, as it can give you a rough mileage of 35km/l. In any case, in the event that you are searching for the best 150cc bike for a lengthy drive, at that point you will discover some better options for yourself. 


  • The fuel tank capacity for this model is 8 litres 
  • The bike’s weight is 114kg 
  • There are no gears 
  • 2 year product warranty along with the availability of the tubeless tyres 
  • There is no headlamp 
  • There are as many as 6 colour options available 


  • A good pick for everyday use 
  • The colour options are very different than regular bike ones 
  • Lightweight, therefore, easy traffic handling 


  • The braking system could have been worked upon
  • The price tag goes pretty high in range 

BAJAJ V15 (Best 150cc Bike)

Another one coming up is the Bajaj V15 model which promises a capturing design and can be chosen from the 4 different colours options that are available. Running at an engine of 149.5cc engine which is single cylindered, the Bajaj V15 emerges as the best 150cc bike in India. In order to provide the rider with a great experience while riding, the Bajaj company has included the telescopic forks in the front side of the bike as well as the Nitrox shock absorbers at the back. This is for the firm suspension duties. There is a 240mm disc brake which is placed at the front along with the 130mm drum brakes that are on the other end. 

Key features:

  • The bike weighs 133 kgs and can attain a speed of 109 km/h
  • For the speed, it comes with 5 speed gears and the tank can hold upto 13 litres of fuel 
  • The petrol variant is available which can provide a mileage of upto 57 kmpl
  • There ain’t any headlamps 
  • This best 150cc bike in India comes with tubeless tyres as well as alloys 
  • Also, there is a standard warranty of 2 years 


  • This bike has an amazing built
  • The seat height is of 780mm which is quite low 
  • the city traffic compliments this bike really well
  • It comes with an affordable price tag  


  • The pillion seat is pretty small 
  • The shift pattern of the gear is old 
  • The transmission system is also awkward 


With the view of launching this bike, the main aim of the company was to catch the consideration of people who belong to the young age and are searching for something more than just a customary bike to ride. 

Rs. 83,251 is the ex-showroom price for this model.  

This best 150cc bike in India is compiled of the polished alloy wheelers, which are ordinary yet smart looking along with an amazing silencer as well. The 160 Street bike likewise is known to include a brought down and an all the more level looking handlebar for improving its general dealing with. All this will not only give your bike a good look but also make it functioning easy and comfortable as per the user. 

The Bajaj Bike draws its capacity for dashing from a 160cc, air-cooled DTS-I motor, which can deliver a maximum intensity of 15.00ps and a maximum torque of 13.5Nm. 

The suspension of this particular Bajaj Bike is dealt with 130mm adaptive forks at the front and twin safeguards at the back. In any case, for one of the best 150cc bikes for a lengthy drive, the fuel tank limit of 160 Street isn’t that effective.


  • BS4 emission type
  • No headlamp 
  • 5 speed gearbox
  • Alloy wheels 
  • Tubeless tyres
  • Product warranty of 2 years 
  • 57 kmpl mileage 


  • The bike has a strong grip 
  • The ground clearance is also good 
  • The look is sporty all thanks to the pillion backrest of the bike 
  • It has an air cooled engine 


  • The braking system of this bike is not very efficient 
  • There are only 2 color options available, the customers have a tough time choosing 


Owing its design inspiration from the Honda Unicorn 150, the Honda CB Hornet 160R has a good sporty look. This best 150cc bike in India comes along with an air-cooled engine which is able to produce 14.9 bhp of power at 8500 rpm. The engine of the bike is powerful enough to provide a peak torque of 14.5Nm at 6500 rpm which is fairly good for the various bikes falling under the 150cc range. The 5-speed gearbox is present as well to ensure the proper carrying of the transmission duties. 


  • The weight of the bike is 141 kg and can attain a speed of 115km/h. 
  • the capacity of the tank to hold fuel is approx. 12 litres
  • BS4 emission tyPE
  • 59 kmpl mileage 
  • petrol variant 
  • single channel ABS
  • Tubeless tyres
  • 2 year product warranty 
  • 5 colour variants available 


  • Has modern features
  • powerful engine performance 
  • attractive look 
  • fuel efficient as well as comfortable 


  • a little expensive price tag
  • does not have the engine kill switch feature 
  • vibration is real on high speed 

Irrespective of all the models available in competition, the best 150cc bike in India for you will be the one that fits your needs and compliments you the best. So, don’t hurry, take your own sweet time to make the correct decision.