Becoming a Parent? How to Choose the Right Family Car

Family Car

Becoming a parent? Congratulations, this is a huge moment in your life and one which will no doubt be causing a combination of excitement and anxiety. When you start to raise a family you need to make sure that you can have a car that you can rely on for the years to come and it can be hard to find one that ticks all of the boxes. Here are the main considerations to make.


Size will be one of the main decisions to make as it will need to have enough interior space for your child and potentially more if you plan on growing your family in the coming years. You can find city cars with plenty of space in the back and in the boot for a stroller and other luggage so you are not limited to larger sized vehicles.


The amount of money that you have to work with will, of course, have a huge impact on your decision. Fortunately, the used car market is an excellent place to find high-quality and affordable vehicles and your money will go much further here than buying new. It is always important to shop at reputable suppliers, however, such as Imperial Car Supermarkets – places like this often have finance deals to make it easier to manage (having a newborn can take its toll on your finances!).

Low Running Costs

Leading on from this, you will also want a vehicle that is affordable to run as you now have a child to support. Again, smaller cars will be cheaper to run as they are more fuel efficient, they are cheaper to insure and road tax is cheaper.


Safety is always an important factor but it becomes paramount when you are a parent. Today’s safest vehicles come with a whole host of impressive safety features so keep a look out for these and always check a car’s Euro NCAP rating to make sure that it is safe and will protect everyone inside and outside of the car.

If you are about to become a parent and you are in need of a new automobile then these are the main factors that you must consider. Life completely changes when you become a parent and you will need a safe, practical and reliable vehicle which will not break the bank. It can take some time to find but by keeping the above in mind it should help you to find the right vehicle for your family.

Image credit: Family Car via Shutterstock/Soloviova Liudmyla