Avoid These Five Common Mistakes When Polishing Your Car

Polishing Your Car

Who wouldn’t want a shiny gorgeous car body? Polishing is a simple detailing that can enhance your car’s looks. It gives instant results and is 100% reliable. That’s why most car owners choose to shine their cars periodically with polish and wax.

When it comes to polishing your car, there are a few things that you can learn only through mistakes. But it’s up to you to not let those mistakes happen.


Well, we simply mean that you can polish your car like a pro if you can avoid the common mistakes people usually make in the process. Here are the five mistakes that could turn your polishing job into a complete disaster.

1.     Not cleaning the car surface before polishing

A very common mistake that people make when they set out to polish their car is to get to the job straight away. The problem with applying polish before thoroughly cleaning the surface is that the dirt and dust already on the car can leave scratches.

Don’t take a shortcut at cleaning. Make sure you wash the surface with soap and water or use good quality automotive cleaning products. Dry the surface by wiping with a clean washcloth.

2.   Using poor quality polish

Don’t get lured by cheap polishing products that come with attractive offers like ‘buy one get one’. It’s not possible to get satisfactory results from such shoddy rip offs.

Always purchase high quality polishing products which guarantee superior finish. The easiest way to find a decent car polish is to look up for customer reviews online. You can also buy vendor recommended polishing products.

3.   Applying polish to a very large area at once

Buffing and polishing yields best results when the effort is concentrated on smaller areas. Trying to polish a huge area at once can lead to uneven buffing. Or worse still you may just end up missing some spots altogether.

For best results, move around the surface covering little area at a time.

If you find the task too cumbersome, you can also use a mechanical buffer instead.

4.   Not using a clean buffing pad

You need to make sure that the buffing pad is absolutely clean and dust-free. Dirt or dust on the buffing bad can do just as much harm as scratching would.

And it’s not enough to just check the buffer at the start. If you place the buffing pad down even for a little while, it can catch dust or loose particles. So you need to be vigilant throughout the process.

If you’ve already tried your hand at polishing and left some unsightly scratches on the surface, you probably need professional services for fixing the paint. You can contact the Orange County auto body shop for reliable repair services like car paint jobs.

5.   Skipping the wash between buffing and waxing

Don’t assume that washing the car just after buffing is not necessary. That’s another mistake people usually make. The buffing compound has to be cleared of the car surface before you can start waxing. Therefore, you need to wash it a second time. Once you’re done with waxing you can just clean the surface with a microfiber cloth to remove the wax.