Are Car Covers Worth It?

Carwash service, car covered with foam

Your car is important to you. ItĎs the vehicle that gets you to and from work, stores, social engagements, etc. Your car can also be an outward symbol of your style and personality. Chances are, you spent a lot of money on your form of transportation, and therefore you want to make sure it stays in pristine condition for as long as possible. Especially if youíre a collector or a car aficionado who puts a lot of time, dedication, and energy into finding and maintaining your cars. So how do you go about keeping your vehicle in the best condition?

Your car can easily be affected by the elements. Sunlight, weather damage, bugs, and chemicals can harm the exterior and even be dangerous for your engine at times. Luckily, the threat of damage can be minimized simply by using a car cover. These are as simple as they sound.

What is a car cover?

A car cover is a cover made out of different material options that envelopes your car to protect it from the elements.

While their use may not be common, there are undeniable benefits to utilizing car covers to protect your vehicle. Especially if youíre someone who parks your car outside the majority of the time. Still, you may be wondering if this accessory is necessary for you. Read along for some of the pros and cons to consider as you decide if a car cover is right for you.

Why do I need a car cover?

When you look out at a parking lot, you probably see plenty of cars sitting out basking in the sunlight. This can actually be dangerous for your car, as the sun and heat dull the paint, harms the dash, or overheats the seats. A car cover can help minimize that damage. Even if your car primarily sits in a garage, a cover can still help keep it clean and save you money and time frequently getting car washes. Overall, this accessory benefits you in all seasons from the main enemies of your car ó the sun, sap, animal droppings, chemicals, dust.

They wonít protect your car from everything

While a car cover can protect from these small damages and slow down general wear and tear, they wonít protect your car from everything. For the big incidents and accidents, youíll still want to be sure you have a good car insurance policy. Having car insurance helps protect against the major damages, but can also help with paint scratches and worn down dashboards. If youíre looking for comprehensive coverage at the best rate for you, check out auto insurance quotes online and compare the best insurance company for you to trust.

Think beyond just your car

Having a cover or mat are simple ways to protect your car, but also consider the need to protect your garage. Cars leak and carry debris, mud, and nature into your clean garage. Perhaps a garage floor mat will be a good option to protect the space under your vehicle as well. You can order these heavy-duty containment mats online in custom shapes and sizes. So make these easy to clean and install garage mats as a part of your car accessories as well.

Is your car indoor or outdoor?

When considering a car cover, itís important to know where your car spends most of its time. If it sits outdoors most of the day, you may want to consider a waterproof option. Know the airflow your car needs and what material will benefit you during all seasons. If your car is indoors a majority of the time, you may be able to go with a softer material for your car cover.

Is the cover custom-fit or universal size?

Itís also important to note that car covers come in various sizes. If youíre looking to get the best experience, a custom cover is created to fit your carís specific measurements and offers ultimate protection. Universal size can also be beneficial, just not as fully comprehensive