Alfa Romeo Giulietta’s last limited edition “Speciale”

Alfa Romeo Giulietta:FCA Japan set up a limited edition “Giulietta Veloce Speciale” (limited to 65 cars) for Alfa Romeo Giulietta, and will start selling it at Alfa Romeo authorized dealers nationwide from February 20 as announced.

In Italian, Speciale means “special” and is a limited edition car that deserves its name.

The last limited edition car to conclude the history of Giulietta

Introduced in 2012 in succession to the 147, the Giulietta has gained popularity as a premium compact car that inherits Alfa Romeo’s traditional design, high performance and craftsmanship. Still, it will finally be discontinued by the end of 2021.

The limited-edition “Giulietta Veloche Speciale” announced this time is the last limited edition model of the current Giulietta. Based on the Giulietta Veloche 1750TBI, the frame, mirror housing and side skirts of the shield-shaped grille that symbolizes Alfa Romeo are finished with carbon. The feature is that the sporty atmosphere is strengthened.

  • Limited edition Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloche Speciale Main specifications
    • Overall length x width x height: 4350 x 1800 x 1460 mm
    • Wheelbase: 2635mm
    • Vehicle weight: 1440kg
    • Engine type: Direct 4DOHC turbo
    • Displacement: 1742cc
    • Maximum output: 177kW (240ps) / 5750rpm
    • Maximum torque: 340Nm / 2000rpm
    • Transmission: 6-speed DCT
    • Drive system: FF
    • Fuel / tank capacity: Premium / 60L
    • WLTC mode fuel consumption: 10.2km / L
    • Tyre: 225 / 40R18
    • Vehicle price (tax included): 4.39 million yen
Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Three body colours are available: Anodized Blue Metallic (limited to 20 units), Etna Black Metallic (limited to 20 units), and Luna White Metallic (limited to 25 units), which were introduced as new colours in the middle-class sedan Giulietta. A yellow accent colour is added to this.

The interior is based on black, and yellow stitching is applied to the steering wheel and shift lever boots to coordinate with the exterior and express the typical of Alfa Romeo’s craftsmanship.

Besides, it is equipped with a sports exhaust system that further enhances the enjoyment of driving. It is also a place like “Veroche Speciale” that emotionally produces the 1.75L straight-four turbo engine’s acceleration feeling.

The “Giulietta Veroche Speciale” vehicle price is 4.39 million yen (tax included), which is limited to 65 units. In the interior, yellow stitching is added to the leather steering wheel, shift lever boots, handbrake gaiter, etc.