Accessories that will be useful for your car in winter

Accessories that will be useful for your car in winter

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The full tank of gas and keys are definitely not enough for safe and comfortable driving in wintertime. The driver has to shovel the snow, maintain secure tire pressure, scrap the ice from the window, ensure the tire’s great traction, etc. All these procedures can be performed with the help of special accessories, 7 of which are considered as the most popular and useful.

  1. Car battery charger. The car generator is able to provide a full battery charge in winter. Due to the low temperature, the battery’s internal resistance increases and the accumulator capacity decreases. The performance of conventional lead-acid batteries directly depends on the electrolyte, the low density of which can cause the freezing and plate’s active mass destruction. The car owner has to be sure that the density of the electrolyte does not fall and periodically recharge the battery in a warm room. It is possible to make with the car battery charger, more information can be obtained at
  2. Snow and ice scraper. For snow removal, it’s better to choose a wiper blade with artificial bristles that is usually a little bit softer than fishing line. It eliminates the possibility of scratching the car. For ice cleanup, it needs a medium hard bristle tool. Caps are easy to change and keep in garages.
  3. Heated seat cover. The car freezes fast in winter and this can cause a driver’s discomfort, especially if the activity is associated with the constant movement. The heated seat cover is a special accessory that contains thermo-plates, which after connecting to the power supply begin to heat up. It is easily mounted and removed but not protected from moisture.
  4. Glass washer with antifreeze. Due to this liquid, the glass transparency and visibility are improved after the first wipers movement. The correct dilution (if the product is released as a concentrate) restores a polymer coating, reduces noise emanating from the wipers work and protects the glass from freezing and ice covering. The frozen water in the glass washer tank disrupts the pump, breaks the connecting fittings, and the nozzles.
  5. Track blocks. They are applying when the car is already got stuck in the snow. Toothed plastic plates in a set of 2-6 parts can be interconnected by adjusting the length of the anti-spin coating. Some models have the form of folding plastic tapes. Both sides of these units are provided with teeth – one side is fixed on the slippery surface, the other is adapted to the tire tread and provides good adherence with the wheel.
  6. Towing steel rope. Most high-quality tools are made of the heat-resistant and anti-corrosion steel, so they are not exposed to dampness, mechanical damage, and temperature changes. You need to be careful while using the rope, as you can tear off the bumper or break the glass with a detached hook.
  7. Snow-removing spade. This device helps clear the area of snow and continue driving. It’s better to choose a steel or titanium model with the groove on the bayonet, the length of which does not exceed 7.5 inches when unfolded.

These elements usability is tested in practice, so each car owner should take care of his vehicle and use the mentioned accessories.

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