A Hassle-Free Way to Get Rid of Your Junk Car


When you have a junk car that you want to get rid of, selling it privately yourself is usually a bad idea. This is because almost no-one is willing to invest in a car that has come to its end of life.

Advertising using online listings, talking to people on the phone, and putting up signs will be futile. When selling a junk car, advertising costs are a waste of money, not to mention a waste of your time too.

Searching for a buyer will feel like an impossible task, but not when you use a cash-for-cars company. These service providers are specifically set up to buy unwanted junk and scrap vehicles. They pay decent rates and tow your car away for free, which is perfect if your car no longer works.

Why Should You Opt For Cash for Cars Services?

One reason you should sell the car to a cash for cars dealer is they are genuine car buyers. They are always ready to buy another junk car since this is their business.

Another benefit is your money won’t be delayed. They give honest cash, and in less than 24 hours, you have the money in your bank account or in hand.

The service providers offer a safe and convenient way to get rid of your junk vehicle. It is unlike when you put adverts online where there is a high chance of dealing with low-ballers, scammers and time wasters.

What’s more, is that the make or model of the car will not be a problem. Whether you are selling an ATV, SUV, van, car, or truck and in whichever condition, they are ready to pay cash for it.

It feels good when you know you are protected when selling the car, and it will be taken care of. Cash for cars service providers are licensed, bonded, experienced, and insured.

Questions To Ask a Cash for Cars Dealer

Once you have done some research and identified a few experienced and reliable cash for cars companies in your area, you then want to get in contact with them.

This may be the first time dealing with this type of service so you need to know the complete process and exactly what each company offers. Here are several questions you should ask the dealership before choosing who to deal with:

1.    How Can I Get a Free Quote?

You may discover that some service providers want to come to your location to inspect the vehicle before offering you a price to buy your junk car. This works in their favour as they can see exactly the condition of the vehicle before making an offer.

However, this means you have to wait for them to come out to your property only to find they offer a low amount.

It is better if the company offers a no-obligation quote via the website or phone. Just make sure to provide accurate details of the car so the quote is accurate and will not change when they finally arrive to collect and make payment.

2.    How Much Will I Get For the Car?

A range of factors will determine the cost of the junk car. The service provider will consider the condition, and the better it is, the more money you get.

The car could be running, but you make numerous visits to the mechanic every month. The body could be in great condition, but the engine does not run.

Whichever condition it is in, an expert will evaluate it to come up with an honest value. It is what you will be paid if you accept the no-obligation quote.

Also, the year of manufacture, make, and model of the car are also determinants of the price. The size of the car and weight also play a major part in the value.

If you are getting the quote over the phone or by email, they will want to know whether the car has some missing parts. It is crucial before they give the final quote.

3.    What Kind of Paperwork Is Required?

Cash for cars services is convenient and not complicated with paperwork. They only ask for what is important.

If you have the title and a driver’s license or other form of ID, selling the car and getting paid will be easy. Signing over the car title is critical to avoid any issues that could come up after you have given away the vehicle.

What happens when you do not have the title, and you must get rid of the car? You should apply for a duplicate or a replacement, and most cash for cars company will help with the process.

4.    Do I Have To Pay For Towing?

It is one of the most important questions that the seller should ask. It is critical in the amount you get paid by the company.

Why is it so? Some companies will charge to tow away the car, and this means the amount paid will reduce. Other companies will tow it for free.

Get to understand this first before you accept the offer. You want to get the most out of the vehicle and since it is possible, go for the option.

5.    When Will I Get My Payment, and How Will It Be Paid?

You need to be sure of when you will get your payment and also how you will receive it. Obviously you want the money as soon as possible.

Regardless of the amount in the quote, a good service provider will pay instantly. The payment is usually done in less than 48 hours, or before they tow away the car, they may pay you on the spot.

Most will pay on the spot via an instant bank transfer or using cash, but some will pay in the form of a gift card or check. You should be able to request your preferred payment system.

6.    How Long Is the Quote Valid For?

Perhaps you have not made up your mind to sell the car. You still need to think about a few things before giving it away.

The market can be quite unstable, and as the car continues to sit in the backyard, the value continues to depreciate. Thus, make sure you ask this question.

Most companies will give up to 48 hours to make a decision. After this period is depleted, you will need to get a new quote.

Although you will still be able to sell the car, the value might have changed. As soon as you consider selling it, go ahead and get rid of it in the best way possible.

Keep in mind that it is essential to work with a dependable, reputable, licensed, and insured company. It is the only way to eliminate scammers in the process.