6 Car Gadgets You Need to Make Your Ride a Truly Millenial’s Car

Car Gadgets

New gadgets show up daily and the auto industry is not short of new inventions which make each trip much more enjoyable. From practical gadgets which allow you to charge your phone to smart tools which tell you when to inflate your tires, there are lots of gadgets out there. All of them work on any car, no matter how old it is, so you can update your vehicle, bringing it in the digital era.

Smart pressure gauge

If your car is not smart enough to tell you when it’s time to inflate its tires, you should cash your car and buy a new one or install a smart device on your car. These small items replace the traditional pressure gauge and can send you an alert on your smartphone to remember you when to check the pressure in the tires. This allows you to save money on the long run, because the tires are going to wear out evenly and increase the fuel efficiency of your car.

USB charger

If you already have one USB charger you know how useful it can be. There are many chargers on the market which provide two slots, so you can easily use two devices at the same time. If you rely on USB navigating device and a FM modulator, this gadget will come in handy.

A camera

A board camera is very useful when you have to determine the fault in an accident. There are many types of board cameras out there, some more expensive than others. Depending on your choice, the quality of the images can be higher. All cameras are able to record for a given number of hours, before the images are re-written. You can easily save the images, when you need to and they can be used when you’ve been involved in an accident.

Parking assistants

This is not useful only for clumsy drivers, so forget the misconceptions and invest in a parking assistant. It can help you park in the tightest space, which is very useful in a world where parking spaces are hard to find. Another reason to love this little gadget is the fact it will help you save money, as you will scratch the bumpers less frequently.

Audio cassette adapter

Do you still have a car with an audio cassette player? No problem! You can get an adapter and start streaming music from your smartphone or your USB stick. Depending on the exact adapter, it can also pack additional features, such as hands-free calls, card readers and so on.

Seat organizer

A seat organizer is always useful, because it can hold your car clean and tidy, keeping everything in one place. Families swear by these organizers, but they are also great for singles. It can be attached to the back of the first row seats and can hold wipes, water bottles and snacks.

Gone are the days when the GPS was the only gadget in your car; now you can enrich your ride with lots of smart devices, which enable you to maximize the pleasure of driving and stay safer on the road.

Image Credits: Car Gadgets fromkaramysh/Shutterstock