5 Things you didn’t know a Tesla could do

Driving a Tesla over the San Francisco Bay Bridge

The Tesla Model X has been on the market for almost five years, and it still is one of the most accomplished electric family vehicles out there. Of course, everybody is well aware of crazy “falcon” doors, egg-shaped silhouette, and large panorama windshield, but there is so much more about Model X, which makes this a great electric car. Today, we will tell you more about some features you probably didn’t know.

1.      Bioweapon Defense Mode

All cars have climate control systems and are capable of somewhat purifying the air which comes inside the cabin. However, only the Tesla Model X has a “Bioweapon Defense Mode,” which protects the occupants from the unlikely perspective of biological warfare and extremely polluted air. The Model X is equipped with a true HEPA cabin air filter, the first to be used in a production vehicle.

2.      Only SUV with 5-star rollover ratings

There are a lot of SUVs with exceptionally good crash test ratings, but there is only one with a 5-star rollover score, and it is Tesla Model X. The reason why conventional SUVs and crossovers have poor rollover scores is the high center of gravity all of them have, which significantly influences the vehicle’s handling. In the case of the Tesla Model X, there are 500 kilograms of batteries mounted on the vehicle’s floor which provides this EV with exceptionally good stability and incredible handling characteristics at any speed.

3.      It has an “Infinite Miles” Warranty

Tesla was often criticized for its build quality, and the company really had its share of problems with fit and finish. However, Model X is designed to be enhanced in every way, including dependability. That is why Tesla offered an exceptional, 8-year warranty which included unlimited miles on the drive train and battery pack. This initiative really paid off since customers regained trust in Tesla products, and Model X sales are still high.

4.      Model X has 17 Speakers

Tesla engineers knew that Model X would be used mainly as family transportation, and since the kids are often bored, they will need entertainment. Due to the fact that Model X has plenty of space in the interior, why not make a mobile concert hall out of it? That is why 17 speakers in the interior are responsible for the unique audio effect and incredible experience when listening to your favorite tunes. Even the third-row passengers can hear the music loud and clear.

5.      Best Drag Coefficient Of Any SUV

The SUVs are often bulky, boxy designs with poor aerodynamics, but Tesla invested a lot of time and effort making sure that Model X is not like that. Thanks to its special shape, aerodynamic details, and discrete spoiler in the back, Model X has a drag coefficient of just 0.24 cd, which is fantastic. Compare that to the 2020 Porsche 911 Turbo, which has a drag coefficient of 0.33 cd, and you will realize just how big of an achievement this is for Tesla.

These aren’t the only special features in the Tesla X, its also is the UKs highest range SUV travelling 270 miles on a single charge, it is capable of charging at 145kw using a Tesla supercharger V2, or you could charge the car at home at 7.2kw using a standard Type 2 to Type 2 charging cable from EV King.