5 Things Only a Royal Enfield Rider Will Understand


People have been baffling about this question for years now. They have questioned the quality of bikes, they’ve questioned the love of the owners despite the high maintenance and un-modern features of the bike. But this bond has rather been personal, and only RE riders will understand what it is made of.

For passionate riders, Royal Enfield is not just a bike; it screams passion, adventure and freedom. REs have become a way of life for plenty of serious riders. Annual events like Rider Mania is India’s biggest gathering of Royal Enfield riders has strengthened the cult of the bike. Just in case you’ve been wondering “why”, here are five things only serious Royal Enfield riders relate to:

1. Care Like a Baby

A lot of Royal Enfield owners call their bike, their ‘baby’ and care for it as they would look after a child. Bikes are not fragile, but they do require a lot of attention and maintenance from time to time. Looking after a Royal Enfield will require time and efforts, it is not suitable for those who want to push the button and start riding simply.

Royal Enfield Riders tend to look at the spares of their ride from time to time and spend money and efforts in the maintenance of their bike. They love to see their bike in the best condition and cannot bear if anything happens to their ‘baby’. Most Royal Enfield riders call their bike to be their first love.

2. The Sound of a Royal Enfield

The easiest way to recognize a Royal Enfield by it by the sound of its engine. For many years, Royal Enfield has been known for the dug dug the sound of its engine which sets the bike into motion. Riders relate to this sound and often become nostalgic when they hear a Royal Enfield engine setting into motion.

3. Ease of Maintenance

When it comes to RE bikes, they are the least complicated vehicles. Only on rare occasions, you might have to send your bike to a technician for a repair. Royal Enfield is easy to maintain and repair. It is the least complicated, and you can do most of the repairing as well as service on your own. If you have been riding a bike for many years, you must have achieved professional expertise in the detection of a problem and repairs of the same.

4. Comfort

Royal Enfield is high on comfort. Even when you ride the bike for long hours on rough terrain, you will not feel uncomfortable. It has been designed in a manner to ensure the high comfort of the rider. The shape of the Royal Enfield will provide you with the perfect balance and comfort while you chase open roads.

Many riders prefer off roading and mountaineering on their bike, with Royal Enfield they are confident about their comfort and the ability to drive for long hours. Its seating position is ideal for a cruiser and does not stress the rider on a long trip.

5. Older Bikes have Collectors Value

Royal Enfield has been present in the market for many years and the older the bike, higher its value. It gains a collector’s value and will be high in price due to the engine. Older engines cost much more than the latest ones.

Additionally, its maintenance will also be high. But if you are passionate about a unique model, it is worth investing in an older bike. There are several models to choose from, but nothing replaces the original, traditional model of Royal Enfield.

Over the years, Royal Enfield has gained a cult following, and numerous rides across the country are passionate about their ride. There are several groups which have named themselves after the motorcycle, and it enjoys a unique kind of status. Riders take pride in their bike, and it will not be easy to diminish the charm of a Royal Enfield anytime soon.

Riders consider it perfect for their personality and associate it with their love for riding. There are numerous motorbike riders who started riding on a Royal Enfield and have never looked back. Royal Enfield is associated with the personality, passion and thrills of riding down the narrow lanes.

Insure Your Enfields

Two-wheeler insurance is a must if you are using any bike on Indian roads. It is especially helpful if you are buying Royal Enfield for the first time. As stated before, it takes a lot of effort to maintain these bikes. However, it is not expensive.

Usually RE owners, unlike any other bike users, do not like a dent on their bikes. So just in case, you happen to love the bike, two-wheeler insurance for Royal Enfield can help you keep it intact after mishaps.

Even if you have been using insurance from one insurer previously and would like to switch to a better one, you can do so at the time of your two-wheeler insurance renewal. You can renew your policy for the existing vehicle online and even retain you no claim bonus on the previous policy.