5 Reasons Why HONDA BRV 2020 is A Great Choice

Honda’s popular hybrid, the BR-V, got a refresh. With its two deadly rivals, the Mitsubishi Xpander and Toyota Rush, being much fresher designs than the Honda, you might think that the BR-V is on the back foot. But that’s not the current stance.

So what makes the updated model HONDA BRV 2020 better?

The new look

Slight upgrade in the exterior of a model can make or break it. A little misstep could mean a difference in the annual sale in a month to a thousand stocks in the inventory. I am happy to report that the styling tweaks made to the BR-V makes it look more elegant than previous model.

According to experts from WapCar.my, the BR-V looks more grown up and matures. The new grill makes it look a little bit more upmarket, and so does the redesigned bumper. I also lobe the new wheels, it brings to memory the top of the line city but with a little more zing to make it look more suited to the crossover. More so, there’s the rear bumper which has been tweaked to make it look wider and has a pair of neat reflectors where faux vents would usually be found.

Apple Car Play/ Android Auto

I can complain about the USB plugs all day but all the addition of the Apple Car Play and Android Auto makes up for it. Also, the 2020 BR-V now has tech usually reserved for more expensive cars, which is commendable.

There are so many benefits with this new system. You get your phone’s interface directly on the touch screen meaning you don’t have to pull over to read a text, or fumble around with your phone if you need to set up Wade or Spotify. Apps such as those are displayed on the screen too so you no longer have to guess the next album that’s about to play or glance at your phone when looking at the map.

Fuel Consumption

We drove the BR-V through different kinds of conditions, from heavy city traffic, long highway stretches, winding roads and crests, and everything that came in between. We we’re not exactly efficient   as we left the vehicle idle while still on while we took pictures or made change of drivers also, we were caning while doing overtaking maneuvers.

Despite all that was thrown at it, including full. Cargoes and other stuffs the BR-V still made about 12 kilometers per liter.  We van definitely hype the figure a bit higher but after all was done on that day 12 kilometers per hour is commendable in this note. It could have been 14- 16 kilometers per hour is careful measurement was taken.


We can easily try to dismiss these vehicles as wagons on tall tires, but the BR-V defies that. We know it’s no Type R in any way, shape, or form, but it can take corners competently. It is efficient in taking bends and with fear of tipping over. On the highway, it feels planted and it doesn’t get pushed around by crosswinds either. It has efficient brakes which is a particular strong point, as well as steering turn in.

Standard safety kit

Good handling of cars ensures high level of safety. This means that we can avoid accidents without endangering yourself. The good road holding is complemented by Honda’s Vehicle Stability Assist or VSA. This system incorporates both traction control and stability control. Especially when you are taking corners. In case you steer a little bit more or less Honda`s Vehicle Stability Assist will block the gear in order to keep the car stable.