5 Main Causes Of Car Accidents in The USA

Car Accidents

Living in the 21st century, there are a lot of modern techniques available for vehicle safety on the road, saving people from different kinds of accidents. However, there is still  a massive amount of people who die due to car accidents in the US daily. 

So, even while following all the safety rules, drivers should always be cautious of any probable cause of an accident and try to avoid it. For the said purpose, here are the top five reasons explained by the Levin Firm for car accidents in the USA. 

1. Speeding 

As the most anticipated point of the list, speed is often the factor resulting in almost a quarter of accidents happening daily. No matter how good the driver is, or how good the driver is in controlling the car, high-speed driving is always potentially lethal without warning. Hence, the speed limits must be followed, and high speeds avoided or else deadly consequences may have to be faced. So speeding should be avoided at any cost. It is better to be late than ending up in a critical situation. 

2. Drunk Driving 

When drunk, the driver becomes vulnerable to almost any kind of road accident and not only does he become a threat to himself, but to all the drivers on the road with him. According to a recent survey conducted by NHTSA, every 52 minutes there is someone that is becoming a victim of a car accident due to drinking-related problem. 

So, make sure you don’t drive when drunk. Have someone to accompany and drive for you, or call yourself an uber and stay safe. 

3. Weather 

Weather is also quite an important factor when it comes to road accidents. Extreme weather can easily make the vision of any driver  bad, resulting in difficult driving conditions, and unless the driver really is very cautious, there can be trouble. 

The presence of certain things, such as rain or snow, also results in pretty difficult conditions for the driver. Braking system gets exhausted, and extreme caution has to be taken while taking turns and going on downhill tracks. Needless to say, it’s not easy to be driving in such conditions. If you live in an area of extreme cold, snow, and ice, and you are new to it, a driving course for hazardous weather would be advisable.

4. Distracted Driving 

Recently, one of the biggest problems with drivers is that they’re very often distracted while driving. Whether using their phones or making their snaps while driving, this situation can become totally lethal, and a life-threatening zone for other commuters. The driver taking his eyes off the road for a few microseconds becomes the reason for the death of more than 3000 people annually! 

Hence all the drivers, irrespective of their skill level, should avoid texting, snapping, or eating while they’re driving, and keep their full focus on the task they’re doing. 

5. Reckless Driving 

Reckless driving, or as some people might call it, aggressive driving, is another major cause for thousands of car accidents throughout the year in the USA. Basically, reckless driving is categorized as the driving which wantonly disregards the rules of the road, therefore, making other drivers on the road vulnerable to an accident.  For example, changing lanes rapidly without sufficient distance or signals, or bad overtaking and passing. 

Moreover, not only does this put people at risk, but it also disturbs the tempo of the traffic and frustrates other drivers, who may respond negatively and begin driving recklessly enlarging the chain.

Any vehicle can be a lethal weapon. It is necessary that we take this seriously, and drive focused and cautious.