5 apps that can help you cut down on car maintenance costs

car maintenance app

Times, when phones were used solely for calling other people, are long gone. Today, with the use of your smartphone, you can check the destination of the Airplanes flying over your head, order a pizza that will be delivered by a drone, or take better quality photos than those made by space probes even 20 years ago. Cutting down on car maintenance costs is another thing that your phone can help you with. This article will present you 5 apps that will help you save some money!


Purchasing an OBD2 scanner can save you some time and money. You wonít have to visit a mechanic to check what the codes mean. What if you could save even more money by simply downloading an auto diagnostics app? After you download FIXD, your phone will turn into an OBD2 scanner. You wonít have to remember to carry a real scanner with you. Chances are, your phone will be in your pocket, wherever you go.

FIXDís interface is easy to navigate. The information provided by the app will be easily understandable to both first-time drivers and experienced users, but it also has features that are generally useful. It wonít take care of repairing your car, but at least youíll have an idea of what is wrong with your vehicle and how much youíll have to spend.


Fuelly allows you to understand your carís fuel consumption. After your review the reports generated by the app, youíll be able to adjust your driving habits and save money. It also provides you with information about gas prices and service expenses. Youíll also be able to stop worrying about things like oil changes or tire rotation – when the time comes, the app will remind you about it.


The concept of GasBuddy is simple. It shows you a map with the prices of different types of gas. Because of that, youíll be able to plan in advance where youíll save the most. If the prices arenít all that matters to you, you can also use filters so that youíll end up in a gas station that has a restroom, car wash or fast food.

You can earn free gas by shopping at popular brands that have partnered with GasBuddy. Chances are, you are already using some of them. All you have to do is to continue shopping there, and youíll see that the amount of money spent on gas has noticeably decreased.


If you want to turn your smartphone into a futuristic piece of technology, this app is for you! It will use your phoneís camera and sensors to detect any dangers. Not only that, but it will also save you from having to pay for speeding ticket,  by informing you when you are going over a specified speed limit. This way, you wonít have to worry about the police, as youíll be a law-abiding citizen!

Youíll need to purchase this app, and a car cradle mount to help position your phone properly. The cost might be higher, but if you arenít the best driver yet, or, if you already have enough stress in your life, this app might be a good choice.

Repair Pal

Repair Pal wonít repair your car, but it will help you find the cheapest mechanic in the area. It analyzes repair invoices to calculate the average amount of money that youíll pay for a particular type of repair.

It will also help you if you happen to forget about regular maintenance. It is much better to deal with the problem in its early stages. The company that created this app has partnered with some repair shops, giving its members a 10% discount.

Using technology

Iím sure that you have heard people bashing smartphones as one of the major culprits that makes our lives too complicated. It is absolutely a complex subject, but with the proper use, you can use it to make your life easier and save some money. If you are not the most tech-savvy person in the world, donít worry! If you can drive a car, downloading an app shouldnít be a problem at all!

Image credit: car maintenance app via Stanisic Vladimir/shutterstock