There is a possibility that Instagram will soon introduce its own AI chatbot. Here’s the information we have at the moment.

Possibility that Instagram will soon introduce its own AI chatbot

Instagram is currently in the testing phase of a new feature that resembles Snapchat’s My AI, enabling users to engage in AI-powered conversations within the app. Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has swiftly adopted generative AI technology and integrated it into various aspects of its platforms, including advertisements. Instagram is now experimenting with a potential AI chat functionality.

According to a tweet, Instagram is exploring the option of incorporating an AI chatbot into its platform. This feature would allow users to interact with the chatbot through direct messages, enabling them to ask questions and seek advice.

The AI chatbot is expected to offer a selection of 30 distinct personalities, allowing users to choose the one that aligns best with their preferences and requirements. Moreover, during conversations with others, users will have the ability to involve the AI chatbot by mentioning its name with the “@” symbol.

The purpose and design of Instagram’s chatbot closely resemble Snapchat’s My AI. Given the mixed reception of Snapchat’s similar feature, it is intriguing to observe Instagram’s decision to adopt a comparable approach. Whether this feature will prove to be valuable or quickly fade away remains to be seen.