The release of ChatGPT for Android is scheduled for the upcoming week

Upcoming release of the ChatGPT for Android app

OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool has seen a remarkable uptake since its launch in November, rivaling even popular platforms like Threads. Now, the company has announced the upcoming release of the ChatGPT for Android app. This app comes a few months after the iOS version, which became available for iPhones and iPads earlier.

The exact release date for the ChatGPT for Android app was not mentioned in the company’s tweet, but it is expected to roll out sometime next week. Interested users can already pre-register for the app on the Google Play Store and be notified when it becomes available for installation.

Earlier, when the iOS version of ChatGPT was launched in May, OpenAI had already hinted at an upcoming Android version. Now, they are delivering on that promise.

In contrast, Google’s Bard chatbot does not have dedicated mobile apps; instead, it relies on a web-based interface. However, for those who don’t want to wait for the ChatGPT Android app, Microsoft’s Bing app, powered by its Prometheus Model and GPT-4, has been available on both Android and iOS since February.

Despite the excitement surrounding the Android app release, there have been some concerns lately. Data from Sensor Tower and Similarweb indicates a decline in web traffic and app installations for June. Additionally, a few users have expressed dissatisfaction with GPT-4’s perceived decrease in performance. OpenAI has addressed this by assuring users that they are actively working on updating the APIs to improve the system.