The impact of Technology: Three Generative AI tools that have taken off this year

The impact of Technology_ Three Generative AI tools that have taken off this year

From Google’s all-new Generative AI try-on tool that launched last month, to talks about Apple GPT and a Google AI background creator, the world is getting more intelligent; but at what cost? Generative AI covers many bases, including the ability to create or change text, images, animation, 3D models, and any other data that it is trained to manage.

Chat GPT is already a helping hand in the workplace for most, but at what level in the business are using these tools, and which tools are the most notable so far? Long gone are the days where the most technologically based something could be was the bitcoin cash casino games, where you didn’t need cash to play. That was in a world where cash is king, and just like that evolving into a virtual stance, so is generative AI. Let’s look at what has happened in the world of AI over the last few months, and what that means for consumers.

Generative AI – What is it?

It’s all about data, and scary as it may be, data is disclosed through many formats, and at many levels; meaning that there is probably data of yours in the world contributing to the intelligence of these new machines. Generative AI uses a type of network that identifies all of the patterns in this data and uses it to create and generate new content and offer recommendations.

Organizations and businesses are adopting all levels of this kind of AI, and it now enables them to train people easier in the workplace, whilst being unsupervised, or semi-supervised. An example of this foundation of gathering data, is the original creation of Chat GPT, which used GPT-3 to leverage the power of data and create a Chat GPT text format. With the analyzing of data forming the basis of the foundations in this Generative AI world, let’s look at what’s been created, and if it’s really making a difference.

Google’s Virtual Try-On Tool

Google’s new addition of Generative AI, is actually a brilliant step in the right direction to helping out consumers and making a change in the eCommerce space. This tool allows the consumer to pick and choose between many models in the size ranges of XXS-4XL, who all have different skin tones, body shapes and hair colors and types. This is due to the shocking statistic of 59% of the general public stating that they are “unsatisfied with products they buy online because they looked different on them than what they were thinking.”

All the shopper needs to do is locate the “try on” badge on an image online and click on all of the models that they wish to see wearing the item. Starting at H&M, Loft, Everlance, and Anthropolige this new form of AI looks to tackle the form of returns and make online shopping easier for the buyer.

Along with this try on feature, there are also now new formats where you can click and see alternatives from across the web, which are either similar, or cheaper; making the whole shopping experience feel like you’ve hit the brick and mortar stores yourself.

Apple GPT

In a very “Apple” attempt and homing in on the technology space and combatting Chat GPT, they are in the talks of releasing Apple GPT. Taking AI slower than the likes of Microsoft, Adobe and Bing, Apple has no plans to launch yet, as it appears that they are wanting to hit the nail on the head with their new tool. The framework of intelligence is currently underway, and there are words floating that this is a copy of Chat GPT. Is this an attempt at making Siri a whole lot smarter, or is this a new space that Apple wants to dive in?

Though the Siri part could be exponentially dangerous, worrying and quite frankly invasive, there are no doubts that when Apple launches, that it will level up to any competitor.

Google Bard

The eagerly awaited Bard has hit Europe for those looking for a Chat GPT alternative. Due to breaches of the EU’s data protection act, Bard had severe delays in launching out and fighting against its competitors. Now launched, the tool has reassured safe haven in comparison to Chat GPT’s worries, and the new update is available in over 40 languages, where you can sound them out loud and answer international questions in real-time.

Like Chat GPT, Bard has since updated the fact that you can save previous conversations and questions, and all of this data is forging a path towards their next project: Python, a service for online projects.

Whether you like Generative AI or not, this is something that you can’t shy away from in today’s world. In order to prosper in a business, one must keep up with the demands of the consumer and stay up to date with all the necessary trends and forecasting. Stay tuned for what’s next in the world and stay safe in the world of breaches of data.