Spotify has introduced its AI-driven DJ functionality to a worldwide audience

Spotify is rolling out its AI-driven DJ feature

Spotify is rolling out its AI-driven “DJ” feature to numerous international markets, following its introduction in North America six months ago.

Accessible through the “music” feed section within the Spotify mobile application, this DJ function personalizes users’ music experience by curating a selection of songs accompanied by synthetic voice commentary. This commentary consists of casual conversations and contextual insights that pertain to specific songs and artists the user has previously engaged with.

In a sense, it resembles a radio DJ customizing its broadcast for each individual listener.

The prominent music streaming platform initially introduced the DJ feature in the United States and Canada in February, later extending it to the United Kingdom and Ireland after three months. Although the DJ feature will continue to be in beta, it will now be accessible to premium subscribers across approximately 50 global markets, including countries like Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore, and South Africa.

However, the majority of European Union countries will not yet have access to this feature. Furthermore, it’s important to note that in the newly added markets where DJ is now accessible, it will exclusively be available in the English language.