Meta is developing chatbots equipped with personas in an effort to retain users

Meta is developing chatbots equipped with personas in an effort to retain users

Meta, the owner of Facebook, is gearing up to launch a set of AI-powered chatbots with distinct personalities next month. These chatbots, referred to as “personas,” are designed to engage the platform’s nearly 4 billion users in human-like conversations. Some of the personas include characters like Abraham Lincoln and a surfer providing travel advice. The primary objectives of these chatbots are to enhance the search function, offer recommendations, and provide users with an enjoyable interactive experience.

By introducing chatbots, Meta aims to attract and retain users amidst increasing competition from platforms like TikTok. Additionally, the chatbots could gather valuable data on users’ interests, enabling Meta to deliver more targeted content and advertisements. However, this data collection raises concerns about user privacy and potential manipulation.

Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, envisions AI agents serving as assistants, coaches, and facilitators for users’ interactions with businesses and creators. The company is also exploring the development of avatar chatbots within the metaverse. To support its AI initiatives, Meta has been investing in generative AI technology and recently released a commercial version of its large language model, Llama 2, which powers the chatbots.

Experts will closely monitor the chatbots for signs of bias, misinformation, or harmful content. Meta is likely to implement measures to screen users’ questions and verify the accuracy and appropriateness of the chatbot’s responses. As the chatbots’ launch approaches, more details about Meta’s AI roadmap will be disclosed during its Connect developer event in September.