Hogarth, a tech entrepreneur, has been appointed to lead the AI taskforce in the UK

Appointed to lead the AI taskforce in the UK

Tech entrepreneur Ian Hogarth has been appointed by the British government to lead a taskforce dedicated to examining the safety concerns associated with artificial intelligence (AI). The announcement comes as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak promotes London as a potential global hub for AI regulation, with plans to host a summit on AI risks later this year.

Hogarth, co-founder of the concert discovery service SongKick, which was acquired by Warner Music in 2017, has been entrusted with the leadership of the UK’s AI Foundation Model Taskforce. The taskforce’s primary objective is to advance cutting-edge safety research in preparation for the upcoming AI risk summit.

Expressing his gratitude, Hogarth stated, “The Prime Minister has presented an ambitious vision for the UK to become a driving force in AI safety, an area that has been relatively under-resourced despite the rapid progress of AI capabilities. I am honored to chair such a crucial initiative leading up to the first global summit on AI Safety in the UK.”

In April, the government allocated an initial 100 million ($128.17 million) to establish the taskforce. Its responsibilities include assessing AI risks, conducting safety research, and contributing to the development of international safeguards such as shared standards and infrastructure for safety and security.

Prime Minister Sunak emphasized the potential of AI to enhance the economy and public services but stressed the importance of ensuring its responsible and secure development for future generations.