Google’s AI-enhanced search functionality incorporates AI-generated summaries, definitions, and enhancements for coding

Google's AI-enhanced search functionality incorporates AI-generated summaries, definitions, and enhancements for coding

Google is introducing several updates to its Search Generative Experience (SGE), an AI-powered conversational mode in Search, aimed at aiding users in better comprehending and learning from online information. These enhancements encompass the ability to access definitions of unfamiliar terms, enhance understanding, and offer coding assistance across various languages. An intriguing feature also allows users to harness SGE’s AI capabilities while browsing.

The goal behind these upgrades is to facilitate the comprehension of intricate concepts, boost coding skills, and more. For instance, one new feature permits users to hover over specific words to view definitions and related images or diagrams, which can be tapped for deeper exploration. This functionality will be available within Google’s AI-generated responses on topics like STEM, economics, and history.

Another addition assists programmers using SGE for coding help. It simplifies the understanding and debugging of generated code. Presently, SGE provides AI-generated overviews related to programming languages and tools, offering answers to how-to queries and code snippets. The latest update introduces color-coded syntax highlights, aiding in the identification of code elements.

Furthermore, a notable addition is SGE while browsing, an early experiment accessible in Search Labs via the Google app for Android, iOS, and later, Chrome on desktop. This feature is designed to help users engage with long-form content by presenting AI-generated lists of key points and facilitating navigation to relevant sections.

It’s worth noting that Google’s competitor, Bing Chat, already offers similar features like content summarization. Google acknowledges that paywalled articles won’t be summarized, and publishers can opt to block this feature for their content.

These updates come after other recent additions to SGE, including the display of videos and images related to search queries. The SGE while browsing feature is available as a stand-alone experiment in Search Labs, accessible to those who have opted into SGE. The Search Labs feature can be accessed through the Google app on Android and iOS, as well as Chrome on the desktop.