10+ Free Online HTML Editors

A long time back, I had came up with an article showcasing online CSS editors that don’t cost you a penny using it. It was hugely appreciated by our readers and they told me to come up with such other useful resources in the future. And you visit our site regularly, you must have noticed that we have been regularly come up with the articles that are pretty useful for the users.

Yesterday, I was doing HTML coding of my new website and suddenly my HTML coding software crashed (I don’t want to name that software here).  At that time, I was pretty frustrated because I lose all my concentration. I started to find other software for writing HTML codes and ended up with something more useful – Online HTML Editors.

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10 Most Popular Programming Languages on GitHub

GitHub on last Wednesday shared the popularity index of various programming languages over the years. GitHub, as we know, is a collaborative code website launched in 2008, and the data GitHub shared tell us about the current trend. More than 10 million users use GitHub and its one of the biggest repository hosting service that builds the distributed revision control with the management of source code.

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Best News Apps for Reading Daily News

7 billion people on earth and I would say world is big enough place where all sort things are happening round the clock. And to track on major happenings newspaper are in state of flux and online news providers are charging fees that is increasing at a good speed. But we are fortunate enough to have apps in mobile device department where major players, like CNN, Yahoo, The New York Times, The AP and NPR are providing us news instantly.

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Free Music Downloads from the Best Sites

Music is life for many. You can get free music from The Internet with simply downloading songs from many websites, but all those illegal music downloading sites are not the only options. If you decide to support and spread awareness to people about the protection of rights, then artists, labels and retailers will have worry free life. With many streaming services online right now like – Pandora, Tidal, Spotify that provide free music to listen and premium subscription for offline access.

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Top 10 Sites for Free Internet Speed Test

Internet speed test easily can give you a down-low on the upload and download speeds, detailing whether your internet services provider is living to its own end of broadband contract or not. Certainly, there are lots of options there to test the internet bandwidth; however, some apps and sites offer more details than others.

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Best Free Online Fax Services

Emailing services are fairly new compared to fax machines. One of the best way to send urgent notices, copies of documents, and they need paper and toner for functioning and use. For sending a fax, the prime requirement is to have a printed record that may not be used again once it is faxed.

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The Best Free Photo Editing Software

With the new age cameras, digital photography has changed a lot. It has become more comfortable, and I am not talking about expensive camera, the basic entry-level ones are enough for a clear, crisp photos. Smaller issues like removing red-eye, changing the white balance and adjusting the lighting will always be a handful, and it will require a photo editor if you need perfection.

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Best Free Online Video Editing Software

After so many social networks like YouTube, Vine, Instagram and Vimeo people that are not professionals make videos with the highly expert look. All this requires a computer with necessary hardware, and you can become a video editor in no time.

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10+ Best Proxy Server, Sites that are absolutely FREE

Here we have listed the Best Proxy Sites that are helpful when your ISP has blocked certain useful websites. Places like School, Colleges usually don’t allow certain sites to open publicly. I have seen institutions blocking social networks, video sharing, and gaming websites commonly. And even website owners prevent the individual country from accessing their site.

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