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15 Best Web Operating Systems Apart From The Usual Ones

Windows, Mac-OSX, Linux – Ubuntu, Redhat, Fedora these are some popular desktop operating systems which you see mostly on many computers. But do you know there are plenty more options and if you are not a web designer or programmer but only a regular user you will love to use these.

Many of these have plenty of unique features and some are only made for browsing Internet, Office applications, Communication tools, File managers etc.

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25 English Music Sites for Free Download

Want to expand your Music listening areas?

In today’s world we are more engaged towards Music. And MP3 has changed the whole scenario of listening Music. So i thought it would be a great idea for me to list few of my favorite music download sites which I use very frequently.

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Revamp your Twitter with Seesmic LOOK

Twitter – whether you love it or hate it, its gonna stay. It’s inestimable for quite a number of reasons and if you haven’t using it, I should really say you are actually missing out. The speed with which news can be delivered and shared via the social networking site is outstanding. Businesses like Dell and Google have been thriving, too.

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Top 10 Most Coolest Websites for Internet Tips and Tricks

Coolest Websites would not had been cooler, if they doesn’t have good information backing them. I am really a nerd when it comes to gain knowledge and specially when it comes to Internet, I love to grab all the information and the correct way of doing things. On Internet I have found many websites that have tutorials, tips, tricks and many step by step guides. But I bet that no other site other then the list below is good enough at this moment in terms of helping people in almost every bit of information.

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13 cool tips to make search in Google more effectively

If you’re not from some other world, you probably use Google many times in a day.  But unless you are a technology geek, you probably still search Google in its simplest form. If your current use of Google is limited to typing a few words or phrase in, and wading pages after pages until you find what you’re looking for, then I’m here to tell you that there’s a better way to make your Google search more effective and the best part is, its not hard to learn.

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12 amazing add-ons for Google Chrome web browser

I have been using Google Chrome from quite a long time now and the speed and lower memory usage makes it much better. But there were lots of features were lacking which always stopped me to switch fully from Firefox to Google Chrome. As I am addicted to use lots of Firefox extensions and frankly speaking I can’t live without them.

But now, there are lots of Google Chrome Extensions you can try out. To use them, you have to first download the latest beta version of Google Chrome.

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Use Godaddy Coupon December 2009 and get a domain in $1 only

Good News for all new domain seekers , there is a promo code by godaddy for this December which can get u a domain name for only $1.17 only .. see image below for where i have purchased a new domain in $1.17 only.

godaddy december coupon for 1 domain Use Godaddy Coupon December 2009 and get a domain in $1 only

For those who can’t see the promo code in the image above here is it once more : BUYCOM99

So hurry up people .. why are u waiting now

Update -: Offer/Discount Expried

Hardware and Software I Use for Designing Websites

Hello Guys! welcome to my first blog post which is a combination of my working environment and my pretty gadgets that I have. I am a web designer by profession and I would like to share what gadgets I use to make myself comfortable and geeky at the same time.

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