Top 10 Photo Editing Software For Free Download


Photographs are memories that are always kept forever to cherish our favorite vacation or the best time which we spent with our families or friends. Many of us believe in enhancing our digital pictures and edit them to make them more beautiful or to add some effects. There are number of software available freely on the Internet to download and you can edit, re-size, adjust … [Read more...]

30 Professional And Creative Fonts For Free Download


Free fonts – designers always looking for free fonts because client always can’t afford to put money on expensive fonts due to tight budget of some projects. So, in this article, I carefully handpicked high quality free fonts, which are almost suitable to be used for any design project. And I am sure it will surely save lot of time of designers out there which they spent … [Read more...]

15+ Free Torrent Download Sites That You Should Bookmark Now

Alexa - 101 , PR - 7

There are many free torrent search engines around web and many of these torrent sites are very popular. But before diving in let's see what torrent files are. A torrent file contains the URLs of multiple trackers and integrity metadata about all the pieces. It can also contain additional metadata defined in extensions to the BitTorrent specification. These are known as … [Read more...]

Top 10 Sites For Logo Design Inspiration


Logo, we all know is the emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to promote instant public recognition. Logo Designing is a tough ask, there has to be some kind of concept behind the logo designing. If you’re a logo maker / designer or interested in researching more about logo design, there’s no doubt you’d like to see good … [Read more...]

Top 10 Sites To Make National And International Phone Calls For Free


When we talk about making phone calls from our PC through internet, we think of  instant messaging services like Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk which provides PC-to-PC voice calls. But they have one limitation that you can call only the person who has computer and connected to internet, otherwise they are of no use. Anyways, we are not talking about PC-to-PC calls in this … [Read more...]

Microsoft Releases Windows 7 Touch Pack For Free Download


Microsoft recently announced Touch Pack for Windows 7 for the masses. It is an attempt to add more support to Windows 7 OS touch capable devices. Initially, Microsoft announced Touch Pack long back in May 2009 but was only for the OEM's. This time, Microsoft finally decided to release the Touch Pack for public and now it is available for download to everyone. The Touch Pack … [Read more...]

How To Listen Thousands Of Radio Stations Online For Free


If you are tired of Winamp, Spotify, iTunes, Window Media Player, or any other software you use to listen music, why don't you try listening online radio for a change. Ya I know, you must be thinking that finding radio stations online is a pain. But don't worry my friends, in this article, I am sharing a Adobe Air based application called Antenna that solves the problem by … [Read more...]

How To Find The Fonts Used, Size And Color On Any Website


Most of us browse internet on everyday basis and sometimes we come through few beautiful fonts used in different websites. Some of them are so nice that we want to use them in our websites, blogs or somewhere else. But we stuck most of the times because we don't know what's the name and size of the font. Some of us look into the Sourcecode of that particular webpage to find … [Read more...]

100+ Facebook Apps For Productivity And Tools For Achieving All Your Goals

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Social networking is one of the best things internet can provide you. You can connect with friends and family, get to know what they are upto lately and lots more like photo sharing, link sharing, playing games and loads and loads of other stuff. I know some of my friends who only come online for social networking sites. It has been a great boon to mankind and cyberspace. … [Read more...]