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15 Best JavaScript / Ajax Effects For Modern Web Design

Designing of a website is a big task, you have to think lots of aspects to make a website more engaging and appealing to the visitors. When you start designing website, you’ll always think of adding some special effects to spice up a particular webpage.

For adding that extra spice in your recipe, JavaScript / Ajax effects comes into rescue. This is the only time where you can think to enhance your website’s interface so that the visitors of your website will remember.

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Top 10 Free Microsoft Products Worth Checking Out

We always find the best free softwares from a trustworthy source or company. But finding such free softwares become difficult sometimes because there are lots of free softwares floating around the web.

Although, Microsoft is not a company that people associated with free softwares. But my friends, there are plenty of softwares that Microsoft offers, which are free to use and really worth checking out. I am not saying about Internet Explorer because that is worst browser which I experienced till know. There are many other Microsoft products that are really great and which are completely free to use.Read More

Top 10 Sites to Download Free High-Resolution Textures

Textures are always very important element of any graphic design project. There was a time when graphic designers used to buy CD’s to get a collection of  textures for their design projects. But gone are the days when you had to pay for textures. With the immense power of internet, you can find high-resolution textures and download them freely for your projects.

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Watch Wimbledon 2010 Online For Free

Wimbledon 2010 has started with a bang on 21st June 2010, final will be played on 4th of July 2010. If you want to know about the fixtures and schedules click here.

You can Watch Wimbledon 2010 Online with number of sites. Wimbledon dot org the official site which is developed by IBM has pretty great coverage with Radio and Live Scores.Read More

10 Best And Free Online Video Editing Software

Free online Video Editing Tools work within your browser to cut and edit videos without having too much knowledge of video editing. They are really very easy to learn and simple to use.

The main advantage of online video editing tools are they don’t require any plugins or download to use them. Some of these services would allow you to download your finished edited video while some of them allow you to share your finished video in various social sites.Read More

13 Best WordPress SEO Plugins Every Blog Should Have

With more than millions of blogs existed, it’s very difficult to find your blog. But, if you focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it will help search engines to discover your content on the internet and will surely help you to gain traffic on your blog.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important to any blog. And if you use WordPress as a blogging platform, there are many WordPress SEO plugins that values SEO. These plugins help you to get better rankings on your blog. But to get higher rankings in search engines, you have to select best WordPress SEO plugins.

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7 Most Useful HTML5 Video Integrating Tools

In today’s world, many website shows videos for different purposes. Till now, you mostly used Flash or some plugins to integrate videos on your website or blogs.

But, the latest trend in web development is about HTML5. Showing videos through HTML5 players is one of the most important and highlighted feature in this new technology. You can define HTML5 by saying that it is an alternative to Flash Player that works like the same way.

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4 Best And Free Online Apps Alternatives To Google Docs

When it comes to offline word processing, the first service which comes in our mind is Microsoft Office Suite which we are using from many years. But buying Microsoft Office Suite is an expensive deal for normal users.

That time, Google Docs comes into rescue which offers online word processing and other office tasks. Even all my word processing is getting done by the web office apps.

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15 Best And Useful Websites For Graphic Designers

Graphic designing is always been a challenging part for designers as it is the most important part of any design project. So every designer try hard to make themselves strong in graphic designing. Fonts, Icons, Logos, Typography, Textures, Vectors etc. are the part of graphic designing.

For any website designing, graphic designers always think about the logo design and choosing the right font to make any website graphically attractive and appealing.

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