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5 Best Free Troubleshooting Software For Your Windows OS

5 Best Free Troubleshooting Software For Your Windows OS

A few days before, we came up with an article showing you some simple but effective ways to free up your disk space in Windows 7. The ways which we shared in the article were simple tweaks rather than installing any software and till now those ways done wonders in my system when it comes to freeing up space in the hard drive.

Today, I thought to came up with some best free Windows troubleshooting software that can easily heal any of our annoyance related to Windows system. Windows is most widely used software in the world and sometimes its so trouble some that you feel to throw it away in the bin.

Top 3 Easy Ways To Free Up Disk Space In Windows 7

Top 3 Easy Ways To Free Up Disk Space In Windows 7

Windows 7 – a great operating system from Microsoft after Windows Vista which was really a disaster. Vista was the operating system that has got everything that a user dont want – slow speed, huge installation space, hang up time to time. But, when I was switched to Windows 7, I was pretty happy because it got everything that a user want – low installation space, fast speed, stunning graphics, aero functions and much more.

Windows 7 become my first primary operating system and recently I thought to free up some disk space because lot of unwanted programs, windows features were making my system slow. While there are many software that allows you to free space in Windows 7 but hello! we are freeing up space and installing software also takes space.

13 Best Free Word Processing Suites Other Than Microsoft Word

13 Best Free Word Processing Suites Other Than Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office – one of the most popular office suite gripping its hold from a long period of time. Since I started using computers, I remember Microsoft office productivity suite is the only software when it comes to word processing. But, history speaks that any product in the world never last longs.

This is same in the case of Microsoft Office suite – no no I am not saying that Microsoft has taken this product from the market and you will no longer use that. What I am trying to say is that Microsoft Office suite is losing its grounds in the market these days.

27 Absolutely Stunning Free Apps For Windows Phone

27 Absolutely Stunning Free Apps For Windows Phone

Windows phone – the most advanced version of operating system from Windows Phone for smartphones till date. Everyone seems to be interested in buying smartphones these days whether its from Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 7 or Blackberry. Smartphones allows you to almost do everything you can do on your PC and that too on the move.

Personally, I use Samsung Galaxy S (Android) and HTC Mozart (Windows 7), you won’t believe me I  don’t need any laptop when I am travelling because these phones help me to do everything I can do on my laptop.

Here are 27 best free apps for Windows Phone



Fastball 2


Run the Map

Where Is My Car


Super Camera

ToDo Free

Stock Analysis

Fox News

Amazon Kindle

Location Alarm

Burglar Alarm Sentry Bot


Gadget Junkie



Connection Tiles









6 Best Free Microsoft eBooks That Readers Should Check

6 Best Free Microsoft eBooks That Readers Should Check

Free EBooks nowadays are in high demand as people like to read on there laptops, palm tops and iPad etc. We all know that reading is the best way to gain a particular knowledge from a source. This practice makes books convert into digital media equivalent which we call Ebooks. So what do you think if you’re able to download free ebooks and take with yourself any place you want.

Microsoft, that provides always useful and interesting products to its customers. Today we will talk about Ebooks, Microsoft also give some best and valuable ebooks for online readers.

Top 15 Free Bing Online Games That You Surely Love To Play

Top 15 Free Bing Online Games That You Surely Love To Play

If you are a person who spends most of their time working on Internet, then online games are the best companion for you in your free time. I have seen lots of people from offices, colleges or school kids spends their time playing online games. These games are useful when you don’t want to download a big game on your hard disk or you want to play in your office or college computer.

I am sure your boss or principal don’t allow you to install games in your PC and there’s the online games comes handy. You need a browser and solid internet connection to pass your free time or when you feeling hectic from your regular work. It will help you to charge-up your energy level and start the work with a new enthusiasm. Gosh, why don’t bosses understand that?

20 Most Reliable Windows Backup Programs For Free Download

20 Most Reliable Windows Backup Programs For Free Download

Computer data is very valuable and losing data as a result of a hard drive crash, viruses or file deletion in accident can be very frustrating. Data loss is always very stressful whether its your favorite photos, priceless music, office documents or anything. Crashing hard drives is compulsory, it’s just a matter of time.

Backing up of your system should be the only effective method to prevent your computer from data loss. Still, few of the computer users are only backing up their systems regularly. Rest of the users are playing with their data. There are some common reasons like virus attack, hard drive crash, can’t CDs, DVDs & pen drives and sometimes human errors too that can lead to the deletion of the data.

13 Best Windows Video Converters For Free Download

13 Best Windows Video Converters For Free Download

Checking out videos in any system is fun. From DVD players to your cell phones, there are innumerable options that allow you to enjoy watching videos wherever you are be it your home office or on the go. Well, this is one face of this geeky world that allows you to enjoy videos, music or movies but on the other hand the fact is that not all geeky gadgets support the same format.

If one video plays well in your laptop it doesn’t ensure that same will be played with ease on your iPhone or other portable media players.

7 Best Open Source Projects for .NET Developers

7 Best Open Source Projects for .NET Developers

Despite the considerable time and resources Microsoft and the .NET community have invested in open source initiatives in recent years, it’s surprising how often the two camps are treated as antithetical to one another.

Yet the reality is that reliance upon open source development tools within the Microsoft community is significant and growing. In this article we’ll shed some insight into this widespread practice, introducing seven open source solutions embraced by millions of .NET developers around the globe.

13 Key-points Every User Need To Know About Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Microsoft on Wednesday unveiled much awaited Internet Explorer 9 Beta and everyone can download it now. This release is focused on pairing down the browser experience so that the end users can easily access, HTML 5 enabled sites.

Internet Explorer 9 is full of changes that are future-oriented in the world of web- browsing and some features that incorporated in this new release is talk of the town. After downloading the latest release, I was playing around with the IE9 new features like tab pinning, OneBox, Notifications and much more.

Must Have Software – 15 Free Programs For Windows 7

Must Have Software – 15 Free Programs For Windows 7

In our previous article, we have presented the best free antivirus softwares for Windows 7 which was appreciated by our readers.Few days before, I got a mail from one of my regular reader who told me to write a article on best free softwares for windows 7 which are essential when you purchase your new Windows 7 copy. So, in this article, I am gathering best free programs for Windows 7 that I have tested personally and would not hesitate in recommending them to the users.

These softwares are result of developers – they work hard to create such amazing free softwares that works well and do the job pretty efficiently. These all free Windows 7 softwares stands out in terms of quality and will fulfill pretty much of all your computing needs.

Top 10 Free Microsoft Products Worth Checking Out

Top 10 Free Microsoft Products Worth Checking Out

We always find the best free softwares from a trustworthy source or company. But finding such free softwares become difficult sometimes because there are lots of free softwares floating around the web.

Although, Microsoft is not a company that people associated with free softwares. But my friends, there are plenty of softwares that Microsoft offers, which are free to use and really worth checking out. I am not saying about Internet Explorer because that is worst browser which I experienced till know. There are many other Microsoft products that are really great and which are completely free to use.

Best And Free Softwares for Troubleshooting in Windows

Best And Free Softwares for Troubleshooting in Windows

Every OS has some problems now and then, Windows is the most used OS but it has flaws. Even though with every other version of Windows it keeps getting improved but sometimes its too troublesome.

Its always nice to have some software which can heal or troubleshoot our annoyance. Gathering Troubleshooting software is not very easy and it takes time to learn how each one works. To make things easier we have selected the best softwares for troubleshooting in Windows OS.

How To Set Up Your Favorite Video As Desktop Wallpaper

Are you bored of your current desktop wallpaper? Have you ever think of set up video as wallpaper on your desktop?

Some time before, this option was available only for Window Vista Ultimate users. As this is not a default function of Windows, but by simple tweaking, you can set any video as a wallpaper on any windows version.

Personally, I don’t find setting up video wallpaper in the background useful but it is definitely a cool trick to share with our readers.

Microsoft Releases Windows 7 Touch Pack For Free Download

Microsoft recently announced Touch Pack for Windows 7 for the masses. It is an attempt to add more support to Windows 7 OS touch capable devices. Initially, Microsoft announced Touch Pack long back in May 2009 but was only for the OEM’s.

This time, Microsoft finally decided to release the Touch Pack for public and now it is available for download to everyone. The Touch Pack is only available for the Genuine Windows users and it has a size of 239.2 MB and is available in English version only.

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