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Learn How to Make Windows Start up Quicker

Prevent unwanted software from automatically running by installing Startup Booster. When Windows starts, it opens certain programs automatically. This includes some applications needed by the system itself, but also software such as your antivirus, instant messenger, mouse and webcam, drivers, toolbars and so on. Often when you install such programs, they should start when your computer does. In the case of antivirus software, for example, this is necessary, but for many applications it isn’t. The result? Slower start-up times.

That’s where Startup Booster comes in enabling you to control what starts when your computer does. You can easily change or remove entries and importantly, go back if you do something by mistake, so it’s completely hassel-free.

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How to Use Apple’s iMessage on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion – Top 10 Tips

Apple’s iMessage service finally comes to the Mac-here’s how to use it…

With every new device and new software release, it becomes increasingly clear that Apple’s plan for the Mac, iPhone and iPad is to make them all work seamlessly together, with iCloud as the hub they all draw from. Nowhere is this clearer than when it comes to iMessage, Apple’s way of sending text and multimedia messages to your contacts for free.

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How to Extend Your Android Device’s Battery Life

If your battery keeps running out, here’s how to make your phone or tablet run for days on a single charge..

Android devices may be wonderful portalbe powerhouse that put a huge choice of apps and tools in your pocket, but all that computing can take its toll on their battery life. Checking your eamil, making calls, playing games and browsing the internet all use up valuable power, and even just having the phone or tablet on sandby means that the battery is slowly draining.

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