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Top 7 Cool Free HTML5 Apps Available In Google Chrome Web Store

Top 7 Cool Free HTML5 Apps Available In Google Chrome Web Store

Google Chrome’s Web Store is creating lot of buzz these days since its launch. Everyone using Chrome are delighted with hundreds of chrome web apps ranging from entertainment to education, news to games, lifestyle to communication. These apps helps you to make your web browsing more productive and apps for photo-editing or drawing tools can be extremely useful.

One of the most important advantage of using chrome web apps are these apps act like as a native apps and save your hard drive space. If you are regular visitor of SaveDelete.com, you must have seen our previous articles in which we have compiled list of best free google chrome web apps and how to use and customize your google chrome web apps.

25 Amazing But Free Google Chrome Web Apps You Should Try Out Now

25 Amazing But Free Google Chrome Web Apps You Should Try Out Now

All you tech savvy people out there surely know by now the latest offering by Google. You guessed it right! Google has lately launched its Chrome Web Store. It is one-stop shop for chrome web apps that are available for both free and paid. If you’re excited enough to know what will the Chrome Web Store. How is it like? What it has in store for y’all? If these kind of questions are continuously ringing in your mind then this one is for you!

The newly launched Chrome Web Store is an open marketplace where you can get amazing range of web apps. The clutter-free interface is simply appealing. By simply entering the keyword in the search box, you can look for the app you’re looking for yourself.

How To Disable Threaded Conversation View Feature In Gmail Inbox

How To Disable Threaded Conversation View Feature In Gmail Inbox

When Google Mail launched, the first and the most important features I liked about the Gmail service was its threaded Conversation View. But, the recent feature that Gmail team rolling out shows everyone not feels the same way about threaded conversation view idea. Wiltse Carpenter, Technical Lead says on Gmail offical blog ” Most of the Gmail users are extremely happy with the conversation view, but just like some people don’t like cilantro, some Gmail users just hate the conversation view.”

Frankly speaking, threaded conversation view gives compact view of my inbox otherwise disabling this feature, will make my inbox cluttered. As I told you earlier everyone not feel the same way, they want to see their inbox in a more old-fashioned view of their emails.

How To Set Up Google Voice Missed Call Notifications On Your Real Phone Number

How To Set Up Google Voice Missed Call Notifications On Your Real Phone Number

It’s been a week or two before, Google introduced a new phone call feature in Gmail to us as well as “Google Voice” integration to keep track of “missed calls”. This feature allows you to get notifications to Google Voice inbox, e-mail inbox or both the service.

It’s a welcome attribute, but as most of the times in the case with new Google applications, this setting is also hidden in the menu somewhere and the official blog post about the feature didn’t clearly explain on its working.

22 Amazing Google Related Mac Apps For Free Download

22 Amazing Google Related Mac Apps For Free Download

Google is undoubtedly the best company to provide free softwares and applications for its users. Users loves to download free apps provided by the Google because it is from the giant company and much more reliable to use.

Google first release their softwares for PC’s users but now it seems that they are throwing some amazing apps for Mac users too. So, in this article, I am compiling a list of best free Google-related Mac apps and desktop widgets. All these applications are free to download and the best part is you don’t have to open a browser for using some Google services.

13 Best Free Android Games You Would Love Playing

Apple iPhone is already a leader in the field of mobile gaming but its not only the smart phone platform available in the market. Google Android OS is already pacing up with a decent amount of number Android phones sold everyday.

Yeah, I know that Android gaming market is nowhere compete with Apple Store but Android gaming market is also growing with a rapid pace and many game developers are developing lots of Android games these days. If you are a Android phone owner then you must be looking for some best free Android games for having fun in the free time. So, in this article, I am compiling a list of best addictive games available for Android phones. You will love to play these free Android games to kill the time when you are waiting for a train/bus or waiting for someone.

8 Best And Free Video Streaming Apps For Android Phones

8 Best And Free Video Streaming Apps For Android Phones

Google Android phones are rising quickly, recent news showed that Android phones have outsold Apple iPhone for the first time on record in USA. Some of the best technology sites predicted that Android phones might be become most popular phones in the future.

There is a huge rise in Android apps too from the last 3-4 months and many companies that developed iPhone apps are also interested in developing apps compatible with Android. With large screen, high resolution screens and fast processors coming in Android phones, there will be high demand of Android video streaming apps in the coming future. And many companies are thinking to launch video streaming services for Android phones soon.

How To Enable Google Multiple Account Sign-in Feature

It seems that Google is trying hard to make their most successful mailing service “Gmail” more better by introducing several useful features from last few months. Last time they introduced Drag-Drop email attachments and Google calender integration in Gmail which was appreciated by the Gmail users.

And yesterday Google again announced two cool features which was much awaited by the users. Firstly, Google rolling out multiple account sign-in feature and Gmail now lets you save attachments to the desktop via Drag-and-Drop. In this article, I am going to talk about multiple account sign-in and how to enable this feature.

8 Fresh And Free Google Android Apps You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Android is Google’s Operating system for mobile devices, and you may have listen from various sources that Android is growing at a rapid pace. Due to its increasing popularity, its becoming a danger to already established Symbian, Apple’s OS for the iPhone and Microsoft Windows Mobile OS.

If you are planning to buy a new mobile phone, surely give a look at some cool Android phones in the market. The best part of Android phones are its applications. There are millions of apps already presenting in the Android market and thousands of new apps are being added each month.

10 Alternatives to Gmail

10 Alternatives to Gmail

Using Gmail doesn’t have to be a ‘given’ when choosing an email account. There are features that it doesn’t offer, or you may just not like the idea of going with a large company for your email needs.

Top 10 Free FIFA World Cup 2010 Apps For Your Android and iPhone

Pull up your socks and get ready for world cup. The excitement and thrill of World Cup begins today, June 11, 2010. And I am sure you don’t want to miss any moment of the biggest event of the year.

In the same context, yesterday, we listed 17 best websites to watch FIFA World Cup 2010 live online for free so that you don’t miss anything when you are at work or your cable TV is not working.

How To View Docs, PDFs & PPTs Directly In Google Chrome Via Chrome Extension

We all use Google Chrome nowadays as it is the fastest browser presently and offers many extensions to increase our productivity. Sometimes, situation comes when we came across docs or PDFs files in Google Chrome.

But it is very annoying to download the file first and then read it with our installed doc or PDF viewer. This is really time- consuming because sometimes we only want to read the document rather than keeping in our hard drive.

4 Best And Free Online Apps Alternatives To Google Docs

4 Best And Free Online Apps Alternatives To Google Docs

When it comes to offline word processing, the first service which comes in our mind is Microsoft Office Suite which we are using from many years. But buying Microsoft Office Suite is an expensive deal for normal users.

That time, Google Docs comes into rescue which offers online word processing and other office tasks. Even all my word processing is getting done by the web office apps.

How To Design Awesome Web Apps For Google TV

Few days back, Google announced the new Google TV platform backed by major players like Sony, Logitech, Intel, Dish Network, and Best Buy. It is totally a new concept which is built on Android and featuring the Chrome browser with a full version of Flash Player 10.1. According to Google, Google TV is supposed to bring “the web to your TV and your TV to the web”.

How To Convert Any Video For Your Android, iPhone, iPod And PSP Devices For Free

Firstly, Miro team introduced Miro Video Player, and some time back Miro developers released a new video converter called “Miro Video Converter” which offers you to convert mostly any video file to MP4, Ogg Theora, Android, iPhone, iPod, PSP format.

The best part which I like most about Miro Video Converter is its ease of use and ability to convert the video for mobile devices such as Android and iPhone.

Miro Video Converter gives people an easy, fast and simple way to convert videos.

How To Manage Facebook Chat, gTalk and Twitter in Firefox Sidebar

We all love browsing Internet to stay in touch with latest news,events and at the same time we like to stay connected with our friends, colleagues and family members through various chat services and social sites. Even I do the same, but  sometimes it’s very annoying to open a new window or desktop client to use services like Facebook chat, Twitter or Google Talk.

But thanks to Firefox add-ons, it is possible to use all these 3 services in the Firefox sidebar without leaving  current page you were reading. And it’s very useful too as you don’t have to leave your current page to check you’re new IM’s or tweet.

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