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“What is Android”..? “Firstly, let us discuss what Android is. Android is an open-source mobile operating system that’s in direct competition to Apple’s iOS. Some of the core attractions of Android is it’s open-source background and the freedom away from the integrated, patrolled environment that Apple runs.

5 Brilliant Google Lab Experiments


Google is always in news for its apps. Over the years Google Labs  have launch several useful applications like Google Reader, Google Maps, and Google Trends. Below is the list of 5 Google Lab experiments which are really very useful for our use.

Google+ By Google For iPhone

Google Plus for iPhone

Google+ for mobile makes sharing the right things with the right people a lot simpler. Huddle lets you send super-fast messages to the people you care about most. And no matter where you are, the stream lets you stay in the loop about what your friends are sharing and where they’re checking in.

Android Apps : 20 Best Android Apps For Photography Expert


Android has always been an outperforming platform from Google which has created a huge amount of applications in the mobile market. Being completely open, this mobile platform allows application developers to compete with their creativity and in the same time giving end users the privilege to experience the new possibilities coming around for them. There […]