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Google Launches Helpouts – The Live Video Tutorials Service

Google launched the latest tool known as Helpouts in which people now can pay so as to get some help from the experts over live video chat like Google Hangouts. Anybody who is an expert on a particular topic or teacher can trade their service for payments, either by task, by minute or for set window of the time. Some Helpouts tend to be scheduled and the others are accessible on demand.

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YouTube adds Web like Features for Mobile Apps

Now you can browse other videos while watching, and search as well with the new updated Youtube App for Mobile devices. Google has made a major update in Youtube app for Android and will be rolling it on other platforms ( iOS etc. ) in upcoming days.

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Review : Google Nexus 7

Google announced the new thinner, powerful, faster and portable Nexus 7. This second-generation tablet packs a more powerful processor, razor sharp full-HD screen, impressive speakers with above average battery life. Let’s read about its features in detail.

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9 Superb Features from the new updated Google Maps

This past week, Google Maps is launched with updates for both Android and iOS devices. The new version came with Android platform getting updated first then came the big update for iPad. Before this update Google Maps was only for iPhone, but now its available for iPad as well. So, what’s new in this much hyped version, let’s see.

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