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20 Awesome Facebook Music Applications For Music Lovers and Musicians

20 Awesome Facebook Music Applications For Music Lovers and Musicians

Facebook has always been in news whether for an user-privacy reason or their announcement of making privacy settings easier. But still its popularity is increasing day-by-day. Mostly everyone likes Facebook for both professional and personal use. Even Facebook serves its users with a variety of applications for games, music, business, sports and many others. You… Continue Reading

How To Check and Fix Your Facebook Privacy Settings In Less Than A Minute

Since Facebook launched Open Graph API and brought instant personalization with web-release of “Like” button, everyone is talking about Facebook user’s privacy issues. Some of the Facebook users also decided to quit Facebook by joining Quit Facebook Day, which is an attempt by Matthew Milan and Joseph Dee in light of growing concerns around user privacy. Continue Reading

SEO Tips : 10 Tips to Search Engine Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page

Among other social media websites, Facebook is becoming popular these days with the online marketers. The competition is increasing day by day as Facebook fanpage is becoming second home page for online businesses. While Facebook’s viral features like News Feed, invitations, Events and Messages plays an important role in spreading the contents through Facebook, working on… Continue Reading