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How To Disable Facebook Places In 3 Simple Steps

Few days before, Facebook rolled out new feature called “Places” app, that enables you to send updates about where they are right now to your Facebook friends. The basic idea behind this new feature is that it grabs the location data from services like Foursquare, yelp and some other services that helps you to update your location and social activities in real time with your friends.

This services is currently available for iPhone / iPod Facebook app and also works on HTML 5 and Geo Location support desktop browser. For a person like me, this service is really a disaster. I really don’t want to share my whereabouts with anyone.

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How To Create Impressive Welcome Page For Your Facebook Fan Page Absolutely Free

As we all know that Facebook is presently no.1 social networking site with not less than million of users. It means there is a hell lot of possibility to generate traffic from Facebook.

That’s the reason Facebook offers Facebook fan page where you can create a fanpage for your website or blog to interact with your potential customers and generate lots of traffic by making lots of fans.

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20 Awesome Facebook Music Applications For Music Lovers and Musicians

Facebook has always been in news whether for an user-privacy reason or their announcement of making privacy settings easier. But still its popularity is increasing day-by-day. Mostly everyone likes Facebook for both professional and personal use.

Even Facebook serves its users with a variety of applications for games, music, business, sports and many others. You can find different applications associated to your profession or hobby.

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How To Check and Fix Your Facebook Privacy Settings In Less Than A Minute

Since Facebook launched Open Graph API and brought instant personalization with web-release of “Like” button, everyone is talking about Facebook user’s privacy issues. Some of the Facebook users also decided to quit Facebook by joining Quit Facebook Day, which is an attempt by Matthew Milan and Joseph Dee in light of growing concerns around user privacy.

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How To Manage Facebook Chat, gTalk and Twitter in Firefox Sidebar

We all love browsing Internet to stay in touch with latest news,events and at the same time we like to stay connected with our friends, colleagues and family members through various chat services and social sites. Even I do the same, but  sometimes it’s very annoying to open a new window or desktop client to use services like Facebook chat, Twitter or Google Talk.

But thanks to Firefox add-ons, it is possible to use all these 3 services in the Firefox sidebar without leaving  current page you were reading. And it’s very useful too as you don’t have to leave your current page to check you’re new IM’s or tweet.

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SEO Tips : 10 Tips to Search Engine Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page

Among other social media websites, Facebook is becoming popular these days with the online marketers. The competition is increasing day by day as Facebook fanpage is becoming second home page for online businesses.

While Facebook’s viral features like News Feed, invitations, Events and Messages plays an important role in spreading the contents through Facebook, working on SEO tactics effectively within your Facebook fanpage can help you get more and more Facebook Fans. Search Engine Optimization helps you to reach your Facebook fanpage to entire Facebook userbase. Continue Reading →


100+ Facebook Apps For Productivity And Tools For Achieving All Your Goals

Social networking is one of the best things internet can provide you. You can connect with friends and family, get to know what they are upto lately and lots more like photo sharing, link sharing, playing games and loads and loads of other stuff.

I know some of my friends who only come online for social networking sites. It has been a great boon to mankind and cyberspace. Facebook is one the most popular and it has the most number of active members. Its been ranked number 1 on Wikipedia. So I thought it would be helpful if I can post some really nice and helpful tools that Facebook can provide us and that too free of cost. There are number of Facebook Apps that are highly useful and can make your day to day task very easy.

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Facebook celebrated 6th birthday with new home page

Hello my friends, yesterday Facebook marked its sixth birthday in a style with hitting another milestone as members climbing to 400 million this week. The big thing is that the massive growth is showing no signs of slowing down. But what’s new for the users of Facebook.

The new home page began rolling out worldwide late Thursday and its not wrong to say that the biggest social networking website in the world has made drastic changes in its website.

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