How To Create Multiple FireFox Profiles


Firefox gives an option for making multiple profiles. Profiles are basically separate entities  having separate user information. They contain their own sets of bookmarks, settings and customizations. Profile manager allows you to create, delete, rename, and switch profiles.

How To Manage Facebook Chat, gTalk and Twitter in Firefox Sidebar


We all love browsing Internet to stay in touch with latest news,events and at the same time we like to stay connected with our friends, colleagues and family members through various chat services and social sites. Even I do the same, but  sometimes it’s very annoying to open a new window or desktop client to use […]

Microsoft Unveiled Platform Preview Of Internet Explorer 9 To Web Developers


Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled the  Windows Internet Explorer Platform Preview at to the public. I don’t say to public as this release is only to show their new browser Internet Explorer9 to the Web Developers who can provide feedback to the Microsoft IE9 team. Microsoft team says that they are committed to update IE9 platform to keep […]

New Google Chrome Beta learned To Translate Webpage Automatically with Enhanced Privacy Settings


Google has announced  latest beta version of its Chrome web browser two days before. The new version, Beta, brings two much talked about features. i.e., Automatic Webpage Translation of different languages into your preferred languages and new privacy settings which means now you can control how Chrome handles cookies, images, JavaScript, plugins, and pop-ups […]