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Ten Apps that Tourists Love – Best Travel Apps in 2015

Get the most out of your mobile devices while travelling.

If you are not travelling, it’s probably the best time to do it. The biggest season of travelling is upon us and be ready for long cues and heavy traffic on roads. One thing that you need to carry and which is a must is your smartphone, don’t leave it or forget it as apps inside can help you a lot while travelling.

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6 Great Apps for DIY Home Projects

Today we will sharing some of the best apps to conquer your home projects like a professional. In your life you will be having moments where you have to look in improving your home like for example tackling kitchen, a new coat of paint and much more. Here you will find some amazing apps the will inspire and offer great examples and instructions that can help you manage your projects.

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Perpetuall Gives a new way to Update & Manage your Phonebook Contacts

Presently your cell phone is the best way to stay connected with people because you do not have to search for contact details in different papers but you have all this in your phone. But not everyone who changes their contact details alerts you with the changes, so at that particular time it becomes difficult for you to get in touch with them. So, now you have an application named Perpetuall that will help you in keeping your phonebook updated when your contact change their contact details. You do not have to worry now about any changes when you are calling a person after a year’s time. This work will be already done by Perpetuall.

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Best Apps for Students

When times are stressful and you need help with your new class in school and university, its hard to expect things around you. All this can be made easy with mobile devices today and you have tons of information and services that could make you feel at home and tucked in.

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Top Downloads of the Week

Every now and then we try to bring something more for our downloader friends and visitors, we have some mobile apps for your phone and tablets on both Android and iOS platforms, even some of these are for Windows and Mac, so plenty of options for all.

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Top 25 Mobile Apps (Based on Active Usage)

In a publication from comScore, who are a global leaders in measuring the digital world has come up with the list of most popular mobile apps based on usage.

In the App report, we also have many answers to the questions like how quickly the mobile app usage has grown? How frequently people use apps on their devices? How much time users spend on these apps and more.

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