Top 7 Webmail Software

Webmail Software or Web-based email comprises of two important terms Webmail client and Webmail provider. Webmail client is responsible for sending and receiving email messages using POP3 and SMTP protocols through local or remote servers. Webmail providers such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, provide email access using webmail client, or desktop email client.

These webmail clients can operate under different web platforms(PHP, ASP.NET, Java). Here below is the list of 7 webmail clients.

top webmail software

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1. Roundcube  is a browser based multilingual IMAP client. Its features are MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, message searching, spell checking, contacts searching, threaded message listing, IDNA, shared folders, etc.

2. Zimbra is a browser based AJAX client which gives you message conversation view and visual search builder.

3. Atmail offers a webmail client, email server platform and mailserver appliance for Linux, Unix and Windows.

4. SquirrelMail is an Open Source software written in PHP4 which provides both a web-based email application and an IMAP proxy server.

5. Hastymail is a full featured, fast, secure, compliant IMAP or SMTP webmail client written in PHP. Its features include compatible with PDAs, phones, text browsers, Multilevel theme system, Support for Postgresql and MySql, Flexible plugins, tunable smart cache and many more.

6. Xuheki Webmail is a fast open source Browser based Ajaxed IMAP client which aims to be your preferred email client.

7. AfterLogic is  fast and easy-to-use webmail script for POP3/IMAP mail server or cPanel.It offers mail server, ajax webmail with calendar, mail components, personal user settings, rich text editor, spell checker, mail filters and search, development and installation services.

Besides, these 7 webmail software or clients there are many others options for you. I have posted those which I like, you may have your own choice.


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  • I used Desktop based Mail Software (Thunderbird) in the past before I changed my eMail provider to Gmail. Then I startet to use only the online client. The advantage is I have access to all my emails everywhere I have internet access and dont have to bother with Backups when I reinstall my PC.

    • Daniel

      Came here just to say that. GMAIL FTW.

      • satish

        Yes, Gmail have that unique ability. You can configure n number of email accounts there and access on one single screen.

  • Like many people I used Outlook as a mail client. I then spent time taking backups and whenever I rebuilt my PC I had to re-enter all my account details for multiple accounts.

    When I got my Android smartphone I took the plunge and started to use the GMail browser client and have never looked back!

  • JDL lyons

    I prefer to use gMail’s online client. It just seems better.

  • Jim Minner
  • Trish

    Some time ago I use SquirrelMail, but not anymore and I prefer gmail

  • Fancy

    Now AfterLogic Webmail Lite PHP can be used not only for Cpanel, but for Plesk and DirectAdmin as well.

  • Rusty

    ROFL the only one who understood what they had been reading was Fancy…
    the rest is totally missing the point, this is about software, not about mail providers… lol

  • George

    Rusty… from 10 comments made only 3 are relevant. Thats why 70% of the world are consumers and 30% providers. Don’t educate them, they’ll create competition 😀

  • tom

    You can take a smarter than thou attitude, or re-read their posts as “you’re solving an obsolete problem”. which raises the question “who is laughing at who?”.

    • JP

      Fancy, Rusty and Tom are laughing at the previous commenters, and you. Gmail might work for most people, but not everyone is able or willing to use Gmail. Sure the problem has been solved if you’re a consumer (the 70%), but what should a small business do that isn’t willing or able to trust a foreign company with their private communications? They have to run their own mail server and use webmail software. It’s not an obsolete problem, but your own “smarter than thou” attitude blinds you to use-cases other than your own.

    • Erik

      Tom, gmail sucks!

      I’ve compared gmail to a number of other mail clients and gmail really sucks. Hotmail sucks as well. Neither of them supports the about 10 year old idn standard. Yes, its true, gmail does not support a 10 year old standard for domain names. There are no words to describe how bad this is but in essence gmail does not allow you to send emails to certain domains unless you use the strange punycode names. Read up on idn, please.
      gmail does not support html mail as it should.
      gmail does not support threading as it should. It sets the relevant headers (In-Reply-To and References) but breaks threads when changing subject. BAD!

      On the other hand roundcube supports all of this.

      There is certainly a need for nice email clients. Sadly, the uninformed believes gmail is one of them.

      • Jack

        Dear Erik

        As You probably know, e-mail server software (exchange, postfix, sendmail, exim, etc) works (or is supposed to work) as rfc2822 states. Meaning: e-mail address as such, should contain only US ASCII characters, therefore it is impossible to use IDN domain names (which use UTF-8 encoding) with e-mail address.
        Limitation comes from standard, not ESP (Gmail, etc), server software (postfix, dovecot, etc) or some scripted front-end to e-mail service (Roundcube, IMP, etc), which You are strangely comparing to each other. (I’m confused about this, how do you compare a cow to a jet airplane?!?!).
        All software can be rewritten, you just have to have a standard to comply, since software needs to communicate with other software. Until standard is missing, there is nothing to write.
        Anyway, i do agree with Your negative attitude to Gmail and also i agree with Your positive attitude to Roundcube.
        For that 70%, gmail is fine, i can see that, but not for me, picky as i am.
        As for roundcube, IMHO it is at the moment, one of best webmail clients (can’t wait for roundcube with PGP).

  • You missed Hivemail.

  • Manoj Gupta

    can you please mention other webmail client..

  • Freemail Nobbi is also a good webbased client

  • Sandeep Sandy

    SquirrelMail – is awesome i’m using it for many years

  • Ammu

    I use gmail only, It’s better to any other mails.. 🙂

  • Bubak

    GMail??? Never, never, never…

  • raymond paulsen

    Gmail is not a webmail client it is a fixed ready solution for the 70% consumers nothing more.

    This article describe webmail clients for developers/administrators to implement in their own mail system like postfix/dovecote

    Please stop nagging about gmail it will just make you look very stupid as its not comparable to this nor is it an alternative at all.

  • Walt

    With the exception of Roundcube and Squirrelmail because they’re shoved up cpanel’s a$$ and have been around forever, all of these other no name webmail softwares will be obsolete with no support in a year.

  • OlPreneur

    What about GetResponse and MailChimp, are they not the top of webmail software?

  • Please: if you do not understand the difference between software and and email services, then please please please do not clog up the data waves with your ideas about Gmail. It is not a software package and you cannot install it on a server. You should not be participating in this discussion because you do not understand what software is.

    I’ve been using Roundcube and Squirrelmail and while both work great, they do not provide responsive page layouts. They do not work well on iPhones or other small handheld devices. Does anyone have a favorite webmail server software that does work well on an iPhone?

  • J Mani

    Responsive WebMail client :Alternative in the market

    Developed in HTML Page and ASP.Net works with All major Existing servers

    Have a look into – Available for Open Action with Secure