Top 10 Best And Free E-Book Reader Apps For Your iPhone

iPhone, the best smart phone ever with crystal clear screen which is always in the news for its awesome apps. You can do almost anything on your iPhone device if you download the right application from the apple iTunes store.

Due to its large screen and touch-screen interface, its capable of reading e-books also. Sometimes, I would prefer to read e-books when I am travelling because this is the best way to pass good time with gaining some knowledge also.

That’s the reason, I did a little research and I was amazed to see the results that there are some iPhone e-books reader apps which are just awesome. After using all these applications one by one on my iPhone, I have pulled the 10 best and free iPhone e-books reader apps . And if you are more into watching rather than reading, you must be interested in “Top 6 Free iPhone Apps to Watch TV Shows and Movies Online“.

And for now, have a look on SaveDelete’s compilation of Top 10 Free iPhone E-book Reader Apps that will surely offer you a fresh way to enjoy reading on your iPhone.

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1. B&N eReader

2. iPDF

3. Kindle for iPhone

4. Read Lite

5. Stanza

6. BookShelfLT

7. Wattpad 100,000+ Books

8. Wirdy

9. eBooks by Kobo

10. QuickReader Lite

If you know other free e-book reader apps which you feel suits best in this list, do let us share in the comments section below.


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  • hisam

    i prefer the ipdf one it is fast and reliable

  • Ederic

    I use’s eReader app. Been using its Palm OS version for years. 🙂

  • Hi Yogesh. I like the Barnes & Noble eReader the best. They did really well with it, and had to be able to compete with amazon.

  • Gadget Guy

    Very cool aps for reading e-books. Jus t what I was looking for

  • iPhone 3GS

    great choice … but reading is just as beautiful on paper books 😉

  • Hieu Martin

    Kindle is the best of ebook reader. I think so

  • Dan

    Reading on iPhone is not the same as reading on an e-reader due to the smaller display, but it can save you money. An e-reader is pretty expensive these days.

  • Nice App for E-book readers, you dont need to carry your laptop with you most of the time, in as much as your iPhone can do the same thing for you.

  • yohan

    cool, really cool tools 🙂

  • Joy

    I like reading e-books on my iPhone when traveling. These apps are really useful for me. Thanks.

  • Moon

    Great collections! thanks!
    Try, this another great website I just found

  • Many thanks for these iPhone e-book reader apps! It’s good to have options

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  • David Palmer

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  • Adam W. Prillis

    B&N eReader looks like a cool application to me, any other ideas? I think I would rather use iPad than iPhone.

    Regards, Adam

  • Thanks, Undoubtedly, e-book has been one of the much-talked-about topics in consumer electrics. Strictly speaking, only the readers withe-paper can be called e-book reader

  • m4vtomov

    I like reading e-books epecially noval on my iPhone when traveling. These apps are really useful for me. But is there any ebook editor or maker for my personal change or diy? name for me?