How To Enable iOS 4.3 iTunes Home Sharing Feature On iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

On March 02 in Apple event, there was two major announcement made by the company – first one was launch of most anticipated next generation iPad 2 and iOS 4.3 to make iOS devices more powerful than ever. It seems the most advanced mobile operating system just got better with new features that makes you to do even more with your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

iOS 4.3 is backed up with some powerful features such as Airplay enhancements, speedy surfing in Safari browsers, iTunes Home Sharing, personal hotspot for iPhone 4 and much more. The most talked about feature of the town in iOS 4.3 is iTunes Home Sharing that allows you to play your iTunes library from your Mac or PC on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch over a shared Wi-Fi.

iTunes Home Sharing is not only limited to music – you can watch a TV or movie show, play a podcast, listen to an audiobook, play with your photos on whichever iOS device you want without having to download any app or syncing with any cables.

If you want to enjoy the latest feature, I am sharing a complete tutorial on How to enable iTunes Home Sharing feature in iOS 4.3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

How to Set up iTunes Home Sharing feature in iOS 4.3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Let’s set up your iTunes first

1. Download latest iTunes 10.2 or update it to the latest version if you already have.

2. After installing the latest iTunes 10.2 software, go to iTunes preferences and click on “Sharing” option. Check that you enabled “Share my library on my local network” option by ticking on checkbox next to it. You can also choose to share your iTunes library or any particular one you want by clicking “Share entine library” or by choosing your favorite ones by clicking on “Share selected playlists”.

3. In previous option, you have enabled your iTunes library settings and what you have to share on your iOS devices. Now, let’s enable iTunes Home Sharing feature by clicking on “Advanced” menu option in iTunes. Click on “Turn on Home Sharing” option in “Advanced” menu option. It will prompt you to enter your Apple ID and password, just make sure you are entering the same ID that you are using in iOS devices.

Let’s setup your iOS devices running iTunes 4.3

You have just setup Home Sharing on your computer, now its time to set up your iOS device to sync with your iTunes account. Though iOS devices are different, but follow the same procedure for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

1. Go to “Settings” on your iOS device and select “iPod settings”. Now, enter the same Apple ID and password that you have entered in your iTunes preferences to enable Home Sharing feature.

2. That’s it, you are done. You have just enabled iTunes Home Sharing feature on your iOS devices running latest iOS 4.3. Now, open your photos app, iPod app or the the videos to see all the shared stuff from your iTunes.

Enjoy all your music, TV shows, videos and photos on your iOS device without downloading any software or data.


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  • I was really looking for the how to on this topic as i was unable to use home sharing feature on my Mac.Thanks.

  • Nicolai Busekist Ohlsen

    Thank you very much. I have been looking for an article like this!

  • Sharat

    Thanks for this article Yogesh. I was in search about how to enable iOS 4.3 itunes home sharing feature on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

  • harisdean

    thanks, but it seems my ip4 doesnt see the sharing from itunes even i successfully went through the above steps both itunes and ip4.

    any other clue?

    thanks guys.

    • XSevenSonata

      I’m unable to post “duplicate” comments. So, See my previous answer.

    • bart

      not sure which on you have but the iphone 4 for verizon will not have the ability to share the library until the next update, trust me i stayed on the phone with tech support over an hour only to find out that it is for att version of the iphone

  • anonymous

    So now to share personal home videos in LAN/WiFI we have to have access to Internet so Apple validates AppleID? What’s more there does not seem to be the case of using App Store (vs. iTunes Store) to create Apple ID WITHOUT credit card.

    Interesting idea. Very soon we will be going to our own bathroom at home that uses electronic lock with keypad and in order to use it you have to link bathroom user id it to your bank account while having your doors access to Internet.

    Interesting approach from Apple. How about having for example Apple TV connected to iTunes shared music to a computer with password setup for this particular Apple TV being client of server/service? Does it sound simple and familiar?


  • Sean McMullen

    Many thanks – all sorted now!

  • CarlS

    I’m confused.
    I have an iPod Touch, 4th gen, running iOS v.4.3.
    The Touch doesn’t have an “iPod” app (since it’s ALL an iPod)… we have the “Music” app.

    But the Music app I have doesn’t provide an interface anything like the iPad screenshot shown above.

    There doesn’t appear to be any way to select a different “library” in my Touch version. I must be missing a setting somewhere. Anybody have any ideas?

    • XSevenSonata

      Music App>>More>>Shared. Then select the Shared Library of choice.

    • WayneM

      In the music app on the ipod, touch “more” at the bottom all the way on the right, then pick “Shared” at the bottom of the list, it should show a list of available sharable music libraries on your wifi network.

      • Lana Tolman

        When i hit my “more” button nothing happens.

        • Nate

          Dude. Settings – Music – enter apple idea under Home Sharing.

  • Zeev

    Can photos truly be shared over this?

    I managed to get sharing to work with the iPod app, and I see all the songs & movies in the iTunes library – but the Photos app shows no sign of the shared photos. Am I missing anything? I can’t find any reference on Apple’s site that photo streaming works with anything but Apple TV..?


    • XSevenSonata

      Home Sharing with iPhone, iPad, iTV, And iPod Touch only supports Music, Video, TV, Audiobooks, And Podcasts. Windows a Mac supports the previous as well as Apps, Games, And “more”. Even if you check in your iTunes>>Preferences…>>Sharing, Pictures is not listed.

      • Zeev

        Yep it seems that way. I was asking since the article explicitly mentioned being able to play with photos using this method, and that the Photos app should be sharing-aware…

        Guess it’s wrong :I

        • There is a “Choose Photos to Share…” option in the “Advanced” menu on the windows version of iTunes. From there select what folder to share.

          I have yet to figure out how to make the iOS devices recognize that images are being shared, but iTunes apparently supports this feature.

          • XSevenSonata

            Choose Photo’s to Share option is only for Apple TV Second Generation. It uses AirPlay although it has Home Sharing title. Photos are “pushed” from iPhoto with AirPlay through Home Sharing to the Apple TV Second Generation.

  • Doug Keller

    There is no “Turn on Home Sharing” in the Advanced pane of iTunes (I’m using 10.2.1) Preferences, at least not on my Mac…?

    • XSevenSonata

      At the top. Not Preferences..>>Advanced, Advanced at the top between the Store and Help options. You tried that?

      • Doug Keller

        Yes, It was already setup from before. I’ve turned it off and back on from that Menu item a couple of times and both my iPad and iPhone 3GS have been updated to 4.3 but neither of them can see the shared items from my MacBook Air’s iTunes libraries.

        Any other ideas?

        • XSevenSonata

          Have you enabled the sharing files in Preferences>>Sharing? And have you turned on Home Sharing from your iPad and iPhone in Settings>>iPod?

          • Doug Keller

            Check, File Sharing (afp) is turned on in my Mac’s Sharing in System Preferences…and I entered my Apple ID and password (the same I used in iTunes on my Mac) in the Home Sharing fields of the iPod settings on both my iPhone and iPad.

  • XSevenSonata

    Yeah but file sharing is on in iTunes Preferences right? Not just your Mac’s Preferences. Well, You did try my previous answer about opening the iPod App and going to More>>Shared to select the library?

    • Doug Keller

      Yes, I’m sharing my entire iTunes library from iTunes Sharing Preferences – without a password.

      I can’t try “More” on my iPhone at the moment because I am trying another sync on that device, and I don’t see a “More” on the iPod app on the iPad. And on my iPad, it just says “Library” at the top of the left sidebar and nothing happens if I try to click on “Library” to choose between my iPad and Mac libraries. I’ll try the iPhone again when it’s done syncing…

      • XSevenSonata

        Okay. I don’t have much experience with iPad so I’m not sure where the option is, Maybe It’s differently named. I guess try that option for your iPhone when It’s finished synchronizing.

        • Doug Keller

          Apparently it was something with the wireless network at work because when I got home to my own wireless network it works just fine.

          Thanks for all the help and the great tutorial otherwise!

  • fender

    Running an iPhone 4, newest software (4.3)
    And itunes on a mac, newest version as well.

    I have home sharing enabled on both, but when I go to the ipod app, “shared” isnt an option. Even when I click more, or edit in the more menu. “shared” simply isnt there. am i missing something?

    • XSevenSonata

      You have iTunes open and your Mac is on the same Network?

      • fender


        • XSevenSonata

          You ticked the box in Preferences to allow file sharing?

          • fender


  • Shane

    It works for me, but I would like to access my girlfriend’s library on the same network. We both have sharing turned on. We both have no passwords. I see my library on my phone. I see her library on her phone. We have two separate computers. Our libraries are separate, but would like to access each other’s music and movies. We can access it on each other’s macs, just not on the iphone’s. We both have iphones and are running the newest OS.

    Any suggestions?

    • XSevenSonata

      Do you two have different Apple Accounts?

    • Pronk

      First, share your libraries between your computers so that you can each see each other’s libraries as a share in iTunes. Then, as long as both computers are on and both iTunes are open, you should be able to see each other’s libraries via your respective logins (you’re basically daisy-chaining accounts – your girlfriend’s account is being shared to your account, which is then shared to your iPhone and vice versa for yours to hers).

  • Shane

    Yes. I have one and she has one. I was hoping since we are on the same network I could access her’s as well.

    • XSevenSonata

      Try entering her Apple ID instead. You can access multiple Libraries that are on the same account, Otherwise, A different Apple Account may have to be used. Just go to your Music or iPod App settings in the Settings App and change the account.

  • Shane

    Easy enough. Works perfect. I was hoping for both libraries to show up, but this will work. Thanks.

  • Mike Berson

    Thanks for this!

  • alegarvaz

    Is this compatible with 3GS iPhone? My ipad can play my Pc library, but I can’t get it to work on my 3GS.

    • XSevenSonata


  • neils

    Yes I have it working with my 3GS with both my mac libraries, not tried it with a pc but there shouldn’t be any problems.

    Make sure you have entered your apple ID correctly in the Settings / iPod / Home Sharing.

    • alegarvaz

      Yes, already tried.
      There must be something going wrong with my iPhone, I just discovered that the remote app, dosn’t connect to my library neither.

      Thanks anyway.

  • RC-DC

    Make sure you don’t skip step 3. That’s what prevented mine from working properly. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  • Gary

    Thanks for the help, it was starting to tick me off. Apple advertised it but didn’t bother to fill you in on how to make it work, in fact they wanted money to help me out.


  • tho1091

    Missing step for accessing Home Share form ios device if you have other devices sharing iTunes …. like apple TV

    Go back to the iPod app on your iOS device and click on the “More” tab. There you will see a new heading titled “Shared” which lets you choose between your iOS library or any Shared Libraries you have enabled on your WiFi network

    • Andrew Pouliot

      This totally worked for me.

      Make sure to check the Shared tab!

  • Jennifer

    I had this with the remote app. I was hoping with the new update I could turn my Mac OFF and use this feature. Bummer 🙁

  • Josh

    There is no “Shared” option showing up in “more” under the Music app. I have the ipod 4g and there is also no ipod application either. So even when I open the Music app it doesn’t show a shared option under more. I have it turned on under my settings and I entered my apple id and it’s stored and also matches my itunes apple id. But still is there no place on my ipod 4 with a “shared” area.

  • Jimmy

    THANK YOU! I had such a hard time finding out how to do this. Once you explained it I felt dumb for not thinking of it. Thanks!

  • allan

    im having the same problem as josh. followed all the steps but ‘shared’ doesnt come up in the more tab of music… any suggestions?

  • jeff

    I follow all of the instructions using an iPad2. When I go back to the ipod app, under Library it shows only Music, Podcasts, Audiobooks. Nowhere on the screen does “more” appear. I’ve tapped “library” but nothing drops down or opens. WTH must I be doing wrong.

  • jeff

    my ipod tabs are Songs, Artists, Albums,Genres, Composers….that’s it.

    • support

      I was having the same diffuculty as yourself… Followed all the steps and there wasn’t any “Shared” setting under the “more” tab… was about to give up then decided to reboot the device and just like magic it’s now there! Hope this helps you…

  • QueenChi

    I have gotten the home sharing to work on my 3GS. However, I am only able to view my playlists. I can not access my podcasts, or entire music library, etc (anything at the top of my library bar really). Is there something I can do. I have gone into the preferences and checked share all.

  • talojo

    As with the person above I have an iPod touch.. all the steps carried out and I have no shared option on my iPod to select. (yes I looked under more)
    I have Apple TV connected already, does this affect it?

  • Marc

    Thanks for the Tut! Works perfectly!

  • ajay s bisht

    great tutorial..thnx for sharing..

  • mario

    I have ipad 2 and iphone 4 using same pc and share same apps. How to disable sharing apps?

  • Nick

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  • Jimbomedia

    Apple IOS Homeshare problem solved at last!
    Ok guys here is the answer you have been waiting for and everybody else missed the question and the answer….
    Turn off your home group setting on your computer.
    Seems that windows home group and apple’s home share done like to play together….
    Once you turn home group off on your pc, apple’s home share function will work just fine on your iOS device.
    Whew! I am glad that is over!