Play Windows games on a Linux PC

The gaming service StreamMyGame does exactly what its name suggests and lets you stream games stored on one computer to another.

Cleverly, it will also let you play a Windows- only game on a Linux system. You just need to install the Server software on the Windows PC, and the Linux Player on the other one.

The free version of StreamMyGame (with adverts) limits you to playing at a maximum resolution of 640×480 pixels, but you can upgrade to a premium account for $9.99 (about £6.17) per year.

So, go ahead install linux, a virus free operating system and play your favorite games which were not there before.


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  • Thank-you for passing these priceless suggestions. I actually have liked this excellent site completely: most definitely this post. It actually was pretty ingenious. thanks again.

  • Ankit

    Nice share. 🙂

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    This post got me very interested. Although I have my doubts about the usability, especially when playing multi player games in the network.

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    Nice tips for game player,

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    Nice tips for game player,

  • Joe Clark

    I am soon going to switch to Ubuntu from windows 7, is this software compatible with Ubuntu too?

  • Alex

    Hello Jaspal, this is a great suggestion to game players. Thanks for sharing this info…

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    Thanks for the nice tip Jaspal Sir.
    I don’t have Linux but I’m going to try this method on my college pc.

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    Great tips to easy gaming using two systems. 🙂
    It was crisp and a lot of information.:)
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    Nice now that we know we can play the windows games on linux now will have something to do in free times at office.

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  • StevenO

    Wow, never heard about game-streaming. I will test the free version, but for 10$ a year chances are good I’ll upgrade as soon as possible if I like what I’m seeing.

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    hi Jaspal, It’s really amazing for the gamers like me…
    Will the speed vary in game streaming:-)

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    ITS Awesome!! Thanks for provide the good informations

  • Joyce Ohagan

    Below is a small sampling of the games that run under CrossOver. CrossOver allows you to install many popular Windows games on your Mac or Linux PC. Your games integrate seamlessly on your machine; just click and run. No rebooting, no switching to a virtual machine, and no Windows Operating System license required.

  • Denis

    I’m a real fan of linux, and one of the reasons me and other people are not moving to Linux completely is because there are a lot of games and
    software which runs primarily on windows. If there will be some engine like Stream my game that can emulate windows games on linux,
    Microsoft is in a big trouble!

  • FNF

    Is this service is free or require any membership fees ? Kindly confirm.

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    Tips are helpful for me now i can easily play games on linux pc ..

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    Nice article.I would definitely try that.

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    Hello thank you very much for the input, I love knowing that I can play mus favorite games on Linux without worrying about viruses

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    Nice Tip.In linux with the help of Wine we can install .exe files.we can play games on linux directly.

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    Good for players like me. Nice Tip Jaspal. Looking forward with another article/ tip for gamers.

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    This is very interesting and informative post. With the help of this information we easily play games on linux.