5 Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android

15 years ago mobile devices like cell phones started getting digital cameras in their hardware; it was an enormous leap for such devices and user experience. In those times, people only used cell phones for making phone calls and sending the text. However, now the time has changed such that everybody carries a digital camera in his or her pockets, all this because of new mobile devices you have everything on touch of a screen.

Any smartphone camera is of no use without a good app. The typical camera app build in the Android OS can take snaps, but have limited editing capabilities like adding filters and effects. If you visit Google Play Store, you will find hundreds and thousands of apps available for photo editing but it’s never easy to select the best one. To sort out this issue we have this following list of best free photo editing apps for Android devices.

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So, let’s start with the best photo editing app that is free.


Screenshot of Instagram app on android

Certainly the most popular application and most popular photo-sharing network to date. You can capture anything from sunsets, delicious foods, landscapes, animals or any life picturesque. It has the features that can’t be ignored, like the filters that make gives you complete control of editing photos. After you apply changes and filters to your photo, you can quickly upload it to multiple social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr where you can gain instant Internet karma. From celebrity accounts to your cheesy friends Instagram has follow, unfollow feature so you can keep updates on your following list.

Other best photo editing apps are:

Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

Screenshot of Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

Almost every free app on Google Play Store has massive ads, this app by Autodesk named Pixlr photo editor has a clear interface and a no such annoyances. It has a great editing experience, and it does specifically what it is asked. It has hundreds of tool, effects, collage options that gives plenty of freedom. You can also create presets in the form of a favorite button that can be saved for later use. One should use this editor for its powerful editing and reliability.

Cupslice Photo Editor

Screenshot of Cupslice Photo Editor

This photo editing app is a good start for any beginner. It has all the available tools, effects, and photo configuration to make your ordinary photos into a stunning and elegant image. With that, it also has options of posting those edited images on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and chat apps like Line and Whatsapp. Its a very useful app with a pretty easy to use interface.

Photo Editor by Aviary

Screenshot of Photo Editor by Aviary

It is a boon for photographers as it has a quick and easy way to edit photos and perform small or big editings. It has controls that require one single touch with easy to apply stickers and many other useful effects like applying filters. This app will make you a photo editing professional without going to a studio. However, Aviary also has a paid version that give you few more options and photo effects. Still a free version is worth a shot and can do almost any editing job you want.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Screenshot of Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe has two profound apps for editing photos on Android; one is Adobe Lightroom, and the other is Adobe Photoshop Express. Lightroom app is free, but it requires users to have the desktop version of Lightroom 5 and Adobe Creative Cloud account. While the Photoshop Express app is subscription free and has some great editing features like – One-touch filters, Blemish Removal and some rendering engine that’s fairly new. Photoshop Express has in-app purchases where it provides additional image filters, advanced photo editing features and ability to save photos in permanent albums. This app will always help you when your budget goes down for professional photo editing software.


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    Thanks for the suggestions. The PhotoShop app is saying “No images found on your phone. Take some pictures with your camera phone and they will show up here”. Any idea why my gallery is not showing up in the app?


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    FX Camera’s effects are pretty good, but check out Camera 360, many more interesting effects, such as Line Drawing (makes your picture look like you sketched it!) They have a free version, with a decent amount of effects, then there’s a $4 version with a few more. My favorite it “Ghost”. It imposes a translucent “ghost” image into the photo to freak out your friends!

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    Wow, thanks! Just want to add my favorite as well: Photo Editor Ultimate Free, it has quite a lot of effects and distortions. They also have a paid version which gives you access to clipart and fonts etc.

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    Will any of these apps remove red eye?

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    Or are there any other apps that anyone knows of that will?

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    Would I have to pay an extra fee to download and use the above software? I have a 4S galaxy T-mobile smart phone, and they tend to charge for dowloading little things.

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    I tried Photfunia before and I really had great time taking photos and then editing it at Photofunia. I would also love to try the other editing tool.Thanks for sharing.

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    osum list but i think you missed Instafusion app….just try once…it has a very easy and beautiful interface….

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    i love to use instaglass app to edit my photos…it works wonderfully…try it..

  • Awesome apps, thanks for letting me know about these others as well!