Free iPhone apps as Social Networking Tools for Professionals

In order to allow the business person to build new business relationships and generate business opportunities at the same time, Social Networking is needed.Professional Networking  is a type of social networking that is focused solely on interactions and relationships of a business Nature. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know – Find them here.

If you need an outlet for your creative project to upload and share portfolios and galleries as well as view others all in one impressive place or searching for tool that makes easier to find other people and network with them, then the following top 5 iPhone apps for finding new people, conferencing that allows you to attend meetings, invite others via emails or sms, gonna help you a lot.

Sparks – Discover New People

Sparks is the ideal app for finding new people when you’re at a large professional gathering. The app allows you to connect and chat with others that are close by, as well as follow anyone you think looks interesting. The cool interface that allows you to drag and drop profiles around is also a plus.

Easy to be used to your advantage, work-wise.


The leading name in professional networks, the LinkedIn app was given a massive overhaul recently. It now means that as well as being able to add and converse with your various connections, you can also view messages and invitations to connect with other users. There is also the Updates section to track the latest business news. This is your professional hub.

Now has the interface to match its functionality.

Todo Pro

Apple’s own Reminders app is a decent enough tool for creating basic to-to lists and alerting you to specified chores, so why do you need another task management app? Because Todo Pro really throws the kitchen sink at all functions anyone would ever require from such an app, and yet still somehow manages to end up as a free  release. You can construct task lists with the vaguest or the most intricate of details, categorise your tasks instantly  apply geo-fencing to get reminders based on location, and much more. So good it should be your default taskmaster.

A bulging set of features and incredible attention to detail.


A great app for meeting new contracts when you’re out of the office, CanWeNetwork allows you to sign up for events and then connect with fellow attendees recommended by the app. The app can be synced with your LinkedIn account, so you can use your existing contacts and business network in order to find new ones that suit you.

A very clever way of making new connections, using LinkedIn to streamline the process.


A cool new mobile network that revolves around your Facebook account to suggest new connections that you may want to make. As well as notifying you when contacts are close by – ideal for arranging that quick business lunch, Highlight will also give you a nudge when someone deemed interesting to you appears in your area.

A cool new idea that will need its community to keep growing if it is to take off completely.

Recommended Business Tools

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    I agree with you about Spark, it´s really recommendable. I´ll alo investigate canwenetwork, seems to be really interesting…thanks for the info!

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    Thanks for sharing information about free iPhone apps. I am in search of real spying app/software for iphone and andriod. Do you ever heard of this kind of apps.

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  • Great work and thanks for such recommended apps….actually the apps like these will really make use of smartphones.

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    Great list of social related apps. Having my own social app, Myngler, I see the need for improvement on current social interaction platforms. Out of the ones listed, the one that I feel is the best in function and look has to be Spark.