11 Best Photo Collage Makers for Easy Picture Editing

11 Best Photo Collage Makers for Easy Picture Editing

Want to make a photo collage, there we offer you free photo collage editors to experiment your pictures to combine them and give them altogether a different look. You do not need to try a sophisticated photo editor.

Gather all your pictures at one place and give some interesting effects to them.  Providing you a guide for the best around free photo collage editors that support your different devices.

1. Funny Photo Maker


Funny Photo Maker is a free picture editor for the fun loving people which allows to create calendars and backgrounds of photos. You can put your face on any celebrity’s body and even on currency note. The collage making is quite fast and simple, you need to just make simple layouts of your photos in a row with alterable layout of columns and also in 3D

2. Picture Collage Maker


Picture Collage Maker is a easy to use collage maker.You can make wonderful collages according to your imaginations. Supports Windows and Mac OS X. Developed by PearlMountain.

3. Photovisi


It is a free and ready to use photo collage maker with lots of free attractive templates in different categories  such as fun, love and weddings. It allows you easily to alter the image’s background image/color or text. you can change the ordering of photos and picture size. Share a photo with your friends.

4. Photo Collage Max


By using Photo Collage Max you can make a card, a calendar or a photo wall. There are many artistic samples and layouts to fill up with your images. And, you can change the entre photo by changing the settings of the background. adding clipart or  shuffling the images. Wide range of effects and features are available to make unforgettable Collage.

5. Capcam


Capcam gives you simple steps to make the best way to tell your life stories with collages and captions.This is a cool iPhone app which converts your treasured single images into life story telling story-board.

6. Loupe

1 Loupe creates interesting and fascinating shape collage. You cannot upload a photo from your device, so just drag and drop the anywhere like social media or google drive as well. To start-up, just select the desired shape from the huge collection of different shapes and save it.You can download or share instantly.

7. Collageit


Collageit offers you the choice of 15 templates. Start with adding your photo, and then just set the layout, margins and frames. You can arrange the picture in different angles by simply giving them rotation and can set more number of images in one collage. The free version of Collageit is simple to use, but story is not the same with the paid one.

8. PhotoCollage


PhotoCollage is a web-based collage maker is not so simple to use. It works on number of platforms including Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS platforms including touchscreens. You can create freeform collages by choosing from number of collage templates.

9. Picture2Life


Picture2Life allows you to upload your pics from your computer through pick and drop function. You can also use your favorite photos from the photo sharing service. It helps you to create, edit, animate and share your photos online. You can add template, elements, and texts to your collage to make it more attractive and informative.

10. Fotor


Fotor is a web-based photo editor which has a specific online collage maker. Fotor offers four types of photo collage : 1. photo stitching, 2.  photo montage, 3.  template collage, 4. funky collage. You need to perform five steps, starting from opening the Fotor to the end step of sharing the creation. You can use Fotor’s image-editing tools as well for perfection.

11. Canva

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 9.43.56 am

Create stunning photo collages in Canva with our amazingly simple drag-and-drop design tool. With over 100 templates to choose from, you’ll never be stuck for inspiration!

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  1. I have just completed my college and was searching for a collage make to save my college memories. Suddenly found this amazing article. Thanks :)

  2. Great List. I have used Picture Collage Maker. I will now use the other apps you have listed to check their features. Thanks for sharing this great list.

  3. Most of the photo collage maker are too slow when there are lots of photos to upload and adjust. So using the technology like HTML5 canvas and webcam (no flash required), making of huge photo collage is super fast. Check this website – picmagy.com

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