100 Best iPhone Apps

The finest that the App Store has to offer .. The best thing about buying an iPhone is the moment you realize quite how many apps there are to choose from. The worst thing about buying an iPhone is the moment you realize quite how many apps there are to choose from. Where on earth are you going to begin ?

With the App Store expanding, Skynet- like, with mathematically improbable speed, it’s hard for one person to keep track of the thousands upon thousands of apps that pop up, day after day, clamoring for attention. And making things worse (or better, if we’re truthful), it’s been a bumper year for developer innovation.

Which is why the SaveDelete’s team have put their heads together and compiled this definitive list of the greatest, cleverest, most innovative and fun apps that have tackled our fancy this year. Dip in, and you’re sure to find the right one for you.

PHOTOGRAPHY : Top picks for the ‘apparazzi’


Instagram, possible the most popular social mobile photography app, enables yu to apply a variety of effects to your photos and then share team with friends. Editing photos is easy, the Filter panel opens up to reveal 12 options along the bottom of the screen . But it’s the social side of Instagram that has really set it apart.

You can share photos of Facebook, Flickr and Tumblr, as well as with Foursquare. An option that allows you to tag a photo with its location. Instagram’s 2.0 release this year added several improvements, including a bunch of new filters and (finally) the option to save photos at higher resolution. Also new are live effects. So you can select a filter, point the camera at the subject and preview how the final photo will look, instead of just applying effects afterwards.

Free : itun.es/iLV4tC


Photogram offers a novel way to send pictures from way to send pictures from yur ipHone. The app puts four photos together into a postcard that you can then send off via email. Facebook or Twitter . You can choose from 33 built- in themes to customize your postcard and either add your favorite images or take some using the camera. The interface offers step- by- step guidance, so it’s easy to use.

Free : itun.es/iLV4mK


500 px

500px is a similar photo pool to Flickr, but filters out the less appealing photos. It’s become the go-to place for talented photographs from across the world. The app is essentially an extension of the site.

You can browse the best submission in full-screen glory, share them with friends and add them to your favorites in a never –ending source of fantastic pictures.

Free : itun.es/iLP774



In a nutshell. Photosynth takes a collection of photos taken around the same location and like a traditional panoramic program, stitches them into a coherent scene.

But a Photosynth image can be 360 degrees and interactive : you can pivot around the scene from the point of view of the photographer, looking up and down and all around, and zoom in for a better view.

Free : itun.es/iLV4rw



Just what you need: a photography app that recreates the photostrips produced by 1950s Model II photo booths. Fire up the app and push the Start button , and it reels off a strip of four black and white shots.

You can add one of five filter effects such as sepia or antique and then when you’re finished you can share the result via email. Twitter or Facebook Retro!



Dermandar Panorama

For capturing the vastness of a wide open space. There’s nothing quite as effective as a panorama photo . While many apps offer panorama stitching , few make it as easy as Dermandar.

You just take your photos from within the app. And it stitches them together for you .Once you’re happy with the results you can save them to your photo library.



Comic Life

Comic Life allows you to assemble all your photos into comic-book form.

Once you’re imported the images you want to use from your Photo Library. You’re ready to begin.There’s a range of customizable templates t choose from: after you’ve dragged and dropped images into place. You can change the colours, add balloon captions and change the font.



Old Photo Pro

Here’s perfect example of a single function app that does its job well and it’s free, too . Take or load a photo , make some simple adjustments to brightness, contrast, tone and colour. Then start crumpling . The old paper texture and edges options make your picture look like it’s been folded up again and again for years. It’s a cool effects, and one we haven’t seen before.

Free : itun.es/iLV4rS


Photo Academy

Photography buffs keen to expand their skills will love this app. Which offers help when you need it and ideas to liven up numerous shooting situations . It covers a multitude of topics. Although some are placed in categories you might not expect. If you can’t find a subject. Look in the Travel section; that seems to contain a lot of the orphaned topics.



Simply B&W

This no-frills editing app allows you to create black and white photos. Before you start.we recommend you to go Settings and tell the app to leave your original images alone and preserve EXIF data. Once you’ve chosen a photo, you’re presented with three controls: one for a filter, one for a vignette, and another for brightness. Contrast and grain control. Final images are impressive.



VIDEO: Apps for capturing, enhancing or sharing the moving image


If you’ve got and iPhone that shoots video, it’s probably packed with short clips. Flixlab aims to let you create a basic movie from this footage.You point to the clips you want to clips you want to use, pick a visual theme and background music, and decide the film’s length . Then Flixlab uploads the clips to their servers, assembles them into a short film and streams it back to your phone.

Free : itun.es/iL73Mv


Video Time Machine

Rather than a YouTube-style dumping ground for videos. Video Time Machine offers more than 10,000 ‘hand-packed’ clips going back more than centuryand sorted according to categories such as news and sport, and by year of origin. You can browse the videos at your own pace, or click a button for a random year and category.




iMovie, Apple’s famous video-editing software. Is also available as an app. The experience of using your fingers gives you a better sense of assembling the movie. Tap a source clip to select it, and use the yellow selection handles to choose which portion to use. Finished movies can be exported directly to YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo, as well as the iPad’s Photos library.



Time Lapse Camera HD

Create HD time-lapse videos with your iPhone or iPad and share them. With Time Lapse Camera HD. You could film the stars for hours and then Time Lapse Camera HD will speed the footage up to make a short movie that shows the stars journey . You could also try the clouds moving or a busy road, for example Great fun and fantastic results.




Vipop is an app that aims to give your videos a more polished look. You should, however , note that clips are limited to 30 seconds. To improve your movie, the app will smooth over any camera shake and allow you to add a short intro clip, which can be customized to give it a personal touch . Once finished, you can upload your film to Facebook or YouTube.

Free : itun.es/iL73tP


Top Camera

Top Camera comes with more features than other all in one camera apps. Not only does it include different still shooting modes such as HDR. Burst and Slow Shutter, but users can also shoot video from within the app, organizes photos into different folders. And edit and add filters to files. It’s a perfect go to camera alternative for iPhone users




If you’ve ever wanted to control your own TV news channel. Newsy offers the closest approximation. Every story is introduced by a Newsy anchor and typically rounds up video clips from at least three sources. Users can drag clips down to a playlist and run stories consecutively. There’s even the option to drag clip into a library for later viewing or permanent residence.

Free : itun.es/iL73cB


Stop Motion Studio

Create stop-motion films with your iPhone. And use iMovie to add transition and sounds for a computer free experience. There’s an overlay mode so you can see where you need to position your models, and an integrated editor so you can delete or retake frames. There’s also built in AirPlay support, so you can watch your creation on your TV.




MultiCorder is a remarkably handy video-recording app that lets you adjust the film captured by your iOS device. So you can maintain a much finer level of control over how the storage capacity is used.
Options include the ability to determine a video’s size. Its frame rate and its resolution, as well as the compression level at which it will be shot.




ESPN Goals by David Court

I almost fainted when I heard about this app. Which enables football fans to watch video clips of all this season’s goals from every Barclays Premier League match completely free. Free!
As well as getting a video clip of every goal. You can also get live scores and stats.fixtures and results, weekend round-up clips and highlights from all 380 matches.The app seldom freezes; considering the number of people fighting to use it every weekend and tha data involved that’s an impressive feat.
The picture quality isn’t razor sharp, but the average football fan isn’t going to want to wait ages to see each clip .The only real downside is that you can’t see any of the goals from the 3pm Saturday kick-ops, because of licensing rules. Overall, this is a dream come true for sport fans.

Free: itun.es/iLh5Cv


MUSIC: Tuneful apps for the musically gifted (and beginners)


Apple’s much-loved and remarkable music app includes a variety of virtual instruments, to play them . you tap virtual keys or drums. There are plenty of recording options and you can edit your recordings by shifting tracks forwards or backwards by dragging them. And it’s new available for iPhone too, which is almost as fun as making tunes on the iPad.A truly great app.




If you want to express yourself musically. But haven’t get access to a conventional instrument, try MadPad. It’s a fun and effective way to make music out of more or less anything.Every object that can make a sound, from kitchen utensils to pets, appliances to music apps, can become part of your music, and once you’ve finished. You can create remixes with the results.




SampleWiz is a great little app that turns your iOS device into a sampler.There are three different sampling modes to choose from: classic, granular and modern.
Once you’re happy with your recording. You can play it back using the on-screen keyboard or via a wave-edit screen.To alter the pitch, speed up the sample or create a loop, simply slide a finger across the screen.




The fantastic app turns your iOS device into a palm-sized Kaossilator synthesizer. You can play and create sounds just by moving your finger around your device’s screen , compose tracks, control loops for DJ-style performances, and sync with other iPhone users to produce music together. The app also comes with 50 loops and 150 sounds.




Animoog is a professional quality polyphonic synthesizer for the iPad.
At the center of the app is what its creator calls the X/Y space, based on the Anisotropic Synth Engine: an interface that allows users to create sounds by moving though a grid. You can also manipulate sounds from Moog’s catalogue of vintage and modern synthesizers and pedals.



TuneIn Radio Pro

With TuneIn Radio Pro. You can listen to and record more than 40,000 radio stations, include thousands of AM/FM local stations. You can browse the app’s directory of stations, which cover everything from music and talk to sports and news from all over the world. TuneIn also allows you to pause and rewind live radio. And record for playback later.




GhostGuitar is a great way for air guitarists to make real music using their iOS device’s front-facing camera. This needs to be facing towards you so it can recognize your hands. But this only takes a few moments .There ‘s a choice of instruments and there’s even a variety of effects pedals. Once you’ve finished you can save your song and upload the video to YouTube.



AmpliTube Fender

Based on the famous Fender tone.AmpliTube features a choice of five amp models . such as the 65 Deluxe Reverb. You also have the choice of six Fender Stomppbox models to craft your tone. You can load songs. Backing tracks or loops from your iPad’s library or your computer. Then use your guitar signal chain to practice along with the material.



This app takes a novel approach to song creation. Instead of singing into an iPhone, you speak into your handset. Songify’s auto-tune feature then changes your pitch and builds a melody around your words. The app doesn’t offer much in the way of editing tools, so you can’t for example, adjust where the song ends, but you can share your work via Facebook.

Free: itun.es/iL73WM



Whats App Messenger by Carrie app Skinner

WhatsApp is easily my favorite iOS app of 2011. The reason is simple: the software lets you send messages to other mobile phones without incurring a charge like traditional SMS, bundles in our contracts.MMS or messages containing pictures and videos are a different mater, and it’s easy to rack up a brutal phone bill .WhatsApp uses Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection to send the message instead. There’s no limit on the number that can be sent. And you can attach images or video clips, along with your location or contact details. It’s cors-platform, which gives WhatsApp one up on the iOS 5 exclusive iMessage: I can stay in touch with all of my friends no matter which smartphone they use . At 69p. this is one of the best money saving apps available.



PRODUCTIVITY: Great apps for hard workers


Bento is a pocket sized database app for your iPhone, or a book sized database for your iPad. Bento ships in two distinct iOS versons: one for your iPad. And another for iPhoen or iPad touch . While both of these offer roughly the same feature set. The way you interact with them differs significantly.
It’s easy to create and edit new ‘collections’ as the app refers to database and data entry is easy as well. However, you’ll find that once you start using the iPad edition of the app it’s hard to go back to the smaller versions.
A new and intriguing feature is the addition of audio recording to media fields . Using this field you can capture about 40 minutes of audio, which can then be played back from the Bento database as well. And a useful new field type, introduced in Bento 4 for the Mac, uses your GPS or Wi-Fi to record where you are .Overall, we really like these apps.



Smart Pad

There are hundreds of calendar and task management apps for the iPad. Smart Pad combines the best of combines the their approaches, allowing users to easily switch between day and month views, or side-by side views of a day’s schedule and tasks.
The app’s power lies in its flexibility. It’s easy to imagine different users using it in very different ways and doing so effectively.



Pear Note

Pear Note is indispensable for anyone who uses their tablet to jot down notes. It records both audio and your keystrokes while you’re taking notes. If you later want to check a quote all you have to do is tap the text and the QuickTime recording jumps to that precise mom ent.
Anybody who uses their iPad for note taking will want to have this app.



Adobe Reader

Instead of using iBooks to store your PDFs. Try Adobe’s official Reader app for iOS. Which the firm launched in October.
You can open files from email; the web or other apps; see text annotations; email PDF files as attachements; search text; bookmark pages; view pages in scroll mode; magnify or reduce text size; and select and copy text from the document being viewed.

Free: itun.es/iLh2NJ


Voice Brief

Voice Brief reads content from your iPhone aloud. The app can read your email or calendar. The weather, blog posts, stock prices and even your friends Facebook and Twitter posts .And it offers a choice of four different voices and adjustable speed.
Voice Brief is an outstanding, comprehensively featured app that truly can make you more productive.



Quickoffic Pro HD

What to view and edit Microsoft Office documents on your iPad? Now you can. Viewing is simple;add filed via iTunes file sharing. By email, or via a direct network transfer to your iPad.You can also access files stored in cloud services . You can also view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents within the app and you can create documents too.



Pages 1.5

The biggest news about this summer’s update to Pages. Apple’s word processing and page layout application, was that the app now works on your iPhone as well as iPad.
It’s hard to imagine using Pages on an iPhone, until you actually give it a go. Pages offers up a solid collection of features without making you feel likes you’re trying to create a universal on the head of a pin.



PDF Expert

PDF Expert is a versatile app for annotating PDFs, filling out forms and signing them. You can sync documents with MobileMe or Dropbox add files via iTunes or over Wi-Fi, and print or email files.
PDF Expert’s main strength is its ability to annotate PDFs. You can highlight text; add arrows and rectangles; underline text; and add notes .And all of this is easy to do.



ABBYY TextGrabber

TextGrabber uses the iPhone’s camera to take pictures of text in documents such as books or magazines. Reads the text in the photo and converts it into a text file. It can also translate multiple languages.
The text recognition doesn’t disappoint with clear photos it was over 95 per cent accurate and this is a handy time saver.



Skype for iPad

At long last Skype has brought its brand of cross platform video conferencing to the iPad.whose larger screen allows for clearer interface and better user experience .
This is a welcome arrival for iPad users who want to take advantage of the video capabilities of their devices without having to resort to the pixellated iPhone app. It’s also free, which never hurts.

Free : itun.es/iLh2WH


GAMES: The year’s crop of fun, innovative gaming apps

World of Goo HD

World of Goo HD is one of the best puzzle games in the App Store. And like most great puzzlers, it’s based on a simple premise.
Your job in each level, using your finger, is to stack goo balls to reach an open pipe. Once you get your goo structure to reach the pipe.the pipe will suck up the balls not used for building.
The beauty of World of Goo is that things never get repetitive – no level feels like the last. In one level, you have to build a tower of goo inside an animal’s stomach. In another. You build around a windmill. the levels are challenging and require a great deal of though.
Graphically .World of Goo soars- its levels are littered with interested with interesting backdrops and cool-looking machines and few games are as fun. interesting and enjoyable complicated. It’s a much have for iOS gamers.



Unpleasant Horse

You’re a cute little horse with wings and a bad attitude, passing time by hopping from cloud to cloud. Occasionally a bird or pretty pony will fly by. What to do? Easy pummel the birds, push the ponies into the meat grinders below(producing a glorious gush of blood. Bones and horseshoes) and continue on your way . Just good, disturbing fun.

Free. itun.es/iL77yK


Infinity Blade II

A one game riposte to console snobs who don’t take mobile gaming seriously. Infinity Blade brought craft and ambition to iOS: the sequel takes things even further.
There’s four times as much content, deeper, more challenging combat and graphics that need to be seen to be believed. Check out our review on page 64.



Real Racing 2

The original Real Racing set the standard for iOS racing games. Real Racing 2 raised the bar even further.
You get detailed tracks, gorgeous environments and buttery smooth action; and the 16- car grids are now filled with licensed cars. Best of all with iOS 5. You can use AirPlay to set up multiplayer races on yur HDTV. Another winner.



Peggle HD

Peggle has finally arrived in HD for the iPad . With 55 levels , twelve quirks characters. A catchy soundtrack, and colourful graphics. Peggle HD will keep iPad owners of all ages entertained for hours. Reminiscent of pinball. the aim is to hit all of the colourful pages, including power ups.There are four gameplay modes: Adventure, Quick Play, Challenge and Duel.



Egg vs Chicken

The highly impressive game uses fun, cartoonish graphics and a unique combination of match three and tower defense game play to create an addictive gaming experience.
Players must defend their eggs from a horde of chickens by sliding matching eggs to the lunch area to make groups of three, then flicking them at the chickents.

Free: itun.es/iL733m


Tiny Tower

Like in the sim games of old . you’re in charge of assembling a virtual village . it just happens to be in a skyscraper. You build residential floors to bring in tenants and then add floors with assorted busineses, where so your tenants can get jobs.
From the appealing graphics to the catchy music, a log of effort has gone into creating a very good iOS game.

Free: itun.es/iL739K


Poto and Cabenga

Poto is eaten by a bird and dashes through the belly of the best in the top half of the screen while her steed Cabenga dodges baddies below. Tapping the screen causes Poto to jump and letting go causes Charming, challenging and visually distinctive, Poto and Cabenga takes a simple formula and mixes it up effetely.



Zombie Gunship

You’re ensconced in a flying fortress circling endlessly over a bunker . Every so often, you’ll spy a survivor dashing to safety. You have to gun down the zombies in pursuit.
Zombie Gunship’s grainy, surveillance-camera graphics ad to the atmosphere, the sound effects are top-notch, and the game play is thrillingly compelling.




9mm is a third- person shooter with a sturdy structure and hilarious dialogue. The game utilizes the gyroscopy function in the newer iOS devices, and encourages players to get creative as they play the game. The buttons are conveniently placed and there are many different firearms to choose from. There is also a multiplayer mode so you can play online with friends.



Tiny Wubgs

You control a squat. Big eyed bird as he slides along an undulating landscape . Hold your finger to the screen, and the bird stops flapping his wings, release your finger and the flapping resumes you pick up speed as you slide down a hill. Then release at just the right moment to achieve a few glorious second of flight. Tiny Wings is sneakily challenging and frighteningly addictive.



Dead Space

This survival horror tale begins aboard a mining spaceship, as you investigate what became of the crew. It turns out many have been transformed by an alien infestation, and now want to kill you- after giving you a good scare, of course.
Dead Space’s environments are rendered in stunning detail. and the enemies come alive with ferocious realism.



Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride, like its real-world counterpart, puts you in the wingtips of a 19th century railroad baron. Competing against up to four other (either computer or human players) to build routes across maps by playing a corresponding numbers of cards of the same colour. There’s a variety of play options and it has a gorgeous interface with colourful, friendly illustrations.



Super Stickman Golf

In Super Stickman Golf. You adjust your short’s trajectory using large virtual buttons, then tap the Go circle when you’re satisfied. That triggers the power meter control. The controls are easy to learn, and the physics feels just right.
All sorts of obstacles will thwart your shots, from water hazards to conveyor belts, and navigating each hole is incredibly fun.




Packing pretty much all the major features of a console game .FIFA 11 does a remarkable job of bringing the world’s most popular sports franchise to the iPad. It features a comprehensive list of terms from all over the world. With extensive customization options. And its gameplay maintains the console tradition of subtly strategic and steadily paced action.



Temple Run

Temple Run is a fun running adventure game that is easy to play yet hard to master. You control your character in a jungle world with swipes and tilt controls, and the game will keep you entertained for hours: the game play is endless. There’s integration with Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements too. So you can challenge your friends to a run in the jungle.

Free: itun.es/iLV8Qz


Frisbee Forever

Frisbee Forever is a challenging game in which you have to steer through obstacles and collect stars. The game has 3D graphics and more than 100 differently themed tracks, from winter wonderlands to Carribean oceans.Simple, delightful, and entertaining the game is one of the latest most have apps for both iPhone and iPad.

Free: itun.es/iLV8y9


Earth Defense Force

Like many arcade-style games, this fast-paced horizontal shooter is easy to learn, yet hard to master, and features high –definition retro graphics with an awesome 16bit soundtrack.
With its improved graphics and iPhone adapted playing mode. Earth Defense Force’s iOS remake is even better than the classic game it’s based on.




Catan HD by David Price

Klaus Teuber’s obsessively well balanced board game made them move to iPad near the end of 2010, but it was last January’s addition of the Seafarers expansion that pushed it into the realms of life swallowing addiction; rather shamefully, this way my most used app for about a month after I downloaded it.
The standard game is beautifully simple, based on the conquest of an island of tiles yielding varius resources on various dice rolls; build next to a new territory and you’ll be able to draw on extra reserves of brick, wood, ore or whatever. But beneath this veneer of simplicity lies wonderful strategic depth and the potential for moments of genius or friendship- threatening sneakiness.
Seafarers add boat building. multiple islands, goldmines and 16 infuriating campaigning levels.



EDUCATION: Learn a thing or two


Redshift-Astronomy aims to bring the whole of the night sky to your iPad , using your current location to show you precisely which stars. Constellations and planets are above you. An observatory option lets you jump from your own location’s view of the sky to any celestial object you’d like to see; the moon, a planet, or a specific star. You can zoom into impressively detailed surface maps or enter an orbit.
One fun feature is 3D Flight mode. Instead of just jumping directly to for example . Jupiter or Saturn. You can have the app animate the journey past the solar system’s different, planets and moons. There’s even the option to travel to stars up to 3,000 light years from earth.



ABC Expedition

ABC Expedition uses animals to help young children learn their ABC. The main menu presents a grid of colourful, clear capital letters, and trappig on one takes you to an animal whose name begins with that latter, Each animal is presented with upper-and lower case representations of its initial letter. Along with its name. written out.




Xperica HD is a virtual laboratory . It comes with four interactive experiments covering a range of subjects, from the specific heat of water to the law of moments. Challenges within the experiments test your knowledge, and once you’re done you can share results with others.
A pack featuring further experiments can be download for £2.49.

Free: itun.es/igr5Nb



ABC Go offers a multimedia approach to exploring the alphabet. It launches with a vertically scrolling alphabetical grid. Children can tap squares to see photos that start with the corresponding letter. Many of these are also linked to short films. But you needn’t navigate alphabetically. Tapping any of the letters in the written word instantly transports you to a new object.



Gray’s Anatomy Premium

This definitive medical textbook is now available for the iPad. Featuring 1.250 illustrations in glorious high definition along with explanatory text, its super fast search means you’ll always find what you need; the latest version even includes 3Dmodels of Henry Vandyke Carter’s anatomical images.




KIDS: The best iPad & iPhone apps for young’ uns

Talking Ben the Dog

If you’ve had a hard day in the office. This will certainly cheer you up. Talking Ben loves eating, drinking reading the paper and having his tummy tickled. However as a retired chemistry professor he gets particularly excited if you send him to the lab. Be careful about mixing the wrong chemicals, though; the consequences can be explosive.

Free: itun.es/igr5ZS

Awesome Xylophone

This music app could be a lifesaver if you’ve got young children who need to be amused on a rainy afternoon. They’ll love bashing away to their hearts content. While mum and dad will appreciate being able to keep the volume down. Even though Awesome Xylophone is fairly basic, and technically a glockenspiel, it will help keep small children entertained.



Dot To Dot

If you’ve got a young child who’s learning to count, then DotToDot could prove invaluable . This app uses simple methods to introduce children to numbers. If they press the incorrect dot it will shake and the right own shows itself. Its age based settings also use the National Curriculum as a guide when it comes to what number a child should be able to count up to.




Fans of the JellyCar series should rejoice: JellyCar 3 is here. You must drive your car through an obstacle course in search of a stop sign. When your car reaches this, you complete the level. The game controls are easy to use; to move forward, press right of your screen to reverse, press the left hand side. You can also change your car’s body type and colour.



Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime by Neil Bennet

Eight months after its release, this remains my three year old son Adam’s favorite app.
It’s a series of illustrated nursery rhymes- Humpty Dumpty. Three Blind Mice and so on in which the characters and objects can be moved around. Even with uncoordinated fingers.
Brilliantly. Nursery Rhymes taps Apple’s Game Center to allow versions of the app on different devices to communicate so if you’re away on business. You can read the stories to your child and see each other playing with the characters.
Nursery Rhymes is an app that kids love and adults won’t get sick of. And if you’re a parent, you’ll know that’s the best praise possible.



READING: Read all about it, on your iPhone

Apple Newsstand

With iOS 5, when you open you iOS device on the train for your morning commute, your favorite periodicals will be waiting for you. It’s thanks to feature called Newsstand, Apps you have downloaded that have been designed to work with Newsstand will appear here. Newsstand apps have some special powers: First off, they don’t show a regular app icon. Instead, they show a thumbnail image of the cover of the most recent issue of the publication. Newspaper apps will look like the top half of the day’s paper. complete with a fold at the bottom .
Magazines will show their latest covers. Whenever a new issue is available you’ll see its new cover image as well as a blue slash containing the word ’new’. They can even update themselves in the background. Now you can read your favorite magazines and newspapers as soon as they’re available, with easy, interactive viewing.

Free: tinyurl.com/c4q76af



It turns out that the iPad is a pretty good device for reading comic books. Comixoloby’s Comics app is a comic reading app with direct access to the Comixology online store. Swipe from page to page of each comic, and use gestures to zoom in and out .Shopping for, buying and downloading comics is a practically frictionless process.

Free: itun.es/iLV8yP


Macworld Express

Mackworld Express is the pick of Mackworld’s content delivered to your iPad. The app brings you news, reviews and blogs, and the best tutorial and features. The layout is a consistent visual grid of content, which can be customized to suit your preferences for a more personal experience.

Free: itun.es/iLV8Z5



The Atavist

Download the app. Make an in app purchase (half the price goes directly to the writer). And prepare to be dazzled .It’s not just the writing that’s good .either. The Atavist has an array of media tricks up its sleeve such as music, audio versions( Read by a human, not a computer). Timelines. Location links and the option to leave comments or to share stories.

Free : itun.es/iLV8yc


The Guardian iPad Edition

The Guardian’s iPad app has a simple and attractive title-based layout that lends itself to the touch screen format. The size of the story tiles indicates their relative importance. Everything is easy to see and use. And you can swipe to the left to move to the next page in the section. This is an elegant. Clear and user- friendly app, and a pleasure to use.

Free: itun.es/iLV8yW


SHOPPING: Buy stuff more conventienly


If you’re looking to move, Rightmove offers a huge selection of properties.Best of all. You won’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to view them.Simply enter the postcode of the area you’re thinking of moving to and that’s it. The app will display a series of homes in your designated area. If any interest you click the thumbnail for more information.

Free: http://bit.ly/sV96UC


Amazon Windowshop

One of the world’s most popular online stores. Amazon has its own iPad app to make buying almost anything quick and easy .Add gifts to your wishlist and buy from directly within the app results are displayed in category columns so you can find exactly what you’re looking for, and you can share items via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Free: itun.es/iLV8CX


Kirstie & Phil’s House Hunter

Aimed at fans of Location, Location, Location, this app is split into four sections: Guide, Properties, Tools and Search. Under Properties you can list what you’re looking for in your ideal home : the search tool uses this to filter results. Fans will enjoy the videos and tips. And (presumably) being told off by Kirstie when you look at houses above your budget.



Gift Plan

Gift plan is a beautifully designed iPhone app for organized. Year round gift list management. It’s organized into Calendar. Ideas. Shooping and Occasions. You can view upcoming events in Calendar, brainstorm in Ideas. And view your list in Shopping, In Occasions, you can manage upcoming events and view the people on your gift list. Never forget to buy a gift again.



Free App Magic by Ashleigh Allsopp

This app is a no brainer. I mean, who doesn’t like free stuff?
It’s free to download and every 24 hours there will be three apps worth somewhere between 69p and £2.99 for you to download without having to pay a penny. There’s a little piggy bank that records how much money you’ve saved overall. And bomb that counts down the seconds until the current set of apps ceases to be available. It’s not the best looking app in the world, and sometimes the free apps are a bit pants, but every now and then you’ll find a hidden gem. And besides, popping the bubbles to find out what you’ve got that day is pretty exciting in itself.

Free: itun.es/iLh5QP


NEWS: Keep up to date

The Daily

If you’re a news junkie. You’ll be interested in the daily. The world’s first iPad only newspaper. A carousel showcases each page of that day’s issue- for a multipage article. Only the first three pages are shown. Once you’ve found an interesting piece tap to read. If you find a piece that you want to share . you can do so via Facebook and Twitter. And you can post a comment if you feel strongly about an article. The app itself is free. But be warned that accessing the content itself costs 69p per issue. for a yearly subscription.

Free: itun.es/iLV4KH



This app gather headlines from than 1,000 sources and then arranges them by category. Such as business, arts and so on . Lots of aggregators do this .but News360 goes one step further. Letting you use your device’s location detection to filter the top stories according to local relecance Plus. The app’s default display a simple list of headlines is pleasing to view.

Free: itun.es/iLV4sG



This aggregration app lets you choose the news and RSS feeds you want to read, then lets you thumb swipe your way between feeds. The display is elegant, and stories are displayed in a two column layout featuring headlines and short summaries, often with a thumbnail photo. Once you’ve finished. Swipe to move on to the nest article. You can also bookmark stories for later reading.




Pulp lets you create and design your own newspaper. You select the websites or newsfeeds you want to read, then choose a layout.
The app lets you select whether you want one, two or three columns on a page, a summary of each story or a picture. Once you’ve finished you can sit back and read your hard work or share it via Facebook , Twitter or instapaper.



Zite Personalized Magazine

Another news aggregator app . Zite has an elegant interface that lets you flip between pages and tap articles for deeper inspection. The app also analyses you Facebook and Twitter feeds. Works out your interests, and then draws on thousands of sources to provide you with information you may not have know you wanted.

Free: itun.es/iLV4bX


HEALTH & FITNESS: Work on your apps and stay in shape

Bike Hub

Bike Hub is a free journey planner aimed at cyclists. It uses the OpenCyclleMap mapping data and features numerous cycle routes. Including those designated by the charity Sustrans. You can save journeys as favourites.and there’s an option to email routes. Bike Hub will even do leisure routing. Devising a trip for a certain distance or duration from a set starting point.

Free: http://bit.ly/u9LC7H



If you’re looking to burn off excess calories. RunKeeper is for you. To get started, you must create a free RunKeeper.com account . Once you’ve logged in, the default screen lets you input details about the activity you’re about to begin. Tap the Start Activity button and it begins recording and displaying the stats of your workout , including time, distance, pace and calories burned.

Free: itun.es/iLV42X


Calorific Lite

Calorific Lite aims to help you keep an eye on what you eat. Foods are split into three categories. Greens are the healthiest, yellow foods should be eaten in moderation, while the red section contains food you should eat only occasionally. As you eat a meal. Work out what section it belongs to and the size of the portion and the app will give it a colorie value.

Free: itun.es/iLV8Zf


iWorkout Muse Pro

A great way to add music to your workout, iWorkout lets you create up to 25 custom workouts with corresponding playlists. You set workout has a work period. Rest period total rounds, transition period, a duration ( based on previous periods ), total cycles, total duration, and a selected playlist. Tap the green start button and the music (and pain) begins.



Just Dance 3 Autodance by Karen Haslam

For a free app developed to promote Just Dance 3, a game for the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3, this is a lot of fun.
The app records four videos of your mate showing off their favorite moves( Keep things consistent for best results) and then edits them a music track. It’s all completely automated but the resulting videos are excellent.
We noticed, however that the videos we wanted to share on Facebook were automatically uploaded to Just Dance’s You Tube page, so be warned.

Free: itun.es/iLh5y5


MISCELLANEOUS: The brilliant apps that don’t fit anywhere else


Facebook’s official app is now universal for iPhone and iPad alike. The layout has been modified to take advantage of the iPad’s extra space: a new navigation scheme is introduced via a sliding panel on the left so there’s a lot less swapping between screens, Games you play on Facebook are integrated with the App Store counterparts, and you can browse photos in full screen. Combining the mobile perks of the iPhone with the scope and ease of use of the desktop service. Facebook’s iPad app is truly a happy medium.

Free: itun.es/iLV4hP


Google Places

This free app is everything you’d expect from Google: a use method of using your iPhone’s GPS to search for nearby bars, bakeries and other types of business. You can save favorite results with a star, read reviews , and contribute your own ratings are reviews. It’s a great, useful tool for iPhone users who like to leave their neighborhood comfort zone.

Free: itun.es/iLV4dL


Dolphin Browser

Give Safari a break and try a new browsing experience on iPhone or iPad. Dolphin is a fully fledged web browser with extra perks such as a downloads manager and private browsing. The best bit? Customizable gesture you draw on the screen to perform a particular action. Now your mobile browser can do something most desktop programs can’t

Free: itun.es/iLV4VL


Find My Friends

Launch Find My Friends, then invite your friends to sing up . If they follow you they’ll know where you are at any time and vice versa.
They can agree to let you know this only temporarily if they prefer. There’s also the option to hide, plus parental controls so your kids can’t hide from you, or be followed by anyone inappropriate .An interguing app.

Free: itun.es/iLV47r


RC Trackpad

RC Trackpad turns your iPhone or iPad into a souped up trackpad that connects to your Mac via Wi-Fi. It provides three functions for Mac: track pad, app launcher and app/window switcher. We urge any iOS users who’ve been contemplating the purchase of a Magic Trackpad to take a look at this app; for a tenth of the price, it provides three times the functionality.



London Bus Checker

London Bus Checker is a neat app that guides you to your nearest bus stop and explains all the routes that particular stop serves, It then tells you how long you’ll have to wait for next bus on each route to arrive, on real time countdown boards, if you vaguely know where you’re going ( and happen to be in London ), Bus Checker is a brilliant tool.




iCatcher beats similar offerings by making it so easy to search of podcasts you never know existed. It lets you download or stream podcasts outside the top 10, with a variety of options to sort your search results. For the total experience of discovering, organizing and listening to podcasts, iCatcher is tough to top.



Pimp Your Screen

With Pimp Your Screen you can minimise the chances that your iOS device will look indistinguishable from everyone else’s Pimp Your Screen is fun to use. Offers a broad selection of wallpapers, and makes it easy to customize images. If you’re looking for a quick way to give your iPhone or iPad its own unique look; this app is a great option.




The Google+ app lets you access the search giant’s new social network. Just like the web version, the app allows you to organize and share with your circles of friends and followers, alongside Messenger, which is an instant group messaging feature. The coolest bit is the Mobile Hangouts feature, which allows you to video chat with up to nine friends from your phone.

Free: itun.es/iLV4VN


Milk the Cow Pro by James Walker

Having grown up in a farming village surrounded by cows, I’ve actually had first- hand experience of making. So curiosity struck when I heard of this simulator. I rolled up my sleeves, put Boy George’s Do you really want to squirt me? On iTunes, and hit ‘Start milking’.

It’s akin to frantic bubble wrap popping but with the extra reward of filling up a paid and hearing a gleeful heiffer’s moo. So if boredom sets in as you watch the usual repeats this Christmas, reach for this ap and pull the udder one. It might be freezing outdoors, but it’s Fresian on your iPhone Give yourself a ‘ pat on the back’ and start milking!


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  3. All of the iPhone apps you provided in this app are simply amazing in its individual features, but the paranoma is something special and creative because of its 180 degree landscape wide view.

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