13 Best Windows Video Converters For Free Download

Checking out videos in any system is fun. From DVD players to your cell phones, there are innumerable options that allow you to enjoy watching videos wherever you are be it your home office or on the go. Well, this is one face of this geeky world that allows you to enjoy videos, music or movies but on the other hand the fact is that not all geeky gadgets support the same format.

If one video plays well in your laptop it doesn’t ensure that same will be played with ease on your iPhone or other portable media players.

Well, every problem has a solution. If you can enjoy videos in one geeky gadget, you need not worry about the playing of same video on your other gadgets because tech savvies around the world have come up with amazing video converters that help you change the format of the videos without much fuss and play them anywhere and on any system.

My post is dedicated to best free windows video converters. If you are one of the windows users who are looking for video convertors that come totally free then you have hit the right place.

Jotted below are 13 video converters that enable you to effortlessly convert video files for free! The video convertors may convert video to and from AVI, WMV, MOV and other major file formats besides simply encoding video for the PSP, iPhone or iTouch and other portable media players. Simply clicking on them will make the task of video conversion very easy. Check out the cool free video convertors after a jump and give them a try!

1) K-Lite :

K-Lite Video Convertor besides enabling you to convert videos from one format to another lets you record you own DVD discs and includes components such as DVDStyler, ImgBurn and Avidemux. The freeware with its cool features allows you to create a complete DVD of your favorite videos and covert them with ease.

Download Klite

2) Sothink Free Video Converter :

Sothink is a freeware that converts almost any video/audio in a lightning-fast speed with the high quality results in an intuitive and multi-language interface. It supports over 120 media formats from video AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, MOV, MPG, 3GP, Flash Video FLV, HD MP4, H.264 and much more enabling you to play videos on any of your gadget. The Sothink video converter is available for free in two version-Free Video Converter and Video Converter Professional each unique in its own way.

Download Sothink

3) Hamster Free Video Converter :

Hamster free video converter is an all new video converter that supports 3GP, MP4, MP3, MPEG, AVI, FLV, WMV, XviD, DivX, MKV, M2TS and easily converts videos for any DVD player, and gadgets like iPod, iPhone, iPad, Archos, Zune, PSP, PS3, xBox, iRiver, HTC, Blackberry or Nokia. The customizable interface, Drag-n-Drop, batch conversion ability, adjustability with audio video bitrate are the cool outstanding features of Hamster video convertor.

Download Hamster

4) Free Studio :

Free Studio is free software for windows comprising of 24 utilities for audio and video. It’s a software that comes as a single package with various free software from DVDVideoSoft enabling you to convert audio and video files between various formats. You can rip and burn CDs and DVDs, download and upload music and videos to your systems, iPhones etc.

Download Free Studio

5) Any Video Converter :

The Any Video Converter is an all-in-one user friendly video converting tool that comes with an easy graphical interface offering you with fast conversion speed and superb video quality. It allows users to convert video files between various formats without asking for much efforts and time. Supporting Flash FLV, MPEG-4, MPEG-I, MPEG-II, DVD PAL, and DVD NTSC video profiles, any video convertor is one cool option worth checking out.

Download Any Video Converter

6) Koyote Free FLV Converter :

Koyote free video converter is as the name hints freeware to convert your videos to and from various formats. Simple and easy to use, the convertor has the ability to easily extract videos from sequences and convert them with pre-visualization. From AVI, MP4, iPod, PSP, 3GP, Zune, iPhone, FLV, MKV, WMV, ASF, MOV, QuickTime, MPEG, RM, VCD, VOB, the Koyote supports innumerable formats and offers extremely fast coversion to save your precious time.

Download Koyote


7) Videora :

Videora is a freeware video convertor that converts video files, movies, DVDs, and YouTube videos with ease to let you play them in any video playing device. This cool software converts almost all kinds of video files into appropriate video formats to be played on any media player device.

Download Videora

8 ) Prism Video File Converter :

From MPEG, MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV to many other video file format, Prim has the ability to convert from one format to another in comprehensive and user-friendly format. The Prism convertor saves time and compresses or converts video files efficiently. All in all, Prism is a universal video converter that supports almost all formats and coverts them with ease.

Download Prism

9) Clone2Go :

Clone2Go is free software for window users that allows you to convert videos between various formats with ease and speed. You can select more than one video for batch conversion. Clone2Go lets you download and convert Youtube and Google videos that too without asking you to shell out single penny. If you want to check out the video convertor with high speed and high quality, Clone2Go is undeniably worth trying out.

Download Clone2Go

10) AVS Video Converter :

The AVS Video convertor is capable of converting video between almost any formats in short span of time. It enables you to create your own DVD by using DVD menu templates, manage HD-videos by editing, splitting, trimming, adding in text and effects and converting them into any video format.The list of cool features of AVS Video Convertor doesn’t end here. Other features include correct aspect ratio, subtitle converting and editing, extracting audio and images from videos, output videos to different gadgets and multilingual support.

Download AVS

11) Aura Free Video Converter :

Aura Free Video Converter is a free video converter program by Aura4You Multimedia Software. Offering you to crisscross video formats within fraction of seconds, the Aura free video convertor with its welcoming interface promises to appeal you so much so that you would want to download it as soon you are introduced to it.

Download Aura

12) Kigosoft :

Kigosoft Video Converter is cool software that helps you convert various video formats to another with amazing output quality that too without consuming much of your time. Supporting almost all commonly used video formats; the Kigosoft converts video to audio and audio to audio with various supported audio formats and works well in many different video players, video mobile phones and other digital video/audio players.

Download Kigosoft

13) Handbrake :

Handbrake is one GPL-licensed open source, multiplatform and multithreaded video transcoder that doesn’t just help window users instead allows the Linux and MacOS users to convert videos to different formats with ease. Besides video conversion, Handbrake’s other features include live video preview, picture de-interlacing, scaling/cropping, integrated bit-rate calculator, subtitles, and chapter selection. These features all together do the trick to appeal y’all.

Download Handbrake

To sum up, the above stated list of few of the cool video convertors is sure to make your task of video conversion speedy and easier. Each cited freeware is unique in its way. Now, it’s your take as to which one you would like to try.


13 Best Windows Video Converters For Free Download

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  1. i have real player when i want to burn cd then it says upgrade is so much $ doller pay real player plus plus karta hai .google pack me free mila tha how i can unstal it . and which will best for download/upload on XP WINDOW . please tell on my e mail.indupalsingh@gmail.com

  2. That is an awesome list, thanks. I have spent a lot of wasted time trying to convert videos between formats… especially for using them on my iphone. It is not as easy as you would think!

  3. Very useful. A few comments possibly useful and hopefully seeking some answers.
    I recently downloaded a “free” AVS which was not free after all.
    I liked Handbrake, but I was discouraged by single file selection before queuing which is VERY time-consuming.
    I’ve used NHC Prism before and liked because of interfaces with other good NHC slideshow software etc. BUT not sure it can handle m2ts files . AND it is also NOT free after a long trial period.
    I tried also Total Video Converter and liked its versatility functions a lot – multiple uploading and conversion and merging. BUT NOT FREE, yet probably worth it! The trial version is worth looking at BUT not for final work – it leaves a huge watermark until you buy it

  4. WinFF is good too. It’s a front-end GUI for the command line tool, ffmpeg. Google for ffmpeg presets to help you with the various formats and codings you require for different devices.

  5. WINFF is by far the best one I have used…. It will convert a whole lot of formats and its very simple and to the point!

  6. any video converter is amezing converter and this is freeware and it has kind of all difirent formates and has with best qualities i love it

  7. Many streaming video record tools has embedded video converter to help you to download videos in desired format, the one I am using is exactly a comprehensive recorder like this. I can use the convert function to convert local and recorded videos. Thanks…!!

  8. This is great and a very helpful post. I have tried few video convertors but never got satisfied with any.I even tried K lite and prism one out of these but now I have a big list to choose from.

  9. Thanks for Sharing. As a video editor, this list looks very useful for me. Now i am using AVS & Wondershare Video editor. These 2 Are very good in both performance and quality.

  10. This is a great article and helpful post. Before reading this article I was using lot of video converter, but after reading I decided to use Aura Free Video Converter software. It works so good and also thanks for giving such valuable information.

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