Best Free Duplicate File Finder and Removers

Of all the files that mess your hard disks and use up useful disk space, none are a lot more worthless compared to duplicate files. They’re even worse compared to ineffective files using up additional space in our back-ups and jumbling our file checklists.

Duplicate files been available in a selection of tastes. Along with precise copies of files, you might have quite comparable photos, songs files contain the exact same music torn from various resources, or content files that are virtually the very same yet consist of a couple of lines of one-of-a-kind content.

The following software will certainly aid you eliminate duplicate files to whip your file collection in to form and liberate useful disk space.

Duplicate File Finder

This could be dreadful in the feeling that although filenames are the exact same, at times the material is different. Or, you could have a photo that has actually been customized when put in a various folder however maintains the exact same filename. So, be careful.


SearchMyFilesIt permits you to conveniently browse files in your system by wildcards, like last modified/created/last accessed time, by file features, by file material (content or binary search), and by the file dimension. You could browse all files developed in the last 10 minutes with file-size in between 500 and 700 bytes.

After you made a search, you could pick several files, and conserve the listing in to text/html/csv / xml file, or replicate the listing to the clipboard.

SearchMyFiles is transportable, and you could utilize it from a USB flash drive without leaving tracks in the Registry of the browsed pc.

Duplicate Cleaner Free

Duplicate Cleaner FreeDuplicate Cleaner is a beneficial program to aid you arrange the components of your residence hard disk or business network. You would certainly be amazed simply the number of obsolete or duplicate files you might locate overlooked in a rare document folder.

Duplicate Cleaner will certainly deep check for all kinds of files – pictures, songs, movies, video clip, Word papers, PowerPoint discussions, content files – you call it, if it shows up two times on your computer system after that Duplicate Cleaner will certainly locate it.

When these files are located you are offered with valuable devices to allow you to pick which copies to relocate or erase. These files could be erased to the reuse container or relocated in to a store somewhere else.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Auslogics Duplicate File FinderAuslogics Duplicate File Finder – Helps you to locate and eliminate ineffective duplicate files, kept on your PC. By making using of this cost-free yet highly effective technology, you could enhance free space on your disk by approximately 50%. Locates exact same photos, records and other files.

Contrasts files not just by labels, however by their material. Assists you to arrange your media collections.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder has the MD5 online search engine which permits the program to seek duplicate files by material, no matter various other suit requirements. It would certainly be useful, as an example, when 2 same mp3 tracks of or video clip files have various labels.


Anti-TwinAnti-Twin is a little software application which contrasts files, i.e. it looks for duplicate or comparable files on your disk drive. All the same or comparable files that were discovered could either be sent out to the reuse container or straight erased. This will certainly boost the hard drive space on your computer system.

Select the choice “Compare file material” to review the whole binary material of the files. This suggests that the file labels are unnecessary.

Anti-Twin is a great application to e.g. erase and discover duplicate MP3 files in a download folder or to discover comparable photos. Other than that, Anti-Twin assists you tidy up staff members’ disorderly file storehouses in firm networks, e.g. by looking for unneeded file copies and obsolete information back-ups.


CloneSpyCloneSpy could aid you liberate hard disk space by eliminating and recognizing duplicate files. Duplicate files have precisely the exact same components in spite of their label, area, time and day.

CloneSpy is able to locate files that are not specifically similar, yet have the very same file label. CloneSpy could additionally discover no length files.

CloneSpy deals you a full devices for establishing which duplicate or same-name files must be eliminated. It is likewise feasible to leave this choice up to the specific user.

With CloneSpy you could develop checksum files from files on CDs (and even on hard disks, and so on) and utilize them to inspect whether these files currently exist on your system. The checksum files will certainly avoid you from needing to play DJ whenever you seek pirates!


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    Nice blog. Thanks for sharing. I have also tried Duplicate Files Deleter. It works fine. Helps me get rid of my duplicate files.

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    Can you recommmend software that will detect video or music by content. I dont mean identical byte-for-byte, but according to the video and/or audio irrespective of the size or resolution.

    Anti twin is great btw. Easy interface and very good at checking for duplicate photos.

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    The most advanced tool I ever found for finding duplicate songs is Audio Comparer –
    It is really compares by the sound data! Because I don’t have ID3 tags filled in some of the duplicates and the files is found by the program!

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    Another alternative is “DuplicateFilesDeleter” its a great tool for finding and deleting duplicates.


    Thanks for sharing a good duplicate tool for us.BTW,I found another tool called Duplicate Filter ,which is easy and free to find the same files and folders in my PC.

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    Duplicate Files Deleter is a simple application which allows users to find and delete duplicate documents.
    The program works by removing redundant files and folders,which owes to take up valuable space in the hard disk.

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