18 Excellent Google Chrome Extensions for Students

Google Chrome is a great resource offering awesome extensions for students. The browser allows users to sign in to Chrome anywhere and bring up bookmarks, history, and settings. In addition to this useful feature it gives awesome extensions that students can use to save time and concentrate their efforts.

We’ve listed such 18 time-saving Chrome extensions from note-taking apps to books, citations, and reminders.

1. Note Anywhere – You can easily make online notes through this chrome extension.



2. Google Books – This chrome extension lets you read any book anywhere, from any device you access on or off campus. You can even highlight text and make notes.


3. RemindMe – This extension allows you to setup reminders while browsing and sync them between computers.

4. myHomework – This chrome extension helps you to keep track of your classes, homework, tests, assignments and projects so that you don’t’ forget any of them. This extension is available on Chrome, as well as Android and iPhone.


5. Cacoo– This is a real time collaboration online drawing tool. All diagrams can be edited by multiple people at the same time, so it’s a great tool even for remote online students.

6. Split Screen – Split your Chrome screen and compare sites while you’re working on research. This is also helpful if you like to watch online videos while you’re working.

7. Sticky Notes – This Chrome extension offers a great way to store all of your little sticky notes, so you’ll never forget to take care of small tasks and reminders.

6. Copy Without Formatting – This lets you copy text without having to deal with document-wrecking formatting. This extension provides various ways (customizable keyboard shortcut, floating button, or auto-copy) to copy your selection without formatting. 

7. Desmos Graphing Calculator – This is a powerful, easy and free graphing calculator.

8. Snippy – This extension allows you to grab snippets of web pages,  save them and upload them to Goggle Docs. It not only captures the rich content but also preserves its formatting.



9. Box – This lets you share, store and manage your documents online. This lets you access and share important files from anywhere, on any device.

10. Quotes Book – Use this extension to collect and share your favorite quotes and quotations. You can even read your quotes in a different language.


11. Google Dictionary – An online dictionary which take care of spelling and definitions. You can view definition of a word by double click on it and to view the complete definition of any word or phrase use the toolbar dictionary. Foreign words are automatically translated to your language of choice.


12. Session Buddy – This extension allows you to easily save, edit, and restore your current browser session and export it to work on later.



13. Thesaurus – This Thesaurus extension is used to find the synonyms and antonyms of words.



14. Stay Focusd – This extension improves your productivity by limiting the amount of time wasted on websites like Facebook, Tumblr, Orkut and Twitter etc.



15. Rescue Time – This lets you find out which sites you waste your time and identify your  productivity problem.


16. Evernote Web Clipper – This extension makes your task of saving all important stuff online more easier then before. This lets you save the actual web page – text, links, images and all with a single click.



17. GradeGuru Citation Manager – GradeGuru Citation Manager is a great tool for efficiently managing your references for papers, essays and assignments.


18. Incredible StartPage – This extension allow you to customize your Chrome start page.  You can easily find your favorite bookmarks and closed tabs.


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