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10 Beautiful HTML / CSS Web Templates Of July 2010 For Free Download

Designer always wait for fresh and beautiful Html / CSS templates. So today we are providing 10 beautiful HTML / CSS web site templates of july 2010 for free download. Here you can get code files for editing and modifying according to the requirement you can edit color, fonts text every thing as you like. This is good way where upcoming designers can learn about website design with HTML / CSS templates.

In our Last month’s post we wrapped up 10 best Html/CSS Web templates for free download and received lots of appreciation. This time I believe that you can find here another fresh piece of work.

In this article there are many websites template examples like corporate business, blog, portfolio and e-commerce, school templates, iPhone templates design.

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How To Enable Google Multiple Account Sign-in Feature

It seems that Google is trying hard to make their most successful mailing service “Gmail” more better by introducing several useful features from last few months. Last time they introduced Drag-Drop email attachments and Google calender integration in Gmail which was appreciated by the Gmail users.

And yesterday Google again announced two cool features which was much awaited by the users. Firstly, Google rolling out multiple account sign-in feature and Gmail now lets you save attachments to the desktop via Drag-and-Drop. In this article, I am going to talk about multiple account sign-in and how to enable this feature.

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10 Effective Ways To Become A Successful Writer

Writing is an art! Whether you’re writing for your blog or for your personal interest, creativity does the trick. Your writing is insignificant if nobody is reading it. Writing asks for true devotion and lots of practice. In fact at times it seems to be really nerve-wracking. Does that mean you have to be born gifted? No you don’t have to! Just do it!

When you go about writing you should know how to communicate your message effectively. Engaging the interest of the reader is of utmost importance. Creative writing can be really a challenging job, definitely not impossible. There are innumerable key elements that go into creating a successful writing. Much importance is laid to the content. Before you finally sit to write down, you should know well as to what can help make your readers enjoy your write up and stick around.

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8 Best Free iPhone 4 Word Games To Have Fun With

iPhone 4 is a latest offering for smartphone lovers out there from Apple. A lot of buzz is already created because of various reasons like latest features which includes multi-tasking in iPhone for the first time, front-face camera etc. But, the hottest thing was the poor antenna reception in iPhone 4. As a matter of fact, reports shows that sales has been increased tremendously after the poor antenna reception issues.

Whatever the reason behind iPhone 4 success, its surely the best smartphone out there in the market. Everyone loves it because of lots of beautiful screen, touch-interface, apps, games and lots of other cool stuff associated with it.

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42 Best And Free iOS 4 Apps For Your iPhone

Everyone has not purchased Apple iPhone 4 but Apple delivered iOS 4 software update to the existing iPhone users. And I am sure you are loving new features which comes through this software update. But I believe most of you are exited about the multi-tasking and geo-location features. The most important update is to do multi-tasking and better geo-locations features.

The new software update iOS 4 also bring number of apps that are beings updates to use some of the major new iOS features including multi-tasking, geo-location and front-facing camers in iPhone 4. And there are lots of iOS 4 apps that are available for free download.

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25 Awesome and Useful Paper Textures For Free Download

In the visual arts, texture is the perceived surface quality of an artwork. It is an element of two-dimensional and three-dimensional design and is broadly distinguished by its perceived visual and physical properties.

Use of texture, along with other elements of design, can convey a variety of messages and emotions. So Free Textures are quite essential for a designer to produce some awesome effects and to present the idea better.

A few days ago, we have been provided some best websites to download free texture. These websites give you multiple choice to download free texture for your next project.

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25 High-Quality And Creative Fonts For Free Download

Free Fonts – that’s the one thing designers always look for making their designs better. And thats the reason, we always love to share free fonts for graphic designers or web designers. You can check our previous articles here and here in which we carefully handpicked some beautiful professional and creative fonts which are totally free to download and use.

You already know that typography in design is really very important to make any adv. or webpage more attractive and lively. So, in this article, I have gathered some high-quality free fonts for your design projects.

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8 Best And Free Open-Source Software For Small Businesses

When you are a part of a small business, you always look for any possible chance to save money. Sometimes, business owners and managers buy expensive softwares for office needs but what they don’t know that in most cases they can find a free softwares which is available for unlimited time usage.

These free softwares can replace any of the expensive software that you mostly use for business purposes like operating system, email servers, human resources softwares, word processing programs, graphic design softwares or antivirus program.

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10 Tips To Help You Stay Focused While Blogging

We all know that staying focused is the key for success. The same rule follows for writing whether it is an article, a blog post or a press release, it is important to stay focused if you want your output to be so productive that people end up reading it.

Blogging is passion for me. I love blogging and it is the only thing which connect me to the whole world, improve my writing and build readers to listen my ideas and much more. But there are times that I lose focus and making it miserably hard for me to write a quality blog post.

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12 Free Keyword Research Tools For Webmasters

We all know that before writing any article or writing content for a website, selecting the right keywords is the most important aspect for a good visibility in search engine. And if I talk about myself, keyword research is a road to get higher traffic from search engines if you are using the right keywords for your article or website.

For finding best keywords for your blog, there are several keyword tools available online. Some of them are completely free to use while some are paid tools that also offers free version for a limited time. But there are so many keywords tools popping up online, you sometimes think which one is worth using. So, in this article, I am gathering the best free keyword research tools on the web that will help you to research the most appropriate keywords for your blog or website.

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