15 Awesome Examples Of CSS3 Form

Web Forms are very useful for collecting information from user. It should be creative,  designer , purposeful and precise. HTML 5 and CSS 3 gives new collection of tag which revised online experience and functionality.

It is easy to add web forms to your website using CSS 3 because CSS 3 getting a million of attention. CSS 3 uses round corner concept and replace images concept, it requires lot of creativity. It introduces new properties which makes web design simpler while adding some strong tools.

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Dalai Lama And His 2 Million Followers on Twitter

Phenomenal following..More than two million people across the globe religiously follow him on microblogging site Twitter, giving Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama an unprecedented reach. The Dalai Lama has outstripped the following of many icons of cinema and sports, as he disseminates his teachings, speaks on various issues concerning his people and even reaches out to the Chinese people. “To control negative physical and verbal actions, it is necessary to get at their root, the mind, and tame it,” is a spiritual lesson from him on Twitter.

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30 Fresh And New Logo Designs For Design Inspiration

If you are a logo designer/maker and interested to make new type of logos, there’s no doubt that you’d like to see good collection of inspirational logos stuff from the best logo designers.

Logo are the identification and brand symbol of any organization, that shows your profile identity. These new and beautiful logos will help graphic designers to make new idea for design these type of  amazing logos.

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