8 Killer Steps To Create An Effective Brochure

In this paperless world, brochures are still very effective way to shout about your products or services. In short, brochures help your target segment makes a buying decision. It is very important to pay attention to each detail of your brochure.

Even paying attention is not enough, you have to ensure what information you should place in the brochure. What you want to highlight in your brochure ; company’s marketing strategies or product’s detail?

12 Tips That You Can Follow For Healthy Blogging

Blogging is a real fun! Isn’t it? But, there is a flip-side of blogging too, i.e., serious health problems faced by bloggers. This is due to long hours of sitting in front of the computer and staring at computer screen regularly. Bloggers always complain of headaches, weight problems, sleep disorders, exhaustion, eye problems and many more.

30 Professional And Creative Fonts For Free Download

30 Professional And Creative Fonts For Free Download

Free fonts – designers always looking for free fonts because client always can’t afford to put money on expensive fonts due to tight budget of some projects.

So, in this article, I carefully handpicked high quality free fonts, which are almost suitable to be used for any design project. And I am sure it will surely save lot of time of designers out there which they spent on computer surfing for free fonts.

14 Best Freeware Apps Every Mac Owner Should Know

14 Best Freeware Apps Every Mac Owner Should Know

There are many reasons that Mac rule over Windows because of some great features like fast booting time, easy file sharing, excellent graphics and don’t forget cool Mac applications. I think that Mac OS X is the most advanced operating system out there.

I prefer Mac OS X because of excellent apps which helps me to improve productivity and make any task a lot easier. In this article, I am sharing some freeware Mac apps for those who just purchased a new Mac and don’t know what to install.

How To Convert Any Video For Your Android, iPhone, iPod And PSP Devices For Free

Firstly, Miro team introduced Miro Video Player, and some time back Miro developers released a new video converter called “Miro Video Converter” which offers you to convert mostly any video file to MP4, Ogg Theora, Android, iPhone, iPod, PSP format.

The best part which I like most about Miro Video Converter is its ease of use and ability to convert the video for mobile devices such as Android and iPhone.

Miro Video Converter gives people an easy, fast and simple way to convert videos.

SEO Tips : 11 Tips To Improve Your Site Ranking In Bing Search Engine

Bing (formerly Live Search, Windows Live Search, and MSN Search) is the current web search engine from Microsoft. Bing was unveiled by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on May 28, 2009 and since then growing on a steady pace. Started from 8.0 % of market share in May, 2009 : it is now 3rd largest search engine on the web with 11.5 % market share after Google and Yahoo (via nexus).

40 Hilarious Twitter Comic Strips To Make Your Day Fun-filled

40 Hilarious Twitter Comic Strips To Make Your Day Fun-filled

As we all know, Twitter is expanding in a rapid pace. No one was expecting that time, a mini-blogging service called Twitter which started back in March 2007 will become so popular that everyone will become ” Retweet crazy” some day.

Every person is busy tweeting these days while at office, at home, in toilet, on a date with girlfriend or anywhere.

How To Manage Facebook Chat, gTalk and Twitter in Firefox Sidebar

We all love browsing Internet to stay in touch with latest news,events and at the same time we like to stay connected with our friends, colleagues and family members through various chat services and social sites. Even I do the same, but  sometimes it’s very annoying to open a new window or desktop client to use services like Facebook chat, Twitter or Google Talk.

But thanks to Firefox add-ons, it is possible to use all these 3 services in the Firefox sidebar without leaving  current page you were reading. And it’s very useful too as you don’t have to leave your current page to check you’re new IM’s or tweet.

10 Excellent And Useful Apple iPhone PSD Files For Free Download

10 Excellent And Useful Apple iPhone PSD Files For Free Download

Today we are providing Free PSD files of  iPhone for designers as our resources. All these files are free to download and can be used in your projects anywhere.

In these PSD files we have several elements of iPhone like the GUI, Wireframes, Blank screen iPhone, iPhone and iPad together.

All PSD has full layered elements and can be easily modified with a PSD editor like Adobe Photoshop etc.

4 Golden Rules Of Naming A Business

Whether we talk about a small or large business, Naming always means a lot.  A good name which effectively illustrates the brand will make your company talk of the town.

I think anyone coming with a business idea, would put same effort as they put into market research, writing the business plan, choosing geographical area and investing money. In simple terms, your brand name should communicate the significant description of the product you are coming with.

7 Essential Ingredients For Making An Excellent First Impression On Your Readers

Blogging is a nice medium to express your feelings, knowledge and interesting things. Also it’s a good way to earn money and to develop a relationship with your readers.

As we all know, there are thousands and millions of blogs floating on the internet, but some of them are really successful. Have you ever thoght why, because most of the blog owners never spend time on thinking how to captivate their new readers.

20 Best and Free Apps For Your Apple iPad

I am sure you are looking for free iPad apps as finally, iPad 3G has rolled out today in Apple Retail Stores and goes for online purchase. Also if someone pre-ordered iPad 3G, they should have received a shipping notification from Apple informing that their iPad device is dispatched from the company and already on its way.

Even few people who pre-ordered received their 3G iPads and I am sure they are still playing with their revolutionary device.

In this article, I am going to cover some cool and must have apps for your stunning iPad and the best part is all these applications are free.

6 Cool Features Of Latest Amazon Kindle Software Update 2.5

Yesterday, Amazon made an announcement regarding software update for Kindle and Kindle DX. The software update 2.5 has already started rolling out to a small group of Kindle users and most probably will go for a broad release in May 2010.

As the software update is compatible with both Kindle and the Kindle DX. The most noticeable feature is that you can now share books passages with your Facebook and Twitter’s friends. I believe that Amazon also want to come in ever growing social networking platform with integration of Facebook and Twitter into their e-book readers.

Top 10 Free Websites To Find Your Blog’s Popularity & Statistics

Top 10 Free Websites To Find Your Blog’s Popularity & Statistics

Blog Popularity and Statistics tools can tell about your competition and similar websites that are in your niche. Its a great way to know which websites work and you can follow their path with features, design, structure, content etc.

With analysis you can learn about a particular website, and hence these top 10 free web tools can provide you a deeper insight about the statistics.

FlashMoto: A Flash CMS Which Can Bring Your Business Online

FlashMoto: A Flash CMS Which Can Bring Your Business Online

Flash CMS as the name suggest is a Content Management System ( like WordPress ) which can make your task easier while creating a website in Flash. FlashMoto is such a kind of software which has been widely accepted as the most SEO friendly Flash Website Creator.

Not only can it create a Flash Websites which is SEO friendly, but its a very easy to use and has some brilliant templates from which you can make a highly attractive online presence for your business.

Top 10 Sites To Make National And International Phone Calls For Free

Top 10 Sites To Make National And International Phone Calls For Free

When we talk about making phone calls from our PC through internet, we think of  instant messaging services like Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk which provides PC-to-PC voice calls. But they have one limitation that you can call only the person who has computer and connected to internet, otherwise they are of no use. Anyways, we are not talking about PC-to-PC calls in this article, we are going to talk about PC-to-Phone calls.

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