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How Better Broadband Connections are helping High Tech Workers to Work from Home

The traditional way to work is getting obsolete in some specific industries. This gives rise to the new trend of working from home. It is mostly applicable to different types of businesses. Some of these are writing, translating, telesales, research, and customer services. The main reason behind this changing trend is the advent of better broadband connections.

Following are ways that indicate how better broadband connections contribute well to working from home:

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5 Methods To View Sites that Don’t Load

Have you ever clicked a link and seen an error page, or revisited a bookmarked website and found it’s closed? Many of us have come across such situations number of times. But, the good news is that now you can view such websites.

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Top 10 Technology Stories of the Week – March 17th to March 24th 2012

Facebook says it may sue employers…, Judge rules that Kim Dotcom’s cash…, Parts of US law that engineers…, Megaupload Seizure Order…, The Pirate Bay – LOSS…, Secret Anti-Piracy Negotiations…, sign a petition calling…, Free apps eat up your phone battery…, cashless society…, “graduated response” program…Read More

5 Best iPhone Apps for Setting Countdown and Reminders

Many iPhone apps are useful and they solve the common problems that need to be addressed. Out of so many useful apps here is the list of five iPhone countdown and reminder apps which keeps track of time related events and activities.

Each of these countdown and reminder apps are useful by helping you free your mind, from thinking about any upcoming dates.
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65 Best Sites To Download Free High Quality Adobe Photoshop Brushes

As we all know, Photoshop Brushes is the simplest way to give a creative look to your designs and effective tool specially for those who cannot draw good. Even I think that every designer should have lots of Photoshop Brushes installed in his/her toolbar, but sometimes finding right Photoshop Brush for your designs is very difficult.

It doesn’t mean that there is lack of Photoshop Brushes available online. There are thousands of Photoshop Brushes which are available online for free download, but all brushes are not of high quality and it is very often that you might lost yourself in the vastness of resources available online.

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Pinterest : Revolutionizing The Way Libraries Are Used

The only way you’ve not heard about Pinterest yet is if you have been totally living under a rock. Allow me to enlighten you. Pinterest is a social photo sharing website, styled like a pin-board, that lets you create and manage theme based photo collection. Not only has it become a rage with home users, it is also being used by businesses and non profits to gather visibility and let people know about them.

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10 Best Windows Tips For Professionals

Windows 8, new version of Microsoft Windows featuring new Metro-style interface that is designed for touchscreen, mouse, keyboard, and pen input. The ARM processor architecture is also added to the previously supported x86 microprocessors.

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10 Awesome Games for Your Google Chrome Browser

The Chrome Web Store has a big pool of games offering variety of different games for its users ranging from casual fun, Zen puzzles, Rich 3D graphics, arcade-style multiplayer action to interesting art games.

Some games are full applications using Google’s Native Client to deliver rich 3D graphics or HTML 5 for offline support, while some are little more than links to Flash games on webpages.

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