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10 Chrome Add-ons to Supercharge YouTube

YouTube has a lot of built-in features that let you customize how you watch videos and clips, including Full Screen mode, quality settings and Watch Later. However, there are many brilliant Chrome extensions that take things a step further and let you watch videos exactly how and when you want to.

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5 Ways to Watch Olympics Live Streaming Online

Like every big sporting event, Olympics is also set for online streaming. People like to watch live action not only on regular TV sets, but also on mobile phones and tablets. So for making big event better – We have picked 5 ways to watch London Olympics 2012 online, and now you can watch the live action on internet as well. Catch all the videos, photos, and news and repeats action on your Computer.

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How to Convert your PC in an iPad Interface

WinLaunch gives your Windows Desktop a slick iPad like launchpad. You can put applications, documents and popular Windows tools in easy reach and sort them into folders. It’s easy to switch between your Desktop and the launcher, and you can design your own themes.

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How to Remove Ghost Hardware from your PC

Each time you plug a device into your computer, your PC automatically adds information to the Registry. If you stop using the device, its Registry files can linger on.

These hardware ‘ghosts’ can slow down your PC. Get rid of them all in one go with GhostBuster.

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