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Top 7 Webmail Software

Webmail Software or Web-based email comprises of two important terms Webmail client and Webmail provider. Webmail client is responsible for sending and receiving email messages using POP3 and SMTP protocols through local or remote servers. Webmail providers such as Gmail,Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, provide email access using webmail client, or desktop email client.
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Inspirational Road to Recovery Quotes

Here are some of the most inspirational quotes on road to recovery. I am sure everybody goes through a phase where he/she may need some consolidation and support, all the quotes below will somehow connect with many situation in your life.

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DivX Plus – Converts Video Formats, Transfer and Stream to Devices

DivX as you may know is one of the most popular video compression technology which allows DVD and Blu-ray quality movies to be compressed down, so that they can easily fit on a CD with some reduction in quality.

This technology is used in the software, DivX Plus Suite which is absolutely free, with addition to tools that help in create and share DivX files.

This version has been incorporated with new MP4 conversion formats for sending DivX files to iOS phones and tablets. With free compatibility to devices for streaming, and has something for everybody.

As we have tested it on windows and mac osx, this software has got a 4.5 stars in our review and I highly recommend it.

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18+ Services That Allow You to Send Large Files For Free

Sending large files to someone has become easy now, as big organisations that provide e-mail services have launched services like cloud storage. Gmail, Dropbox, Skydrive all have made it possible to send large files easily, and the account has enough free space to use them without spending a dime.
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